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With the draft only three weeks away, it’s time to look closer at team needs for every NFL club.  (Translation: We’re desperate for new content.)

We’ll be rolling a few team needs posts per day in the rumor mill.  Now up: The Cowboys.

OL: The team’s best tackle (Doug Free) is a free agent.  So is guard Kyle Kosier.  Their other tackle (Marc Colombo) and highest paid lineman (Leonard Davis) should be replaced sooner than later.   The Cowboys may reach for a pick at No. 9 because the need is so great.

DE: A position that Bill Parcells emphasized has slowly deteriorated.  Marcus Spears will leave, while Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher are free agents.  It’s a problem when Igor Olshansky is the bedrock of the position.  Taking an end in the first round could be a better value considering this offensive line class.

S:  Jerry Jones overpays a safety every few years (Roy Williams, Ken Hamlin), but he doesn’t have the option via free agency yet.  Barry Church showed promise as a rookie and Gerald Sensabaugh might be brought back, but no one here is irreplaceable.

LB: Anthony Spencer is a free agent after 2011, so the team could use a situational pass rusher that could develop along with Victor Butler.  While inside linebacker looks stocked, Keith Brooking shouldn’t be on this team that much longer.

Overview: The Cowboys are built like a fantasy team: They are deep at the skill positions and they ignore the kicker.  They could use help everywhere else, including cornerback where Terence Newman’s contract remains a problem.

Dallas’ last two drafts have been so-so at best.  They need to do better this year or a significant talent drain will catch up to them in coming seasons.

29 responses to “Team Needs: Dallas Cowboys

  1. Why are the Cowboys built like a fantasy team? Because their owner lives in a fantasy world. That’s never going to change. But since I hate the Cowboys, I’m cool with that. Don’t you go changin’, Skeletor.

  2. A General Manager w/ actual experience performing the job, and not someone who anointed himself, Napoleon-style…that’s their greatest need.

  3. A new owner/GM should be first on the list. It doesn’t matter what they need on the field, they just get more underachievers and end up another also ran.

  4. Even as a Cowboys fan, I’m getting tired of watching JJ draft medeocre tallent. Since Jimmy left, the team has crumbled only to be saved by The Tuna. He put in place some decent pieces, but since then, things have started trending towards garbage. More misses than hits in the talent area!

  5. “Barry Church showed promise as a rookie and Gerald Sensabaugh might be brought back, but no one here is replaceable.”

    I’m pretty sure you meant “no one here is irreplaceable”. My ‘pokes pretty much are in the worst situation in the NFC (if not the entire NFL) at the FS position and Sensabaugh is only an average SS.

  6. Go 0-line with Tyron Smith at #9. Go DB like Aaron Williams or Jimmy Smith in the 2nd. Draft is deep at DE. Then pickup my boy Huff. Come onnnnnn…..

  7. This is like beating a dead horse because Jerry Jones isn’t going anywhere and even if he does die or retire Steven Jones will takeover the team and run it as his own show. You are what you are and the dallas cowboys are a 6-10 team not a fantasy team. They need to improve the offensive line and the backside of that defense or else they’ll be sitting at home and we’ll all be complaining about Jerry Jones.

  8. if i was rich i’d lure tons of great players and coaches, but i guess its easier said then done

  9. I would love to see the Cowboys trade Romo, get some draft picks, and bring in a young QB to compete with Kitna.

    Romo has a solid skill set but has shown he is not a big game qb. Be a great time to capitalize on his value and use those picks to rebuild.

    For those of you who doubt Kitna’s ability to groom a qb and start for this season, he went 4-5 last year, Romo went 1-5. Kitna could improve with first team reps this offseason and with time to develop a chemistry with the offense.

    Everyone can say Kitna sucks, but when has he had pieces around him?

  10. Though I really hate to say this as an Eagles fan, the biggest problem for the boys the last few years was the coach.

    They have tons of talent and now I think they will have better coaching, though i would have tryed to get a different guy. Garrett should still be light years better than the “neato uncle” they had before him.

    If i was the boys i would be looking to trade back in this draft and take one of the top tackles i would also use my second of a guy like the CB from texas . He can play both safey and corner and would help the secondary a lot.

    The other thing i would do is cut Williams. He is not productive enough to be paid as he is.

    Another thing boys could do is draft Andy Daulton (I am all about the eagles drafting this guy to play behind Vick for 3-4 years till he is ready) to play behind Romo (who I wouldn’t sign, but i still think with the talent they have Romo CAN win a superbowl)

    All in all i think that Jones will most likely make a another mistake in drafting ( the guy picks GREAT players, the problem is none of them fit with what his team needs to win. I love bryant as WR but the boys would have been better served taking a corner or saftey in last years draft) Most likely if the Boys fail yet again you can blame the owner for not picking the right players for his team.

    Note to Jerry Jones, All Star teams can only win Pro Bowls in the NFL.

  11. Your analysis is flawed and self-contradictory.

    Tyron Smith would not be a reach at #9, period.

    Free is a restricted FA, not a FA given that the lockout will be cancelled and 2010 CBA will be in effect (no cap, 6 years to UFA status).

    Parcels didn’t ‘ emphasize’ DE, he drafted aseeries of failed ones.

    Man, your desire to frame all things Cowboys in bad light has really impacted your objectivity.

  12. Only owner who deserves what he gets as much as Jerrah Jonz is the little turd Dan Snyder from the Foreskins.

    Jonz is such a typical spoiled rich man. Loves the credit, wants the adulation but refuses the responsibility.

    As long as he remains the owner the Cowgirls are destined to fail in the end. Once he got the idea that he was smarter than his head coach Jimmy Johnson it was just a matter of time before the yes men and sycophants came in. Bill Parcels was a diversion, but even still he couldn’t make it happen.

  13. “Keep up the good work, Mr. Jones. No one knows more about football than you. Don’t listen to the naysayers, they’re just jealous!”

    Dallas & Jerry Jones…a match made in heaven.

  14. Where’s all those guys that post love and affection for the owners when the topic is the lockout????

    Oh right, they’re not fans. They’re part of the owners publicity campaign.

  15. Jerry Jones is not going anywhere, and is not going to appoint a GM either. I don’t like this anymore than anyone else, but it’s a waste of time to complain endlessly about the situation.

    My greatest fear for this draft is that the Cowboys will trade down for more picks. That’s what we should all fear the most. After all, more picks for guys that don’t draft well does not inspire confidence. That’s why I really want us to grab a blue-chip talent with the #9 pick like Tyron Smith. The chance to grab a top-ten player doesn’t come around very often (hopefully).

  16. the giants, eagles and redskins are hoping the cowboys keep romo, so that they will have a change of winning the nfc east.

  17. The Cowboys have won the NFC East twice in the 4 years Romo has been the full time starter. In 2008 they likely would have had a wild card spot, but Romo missed 3 games and Brad Johnson was fail.

    Anyone who thinks replacing Romo is a great idea is an idiot. He may not be a great quarterback yet, but he’s sure as hell better than starting over.

  18. To gasolinejt,

    He might not be a great qb yet… By the time the season starts Romo will be 31 yrs old. How long do you give the guy?

    He is a solid qb, great for fantasy, but has done little to win big games.

    The cowboys have some solid young talent. My point was to trade Romo while he has value, bring in a young qb and develop for the long haul, as I do not see Romo able to win a championship.

  19. They passed on Steven Jackson, traded down and took Julius Jones. They passed on Mendenhall and took Felix Jones. I know you can’t replace the owner but how about adding a few good scouts, taking some good advice and finally picking the right player.

  20. Dan Snyder is not a little turd, a$$bag. The Cowboys are overrated. All teams have weaknesses. Skins and Cowboys need better scouts, but I like Jerry Jones because he’s not afraid of the media. I hate teams that do things only in response to media pressure.

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