Titans, USC settle lawsuit over Kennedy Pola departure

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Last year, USC coach Lane Kiffin lured running backs coach Kennedy Pola away from the Titans in July.  The Titans responded by suing the Trojans.

The lawsuit has now been resolved.

“We are pleased to be able to conclude a mutually satisfactory arrangement between the University of Southern California and the Tennessee Titans that concludes the litigation involving the hiring of Kennedy Pola,” the Titans and USC said in a joint release.  “The settlement terms are private, but include opportunities for both parties to avoid future disagreements and disputes over employment of persons who are already employed by either party.  With this amicable resolution, the Tennessee Titans and the University of Southern California have restored their long-time mutual relationship, and anticipate that the suit will be dismissed within the next few weeks.”

The most intriguing aspect of the announcement is that the two sides apparently have agreed to a procedure that will apply when the Titans want to hire a Trojan, and vice-versa.

The case wasn’t very strong to begin with; the Titans would have been entitled to recover the expenses incurred in having to replace Pola on the fly.  The Titans also may have been able to finagle some non-economic damages, but it never seemed like anything more than a case aimed at making a statement.

Pola cited the potential for a 2011 lockout when he bailed for USC.  His instincts ended up being on the money.

Now, if only that spirit of compromise would spread to the parties involved in the lockout.

3 responses to “Titans, USC settle lawsuit over Kennedy Pola departure

  1. Are we sure that the lawsuit wasn’t between the Titans and UNC? After all, Robert Quinn went to USC so I’m starting to get confused.

  2. All lawsuits make sense it’s another GD lawyer who convinced his client he had a case. In the end there was no point to the case other than the lawyer getting paid. IE: the lockout, antitrust case, EA Sports deal, and now this today. Would someone tell the lawyers to go back to chasing ambulances and get out of sports you are ruining the game!!!

    I am so friggin sick of these guys that didn’t have any talent and were probably the last picked in flag football destroying a sport one lawsuit at a time. Then again since none of them played the sport they can’t understand the irreparable harm they do to the game.

    That Irreparable harm line is for all you lawyers, that will probably be the only two words I wrote that you understand.

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