Bengals website not buying Palmer-to-Dolphins

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A pair of articles from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald make a convincing case that the Dolphins would be interested in acquiring Carson Palmer.

There just isn’t much reason to think the Bengals would be interested.

Geoff Hobson of takes issue with the thinking that the Bengals are warming up to moving Palmer.  Bengals owner Mike Brown, who runs every aspect of the team, came out publicly to say no trade will happen.

“And this is where Brown should never get underestimated,” Hobson writes.   “If you back him into a corner publicly on any issue, you’re going to have a long wait.”

Brown has affection for Palmer as a player and person.  He’s not going to give him up without getting back a huge reward.  Will the Dolphins remain interested when they find out it will take a first-round pick plus to get Palmer?  And that’s if Palmer is available at all.

Dan Marino said he “liked” Palmer, so he’d give up a third-round pick for him.   (I’d also like Florio to double my salary.  That has about as much chance of happening as Marino’s trade offer working.)

For a team to get Palmer, they are going to have to really want him.  If the Bengals are only going to get 2012 picks for Palmer, they can easily wait out Palmer until next March . . . when they get 2012 picks for him.   There is no huge motivation to deal him this year.

A team interested in Palmer will likely have to make give up a huge bounty.

With the draft coming up and so much labor uncertainty, we’re not sure that team is out there.

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  1. LOL. If Palmer’s wife can”t deal with living in Cincinnati shes gonna pull out all of her hair after 10 minutes of living in SoFlo. Welcome to strip mall hell. Enjoy.

  2. Mike Brown doesn’t know what he’s doing “And this is where Brown should never get underestimated.”

  3. As acting GM of the Bengals I’ll trade Palmer for a 3rd rounder and a 12 pack of High Life.

    That’s right football fans, he can throw pick 6s for your team for the low, low price of a third rounder and 12 bottles of the champagne of beers.

  4. QB is far and away the most important position on the field. No other position even comes close as far as making a team a Super Bowl contender.

    Everyone thought Kurt Warner was 100% washed up after his stint with the Giants.

    IMO – Palmer has at least five more good years in him. Maybe seven or eight.

    I would not give higher than a fourth for Kevin Kolb but for Palmer I would for sure give up a first or a first plus.

    Pulling the trigger on that mean you instantly make you team a playoff contender for the next five years.

  5. They are stuck with each other.

    Bengals have to much invested and want too much in return

    Carson has a noodle arm and his best days are behind him

    The only thing ‘elite’ about Palmer was his contract.

  6. Oh Look,,,,Dan ” no titles” Marino liked him……..well……that must mean everything……How many Super Bowls has Dan won compared to Palmer?……..I get sick and tired of the likesof Marino, Tarkenton, and Jaws, acting as if they know…….None of them won a damn thing……Ask Bob Shula, Roger Staubach, Kenny Stabler, and then i will listen…..

  7. As a Ravens Fan i hope they do trade Palmer. He is a problem and i would love to see him in a different division.
    Plus if i was the Dolphins i would give them wat eva they want. Palmer and Marshall would be dangerous! Plus a good running game…TRADE HIM!

  8. Does Cincy get a compensatory pick if they lose him to “retirement”? If so, wouldn’t that be a 2nd rounder? I doubt it, but am curious…

  9. I’ve been reading Hobson articles for quite a while now and I can tell you should believe the opposite of what he writes.

    He wrote the Kenny Irons was working so far with this rehab that he was constantly puking. Then 2 weeks after that article Kenny Irons was cut from the team.

    Hobson writes an article about how the Bengals are looking to draft Leodis MCkelvin or Malcom Jenkins, but neither were never seriously on our draft board.

    So if Hobson is writing that Mike Brown will dig in deeper and not trade Carson, you can believe that Carson is definitely available for a trade. Hobson is just trying to drive the price up…

  10. northeastern31 says: Apr 7, 2011 10:42 AM

    Dolphin fans everywhere just breathed a sigh of relief.
    Yeah, because your going “all the way” with Chad Henne and NO RUNNING GAME (eyes roll)…you better take what you can get.

  11. As a Dolphins fan I definitely have more faith in Carson VS Chad. BUT The real people suffering here are the fans of Cincy. This guy would rather see Palmer retire than get a 2nd round pick.

  12. Best fit I see, if he’s traded, is vikings. They have nothing at QB. Nothing. Bringing in Palmer gives them a solid QB for 4 years with very little risk.

    They are out of the conference and I’m betting the vikings’ high 2nd round pick would get it done. Bears did a 1st round for Cutler and it didn’t go so smooth (although I’d blame the o-line just as much as the new system).

  13. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is writing pure speculation as is PFT. Palmer is not the type of QB the Dolphins want or desire. Palmer is best suited for San Francisco or Seattle. The Dolphins are not going to pay gaggles of money for a 32 yr old QB, unless its Payton Manning.
    Perhaps PFT should do a little homework and check Dolphin history and Jeff Ireland will tell people he’s interested in every QB since the last days of Dan the Man.

  14. I would think the Dolphins would be better served trying to replenish their aging RB corps and putting Henne back in the more comfortable 2009 position, where the run was setting up the pass and not vice versa (and to restock their D). Palmer seems a better fit for a team that is pretty good everywhere except QB, where they’re horrible, since that’s the only situation where it would make sense to trade on the future for a questionable but experienced QB in the short-term (i.e., Vikings, arguably the 9ers, Cardinals, or Raiders).

  15. LOL @ Palmer going to Minnesota etc. The guy’s wife wants out of the midwest – going to the extreme midwest doesn’t keep him from retiring.
    Though I would laugh my butt off if they did ship him to Siberia – Suck on this Carson!

  16. citizenstrange:

    Have you watched football at all in the last four years?

    Because there’s absolutely zero point zero percent chance he makes any team he goes to a SB contender.

    Palmer’s arm strength has totally evaporated due to injury, and it’s made him an average to below average QB.

    He might be worth a 3rd rounder at best, but certainly not a first.

  17. And never bet on Mike Brown doing any one thing other than what he said he is going to do..

  18. “And this is where Brown should never get underestimated,”

    Good lesson there….Never, ever underestimate a stupid person!

  19. Of course not! Mike Brown is not going to do anything but let Palmer retire. Brown doesn’t know what Value is. He’s too cheap to get and keep/trade decent talent.

    I’m sick that Shipley and Benson got stuck in Cincy.

  20. TurdSandwich says:
    Apr 7, 2011 12:58 PM
    And never bet on Mike Brown doing any one thing other than what he said he is going to do..

    You mean like when he said he needed a new stadium in order to field a competitive team? Or how he was done dealing w/ problem players like the Village Idiot C Henry only to bring him back
    weeks later?
    Only time you can truly believe Mikey Brown is when he says he won’t spend money.

  21. Armando Salguero is a weasel. Please don’t refer to any of his blogs/reports again. They tend to be fictional and he’ll report the exact opposite thing a day or two later. In other words, he’s a hack.

  22. He wants out, let him out….

    If the Bengals decide to hold on to him, they might get a surprise when he retires. The guy isn’t playing for the money, you can tell he has plenty saved up. They would be stupid to let him retire, why not get something for him?

  23. palmer should retire and force their hand. There is reason the cinci has been at the bottom of the league every year. It starts with their owner

  24. brutus9448 says:
    Apr 7, 2011 2:52 PM
    palmer should retire and force their hand. There is reason the cinci has been at the bottom of the league every year. It starts with their owner

    You must have missed 2009

  25. I agree… let him go. As a fin fan….. let him go to the NFC. He would be nothing but competition to Henne, who needs one more (possibly horrible) season to try to aclimate himself…. although a good competitor is what Henne needs….. but not Miami’s solution. Palmer has a few years left but the fins need a better FO/owner/ coaching staff to move forward. Should have cleaned house and accepted Cowers demands; instead of flying acros country to intice a college coach for too much $$.. and then extend the contract of the field goal happy coach cause they realized how bad they effed up. Draft a QB period. They are becoming the NY Mets.. and that sux cause both my teams never see the post season. (yepprs…. met fan)

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