Danny Woodhead dumps his agents


Cast aside by the Jets and a budding star with the Patriots, diminutive tailback Danny Woodhead has cast aside his representation, according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.

Woodhead had been represented by Hometown Sports Management of Helena, Montana.  The two-agent group had negotiated an extension for Woodhead during the 2010 season, which carries him through 2012.  He reportedly received a $425,000 signing bonus, a salary of $550,000 in 2011 and $700,000 in 2012.  He also can earn a possible $1.175 million in playing time incentives between the next two seasons.

Woodhead’s new agent isn’t known.

The decertification of the NFLPA resulted in the lifting of all restrictions on agents, meaning that any other agent could have wooed Woodhead without risking any professional consequence.  That said, any agent that swipes a client can now be sued for tortious interference with business relations; previously, agents had to use grievance procedures available through the NFLPA.

And absent any certification requirements, any person can be Woodhead’s agent, regardless of background, knowledge, skill, education, or any other credential.

UPDATE:  Rapoport reports that Woodhead has changed agencies, but not agents.  Chris Gittings has left Hometown Sports Management, forming his own agency.

15 responses to “Danny Woodhead dumps his agents

  1. He still has to pay his old agents their standard 3% commission, untils he gets a new contract. Based upon the numbers shown he got a good deal. Probably a personality conflict or disagreement about marketing. Let’s hope the new agent isn’t Drew Rosenhaus……..

  2. @duanethomas

    If your not Tom Brady, any deal with the Patriots is not a good deal.

  3. Deathly afraid of termites, Danny always keeps his head covered with a toque.

  4. show me character issues with Woodhead, and I’ll agree, somewhat with your racism comment. but aside from that, its ridiculous. Woodhead is perfect for the way the Patriots use RBs. Versatility and speed. Clarett and Phillips had neither. at least not in the NFL.

  5. Yeah Maurice Clarett, only reason he’s out of the NFL is because he’s black. Just can’t find a black running back anywhere these days..

  6. Thanks for your interest in Danny everyone. I am currently (and have been) Danny’s Agent. I was one of the two guys who founded Hometown Sports. After many years at HSM, I recently started my own sports agency.

    Nothing is really changing with his representation, so this is a non issue.

    And trust me, nothing has changed with Danny, he is still the same great, down to earth guy he’s always been.

    Thanks again.

  7. This guy has been underrated his whole career. Out of Norfolk, then the U of Nebraska said he was too small…so he goes to Chadron, a D2 school, and breaks all the records. Then he’s cut by the Jets. Stars for the Pats. If this kid wants to get his then let him get his…Danny do me a favor, don’t suck next year.

  8. Small but VERY versatile offensive players….
    Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, Desean Jackson, Eddie Royal, Steve Smith (kinda still), Maurice Jones Drew………ETC……….When are teams going to realize that if a guy can play he can play regardless of size. Who didn’t call the Jets a bunch of fools for letting this guy go during Hard Knocks?

  9. “UPDATE: Rapoport reports that Woodhead has changed agencies, but not agents. Chris Gittings has left Hometown Sports Management, forming his own agency.”

    so then delete the non story,as if it were one to begin with

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