McElroy only has one team show up to Pro Day


Everyone seems to have a favorite second tier quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick seemingly has the highest ceiling and has become a favorite of draftniks (like our very own Evan Silva.)   Others love Andy Dalton or Ricky Stanzi.  Christian Ponder may sneak into the first round.

Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy has been badly lost in the shuffle, unable to throw at the Combine or Alabama’s initial Pro Day after fracturing a bone at the Senior Bowl.  That’s why it’s a bit alarming for him that only one team was represented at his Pro Day Wednesday, as pointed out by Silva in 0ne-liners.

McElroy does have a few visits lined up: The Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles.   Teams likely see McElroy as a potential long-term backup.

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  1. Greg is a good QB, not a great QB, but at least he’s ready to play in a pro system as opposed to being a glorified running back. The blessing for McElroy, though, is that if football doesn’t work out, the former Rhodes Scholar candidate has other options in life.

  2. He seems like he could be a Chad Pennington type, not a freakish athlete, but able to put in the work in the film room and practice field to become a legitimate QB in a couple years…

  3. I thought he said he would be “better than Cam” at the pro game. What were those scouts thinking in not attending his pro day?

  4. LMAO at the picture of Saban copping a feel on McElroy. Where is Saban’s other hand?

    Doesn’t McElroy’s daddy work for the Cowboys?

  5. He will be a good back-up and team guy for a number of years. *Matt Flynn was the same kind of guy coming out of LSU and based on what he has shown has positioned himself as a starter down the line*. The kid is a winner and you can’t have enough of guys like him.

    *Don’t want to hear from Packer fans on how this is based of the genius of that coaching staff…..

  6. McElroy isn’t that impressive. Alabama won because of their running game not because of McElroy’s passing. In a WCO he might be a capable backup but that is really all I see coming from him.

  7. Haha, nice one deb…..except that the glorified rb went down to tiscaloosa and beat rhe pro ready qb in his first year in a new coach’s system. How many of his rbs has won the Heisman? how manu of hos wrs will be going on tjhe top ren in the draft?
    Just wondering.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a team like Giants take a late round flyer on him as a potential back-up or third stringer. Not a franchise guy, obviously, but I bet he’ll stick around a few seasons holding a clipboard, at least. Not bad work if you can get it.

  9. @sonvar …

    Yes, a lot of props go to Bama’s running game, though McElroy certainly did what was expected of him. Can’t express how much I adore Mark Ingram–and Richardson is no slouch either. But if you’re talking about our National Championship season, the lion’s share of the credit goes to a defense that was good enough to have played on some pro teams. In fact, half a dozen players off that defense went straight to starting in the pros the following year.

    @pigskin28 …

    You’re too Cam sensitive. That wasn’t a knock at Auburn but at spread offenses. Teams beat teams, love. Yes, Auburn beat Alabama this season–by a point. And Cam is certainly a better overall athlete than McElroy. That doesn’t alter my opinion of spread offenses or the likely success of pure run-based spread-offense QBs in the NFL. Come back to me when Tebow or Cam wins the Super Bowl as a starting QB. I won’t be holding my breath.

  10. If the Bills don’t think Gabbert or Newton are franchise material, they are still going to need a backup, and I’d love to see them pick McElroy later on. They coached him in the Senior Bowl, so they don’t need to bring him in for a visit or watch his Pro Day.

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