Robert Meachem recovering from ankle surgery

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Saints wide receiver Robert Meachem only caught one fewer pass in 2010 than he did in ’09, but his big plays dropped dramatically.

We now know part of the reason why.   Meachem underwent post-season ankle surgery, according to Clifton Brown of the Sporting News.   He anticipates being healthy by late July.

Meachem said the injury bothered him all last year, but everyone in the NFL isn’t 100% by the third week of the year.  Meachem’s yards-per-catch dropped from 16 to 14.5 and his touchdowns fell from nine to five.

The Saints will bring back Meachem and Marques Colston next year.  Lance Moore is a free agent and it’s possible the team will ask Devery Henderson to take a pay cut if he wants to return to the team.

6 responses to “Robert Meachem recovering from ankle surgery

  1. Adrian Aarington waiting in the wings. Ive always pulled for Henderson but i think hes done all hes going to ever do and it would be a shame to lose a prospect with so much potential like Aarington bc we’re too attached to Devery. I think Meachem gets back to making huge plays and gets more balls thrown to him IF there is a season, Moore will always be a slot guy, Colston is the man like always, but if Aarington can see the field he could end up being a big time WR in this league. Get well Big Meach

  2. As a Saints fan, I’m sick of the Adrian Arrington talk. Most of our fans won’t face the fact that Arrington will never amount to anything in the NFL.

    P.S. Our replacement for Devery as the speedy deep threat is already on the roster. His name is Reggie Bush.

  3. As a Saints fan, I’m surprised at the stupidity of the Saints fan above me. Adrian Arrington in his only NFL start was a total beast, torching the Bucs defense for 80 receiving yards in limited action, which led the entire team.

    Arrington is fantastic.

  4. Your stupidity is astounding. He can barely stay on the field. He’s a gimp…and won’t amount to anything in the league. If you think 80 yards is “torching” then you have a lot to learn about football.

  5. How is he a “Gimp”… he’s on the practice squad bc we have been playing with 4 WR’s and 3 TE’s… thats an equivilent of 7 receivers. There hasnt been any room for him on the roster bc we’ve been loyal to Moore and Henderson and while that loyalty has paid off in moore its starting to hurt us in Henderson. The Saints pay him A LOT to stay with them on the practice squad, more than he would make anywhere else bc they know the potential he has, and im gunna go out on a limb and say they probably know a little bit more ab wut they’re doing than you do. If you knew anything ab the Saints youd know that they’re NEVER moving Reggie to full time receiver, just like he’ll never return kickoffs (like he should). Aarington is a flat out beast… in preseason the past two years hes been dynamic, and YES that does matter… just ask Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Michael Lewis, Marques Colston, etc… He finally got to dress out for the Bucs game and he produced, which is a helluva lot more than Henderson did in that game and every single other game last year besides the season opener. For you to call him a gimp and then tell someone else that they “have a lot to learn about football” is just plain ridiculous bc it definitely sounds like you need to pick up the books yourself bc Aarington has yet to get hurt…. If you are in fact a Saints fan im not gunna call u an idiot but i will say CMON MAN! We are Saints fans, not Viking fans we dont down our team… WHO DAT BABY!

  6. The guy is always hurt…ALWAYS. But I could turn around and say, if you were a real Saints fan, you would know how to spell his name…no?

    I’m willing to bet that we’ll never see him play more than 6 games for the Saints in 1 season…if at all.

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