Players publicly express desire to start mediation


With the NFL generally winning the P.R. phase of the labor dispute, the players possibly will score some points by publicly accepting the invitation/suggestion from Judge Susan Nelson to submit to mediation under the ultimate supervision of the federal court in Minnesota.

“The class of NFL players wrote to Judge Susan Nelson today, embracing her recommendation to participate in mediation under the oversight of the federal court of Minnesota,” the NFLPA* said in a release.

“Though the injunction to lift the owners’ lockout remains under Judge Nelson’s consideration, the players took to heart her advice given during Wednesday’s hearing that the two sides should not delay to meet.

“The players expressed their hope that mediation under court oversight will begin immediately.”

In contrast, the NFL wants to resume collective bargaining with George Cohen, director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in D.C. (pictured).

Judge Nelson easily could order the two sides to mediate the case, a very common tactic utilized automatically by many courts.  It doesn’t require the parties to reach a settlement; it requires them only to try to do so, in good faith.

Unfortunately, good faith is pretty scarce right now when it comes to the current mess engulfing the game of pro football.

42 responses to “Players publicly express desire to start mediation

  1. Such a shallow scam. Contempt for the idiots grows. We won’t negotiate a contract but we will sue you and negotaite that.

    Let them sit at home. Bring in replacements. I don’t even want to watch these pigs anymore.

  2. So…why wouldn’t the players negotiate when Cohen was the mediator?? Cuz they need big brother standing behind them for protection?? LAME!!!

  3. Why don’t we just change the draft to 50 rounds and have NCAA* football next year!

  4. If the owners want to keep the fans on their side (and not be massive hypocrites), they should wisely accept the mediation invitation.

  5. PFT says
    “With the NFL generally winning the P.R. phase of the labor dispute”

    Well there goes that argument that this is the only site that has fans that agree with the owners. I think there are only 4 people with three differnt screennames that support the players on this site.

  6. Drop the decertification scam and I’m sure the league would be willing to negotiate again.

  7. Damnit. Everytime I read that something was said by Judge Nelson, I think of that guy from the breakfast club. Then I go, no, wait, this was the guy from Fast Times at Ridgemont High who liked Phoebe Cates.

    Can we just call her Judge Susan like Judge Judy, please?

  8. Its time for the courts to force these guys to the table. Enough is enough.

  9. Who do the players think they are fooling? They are trying to spin this whole thing as if they have been waiting this whole time to mediate. What a joke. You need a better PR firm.

  10. just get this thing done…this is getting really old really fast…i never thought my love for the NFL would waver but I may have been wrong….smarten up people…

  11. The judge is going to have to lift the lockout before the league will take any mediation seriously. Their whole plan in this was to not pay the players so they starve and come begging for ANY deal. That’s the deal the that the owners want. They want a very pro-ownership deal because the last CBA was very pro-player.

    From what I’ve read, the judge gave both sides the indication that she’s not going to put up with that kind of childish behavior. Get out of the court and get back to the table and figure it out like big boys. That’s my perception of it.

  12. Former NFLPA* members are wasting their breath if they believe

    1. fans want them to suffer (we don’t, for the most part)
    2. anyone that says anything negative about the players or NFLPA* must be a shill for the owners (sometimes true, but not always)
    3. owners will happily accept court-supervised mediation (not in a million years)
    4. Kessler has no personal stake in the current litigation strategy (it appears to be a significant factor in sweeping De Smith into power ahead of other candidates to head the NFLPA*)

    That being said, I know just enough to know I don’t know diddly compared to most anyone who is actually participating in negotiations. But as an outsider looking in, it’s clear NFL owners believe the future of the league will be best served by reaffirming collective bargaining, not expensive litigation, as the negotiation process of choice.

  13. I am looking forward to seeing if the two sides saying they want to talk actually makes them talk! I can’t wait for a deal to get done and the sport i love to be back in full effect!

    The Lockout continues! As the Lockout grows on so does my beard. I am growing a lockout beard, I am not shaving until they are playing! Follow me on Twitter @TheLockoutBeard

    -The Lockout Beard-

  14. Insult George all you like, he has his hearing aid plugged directly into the gramaphone and can’t hear a word you say.

  15. Let’s all hope that players agree to CBA talks
    With the owners. It’s better that way and I think
    Both sides could agree to deal and I hope that
    Everyone is happy. 9 billion dollars is alot of money
    To deal with and I understand that one side wants more
    Than the other. But cut the bs and just figure it out how
    We can move forward and start the season on time.
    Football will always be bigger than any other sports but
    The fans will always be number one.

  16. The owners want CBA negotiation under a mediator. The players want mediation for what? The antitrust lawsuit? So the owners are supposed to end the lockout so they can play out this little one act play and thereby trash their contention that decertification is a scam? Players: give us 10 years of all that data. Owners: No. You won’t even look at what we’ve offered to give you. Players: We’re walking out.

  17. Regardless of what happens.. the players have seriously scarred their reputation.

    I know it will get resolved, but, I will have an incredibly hard time watching some of these spoiled brats play. They followed their hired crybaby (DE Smith) down a road of negativity leaving a permanent bad taste in the mouths of a lot of fans.

    At this point, I would much rather watch college athletes cycle through a new NFL than watch any of these snobby jerks come back and play.

  18. What if the decertification is real? Is it so hard to imagine that the players’ best interests might be better served if collective bargaining went away and the NFL operated as 32 separate businesses?

    I really see that as what’s going on here: the players (and their agents) see opportunities in no more CBA… and now the owners are trying to shove the toothpaste back in the tube.

  19. jeffjewell says:
    Apr 7, 2011 4:24 PM
    What if the decertification is real? Is it so hard to imagine that the players’ best interests might be better served if collective bargaining went away and the NFL operated as 32 separate businesses?

    That’s what some elite players want. The others should be smart enough to know that when there are 3 or 4 teams that can pay big money and other teams’ survival is threatened, they’ll get less money and there may be fewer employers. But most probably aren’t that smart and their agents have a different agenda.

  20. Does anyone know when the ruling from the NLRB in re. the decertification shame is supposed to come down? Even an idiot can tell that it was a shame. Would this affect Judge Susan’s decision?

  21. The League just needs to keep this lockout going and watch the players cave in… The players don’t seem to understand what is really going on. There is a much bigger picture than your next paycheck.

    The owners know that if they keep the players out, other guys will play, the fans will show up, and eventually the locked out guys will make a deal and the owners just keep making the money. This lockout doesn’t hurt the owners.Maybe a temporary PR hit, but do they really care? Nope. The fans are dying to hand over their paychecks to see the players run up and down the field.
    The fans voice falls on deaf ears.Organizations don’t care about fans, they only care about your money.
    Take for example, Miami Dolphins, one fan decided to get blacked out drunk while at the game and on his way home kill a father and daughter. His response,” at least the Dolphins won.” So, what do the Dolphins do in response? They extend the length that you can buy alcohol during a game. They even allow their club level ticket holders to stay hours after the game to drink.

    The players will fold and we will act like nothing ever took place.

  22. Typewriter? Nah, if any of the players, individually or as a group, wrote a letter, it would have been in crayon.

    Dier Juge, wees thinks you is beautimus, and wees want to negotite wit da owners if yous be dere to hod our hends. Vrabel don promesces nots to steels anyding from yous offis an Cromarty promisces to juse a condum.

    Yous twuly,


  23. Number of preseason games missed so far: 0

    Number of training camp practices missed so far: 0

    Number of regular season games missed so far: 0

  24. Sounds to me, like the players had the position that they would rather litigate when they expected to win the litigation. Now they are starting to see that they may not win this round in court, so now they want to negotiate rather than lose in court, and thus lose big in negotiations

  25. The reason the NFLPA* will not formally agree to a new CBA is because the whole exercise is about getting a result with the anti-trust case. To finally have that generic issue in sport re-opened in court. It’s perhaps even being driven by forces above and outside the players themselves. Look how many anti-trust lawsuits are occurring at the moment related to football: the NFL, American Needle, EA Sports.

  26. Example…Wasn’t there a Senator about two or three ago who threatened Goodell with anti-trust investigation into League practices unless Goodell provided some information about TV deals or something, which he refused to?

  27. ytownie says, “even an idiot can tell that it was a shame.” The word is sham, not shame. Do your homework, Einstein


  28. A lot of players are takin’ it in the seat, thanks to the union thats not a union.
    Demoratic politics as usual…dont worry people the lawyers WILL get paid handsomely.

  29. So just a thought if they go through federal mediation….if the federal government shutdown takes place tomorrow as expected, will there even be any government employees to address this….including a FEDERAL judge and FEDERAL mediators, increasing the chances of a lost season?

    This is like a sick and twisted horror movie, where in the end, the only ones that really get screwed are….well, us!!

  30. I know others pointed this out, but if the judge wants both sides to negotiate, isn’t that an admission on her part that the decertification was a sham? How can a non-union collectively bargain?

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