Team Needs: Philadelphia Eagles


With the draft three weeks away, it’s time to look closer at team needs for every NFL club.  (Translation: We have nothing else to write about.)

We’ve already looked at the Rams, 49ers, Giants, and Cowboys.  Now up: The Eagles.

CB: The artist formerly known as Toastelio Hansen is actually a solid nickel back.  But if Hansen remains a No. 3, the Eagles having a gaping hole across from Asante Samuel for the other starting cornerback job.

Dimitri Patterson struggled badly late in the year and is set to be a free agent. Even if the Eagles brought in a big free agent, they need depth here.

LB: Jamar Chaney is the only Eagles linebacker definitely coming back that the team has no reservations about.   Moise Fokou isn’t great in coverage and Stewart Bradley could be an unrestricted free agent.  The Ernie Sims era should thankfully be over.  Whether Chaney plays the middle or not, the Eagles need more talent here.

G/C: Right tackle is a problem, but the Eagles aren’t going to just give up on Winston Justice.  The bigger problem is in the middle, where the Eagles can get pushed around.  Guard Max Jean-Gilles is a free agent.   New line coach Howard Mudd usually prefers smaller, athletic linemen.

DL:  This makes the list out of habit.  Defensive end Juqua Parker is better than people think, but last year’s first-round pick Brandon Graham is coming off a torn ACL.   Andy Reid could also invest at defensive tackle.  There are plenty of bodies on the defensive line, but not enough difference makers.

Overview: The Eagles successfully transitioned their offense from the McNabb era with a series of excellent skill position picks.  They need to do the same with their defense and offensive line now.  Besides Trent Cole, when was the last great player the organization drafted on defense?

The team could use a backup running back to LeSean McCoy, but this draft should focus on defense, with a few offensive linemen thrown in to keep Andy Reid happy.

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  1. Patrick Peterson if he’s still there at #5 or #6, trade Kolb to the Bengals or Cardinals.

    As a Giants fan, I’d hate to see it. But it’d make a lot of sense for Philly. They really do need a compliment CB to Samuel. Mario Manningham made Patterson look like a Pee-Wee league CB.

  2. A man walking through the desert finds a lamp, rubs it, and out pops a genie. The genie says “Now that you have freed me I will grant you three wishes.”

    The man replies “I want to be handsome, rich, and live forever.”

    The genie says “No problem with the 1st two wishes, but I can’t grant your wish to live forever. Us genies are not allowed to grant that one anymore.

    The man thinks for a second and replies “Okay, I want to live until the Eagles win a Superbowl.”

    The genie replies “You smart b@stard” and grants his wish.


  3. i understand eagle hater comments. but why are most of them from eagle fans? andy reid never runs, andy reid drafts small deends, blah blah blah. eagles are a good organization and reid is a good coach

  4. This is a pretty solid analysis. But I swear I will spit bullets if the Eagles waste another pick in the first 3 rounds on a DL.

    They sorely need a CB and a safety. Indications are they will let Mikell go despite solid production. So they’d better get a few good options in there.

    I don’t know that they can be all that sure about Chaney. He was a tackling machine in limited duty, but he’s just as bad in coverage as Foku and jumped the gun several times.

  5. Defense definitely needs to be addressed. I would say they need a standout corner to pair with Samuel, a DL complement to Trent Cole, and then Linebacker should be the last priority. The problem with teh Eagles is that you can’t go small on the D Line and linebacker positions. If the Eagles can get big bodies on the line, their Linebackers will look much better. But because the entire front line is undersized, the Linebackers’ weaknesses stand out more.

    I would say Corner and Offensive line are the biggest needs, though. You have OL as a sidenote, Gregg, and you heavily understate the need on the OLine. The right side of the Eagles offensive line was miserable. Late in the season, the Eagles slowed down because teams realized that the Eagles struggled to pick up blitzes and slide the protection on the right side, so they just came from the right. That’s why guys like Winfield, Woodson, and Clay Matthews got clean shots at Vick. The man is 6’0,” and he takes a beating every game. It’s time for the Eagles to protect him if they want the offense to take the next step. That’s much more important than a Linebacker or backup running back.

    After CB and OL I would put DL and finally LB

  6. What the Eagles really need is to not be in Philly. That way, they might actually stand a chance at winning it all. A moment of silence for Football Championships in the City of Brotherly Love.

  7. Not too swift, are you, Dee?
    Eagles have three (3)League Championships.
    You would know that if you didn’t just post to keep your fingers limber..:roll:
    What the team NEEDS is to get rid of Vick!!:-P

  8. nfl25 says: Apr 7, 2011 3:43 PM

    i understand eagle hater comments. but why are most of them from eagle fans? andy reid never runs, andy reid drafts small deends, blah blah blah. eagles are a good organization and reid is a good coach

    my point exactly! they need better fans first!

  9. @ “After CB and OL I would put DL and finally LB”

    I was with you up until that point. Do you realize how many picks the Eagles have spent on the DL in the Reid era?

    If anything LB should be right after they get a starting DB and an OT and OG. The defensive line will be much better under Washburn.

  10. RT is probably the biggest Philly need; whether they fill it through the draft or otherwise is another matter. Remember: RT is Vick’s blind side (lefty QB) and it’s never a good idea for your weakest OL position to be the position protecting the QBs blind side (also remember: the only reason Justice is still on the team is b/c Philly moved him to the right side, which was McNabb’s strong side).

    If they can trade Kolb and get into the top 10 of 1st round that would be great. Either of the top 2 corners in this draft would be an upgrade.

  11. If I were Andy Reid I would sell my first born child (if he’s out of jail/rehab yet) and Kevin Kolb to move up in the draft to take Von Miller.

    This defense needs a backbone. Von Miller would provide exactly that.

  12. Yes it really sucks to be an Eagles fan cuz they suck worse than umm The Pats, Colts, Steelers, and Pack….. Oh wait so their the best of the 28 other teams that haven’t won a title in the last decade…. Yeah it really sucks to be an Eagles fan….

    Anyway enough for the haters. The Eagles need a Corner but i think Free agency whenever that happens is the best route to go for that barring being able to get Peterson. I’d rather them go after Richards from Carolina.

    As far as linebacker goes. I love Cheney in the middle and wouldn’t mind so much a guy like Bradley playing SLB so finding a good WLB is important.

    They need serious help on the oline. They must draft a guard/ center to play the right side. And if they can find a replacement for justice i would be happy with that. But again i think Light from NE would serve as a good replacement on the right side for a year or two and he won’t cost to much either.

    I also believe they need a back up running back and as weird as this sounds the right guy to do it is former Eagles Bwest. He can run good if he used just a few times and his knowledge of the blocking is better than anyone else in the league so he could come in right away.

    The biggest need this team has is on the Dline. Now i am still confident in Graham though i know most philly isn’t i think he can become a great player. I also have really high hopes for the kid they got from clemson last year Sapp i think with the year to learn how the NFL works and to get a bit bigger i think he can make a real impact as a pass rusher.

    What the Eagles need is an interior Dlinemen who can make a difference. And as much as i hate to say it cuz the guy is the ultimate turd i think signing Fat albert is a GREAT idea. He would be back with the coach who made him great. And i think put back in his usall position and the need to prove he can still do it will get atleast one to two good years out of him.

    Other than that i think the team needs to draft for depth and get better at saftey. I think next year you will see Vick have an MVP year and take this team deep into the playoffs once again.

    And for all those haters who think Vick did the wrong thing making that throw last year, you are stupid. For 11 years we had a guy who wouldn’t have taken that shot. He took a chance and missed but atleast he had the guts to take a chance. If that ball is one foot hirer we arn’t watch Rodgers win his first title.

  13. i hear this argument all the time. that the eagles defense is so small. i think they could use a bigger corner but the front seven isnt as bad as u would think. eagles need better players not so much bigger.

    Eagles’ front seven (6-2, 267)

    other 4-3 defenses (6-2.5, 269)

    The eagles are 2 pounds and half an inch off of the league average for the size of the front seven. 3-4 defense will be bigger because 34 dends are huge.

  14. schemefactory says: Apr 7, 2011 4:44 PM

    nfl25 says: Apr 7, 2011 3:43 PM

    i understand eagle hater comments. but why are most of them from eagle fans? andy reid never runs, andy reid drafts small deends, blah blah blah. eagles are a good organization and reid is a good coach

    my point exactly! they need better fans first!
    Yeah, maybe we could aspire to be like fans in San Diego, Oakland, Tampa Bay, or any of the other teams that can’t even sell out their home games. Nothing wrong with Eagles fans. Some of us may be short-sighted and not happy with anything less than a SB victory (same can be said of any competitive team), but Eagles fans always give the team the support it needs. I don’t recall any of our games being blacked out.

  15. If they trade Kolb, they better get a backup QB for when Vick gets injured. McNabb would be a hoot wouldn’t it?

    It sounds like something the eagletts would do.

  16. Brandon Graham is a 1st rounder from last year. He does not look like a bust. Let the man continue to develop into what looks like will be a top flight D End. Too soon to panic there.

    Antonio Dixon and Mike Patterson are solid starters, and 2nd rounder Trevor Laws has clearly raised his level of play. Let’s see what new D Line coach Jim Washburn can do with these guys. They aren’t talentless.

    In the secondary, let’s not forget Trevard Lindley at cornerback. Again, a young guy with a lot of upside.

    The biggest need by far is a right guard to replace Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole. Nothing else comes close to this glaring need for the Eagles. At Right Tackle, besides Justice, they have two youngsters with lots of upside in King Dunlap and Austin Howard. As with the D Line, new O Line coach, Howard Mudd, should be able to mold these players into shape. But he needs a right guard — Desperately!!

  17. @kevsright

    You’re correct that the Eagles’ won a total of three NFL championships during their time in the league. Quick question, were you alive the last time they won? Were your parents alive the last time they won? Fifty years and counting.

  18. stanklepoot

    i have no problem wanting a superbowl. i would love one. and i get philly fans go to the games. but listening to angelo cataldi and his callers is hard to listen to. he brainwashed philly or maybe philly was always like that. but the complaints dont make sense. being critical is one thing being just plain miserable is another. i am not saying u r like that, just most callers i hear on radio shows are. the talk show host obvioulsy egg it on cuz thats what gets people calling in

  19. The biggest need is a new head coach. Players don’t mean anything
    if the coach keeps making the same bonehead play calling.

  20. Seriously? Here we go with the bashing of Eagles fans and also the bashing of winning no SuperBowls. You idiots got anything new? First off you people are idiots if you think the Eagles fans are the worst football fans in the NFL. New York and Dallas would take my vote. Heck a woman got stabbed at an NF game yet people are still talking about snowballs being thrown at a drunk santa 60 years ago? Seriously? And as far as championships you do realize that the Eagles have won 3 NFL championships (which is what a SB is) right? And they have been among the 4 most winningest teams the past decade (Eagles, Patriots, Steelers, Colts), and the most winningest team in the NFC.

    They have successfully transitioned the team to a new era all without a missing the playoffs. So now not only were they one of the most winningest teams this past decade but the window of opportunity is still wide open and will be a for a while. Thats incredible!!!

    And to predict the future on past results is just stupid. Saying the Eagles wont win a SB because they havn’t before is just stupid. You could easily argue the other side of the coin and say that they are about due!!! Eagles nearly beat the SB Champs, you give Vick a full offseason as the guy and sure up that D in FA and draft and Eagles could win it all next year. I’m pretty confident they will win a SB within the next 3 years!!!

  21. A little newsflash for those who think the eagles need a good backup rb–> Jerome Harrison is that, and then some. He good. If u don’t know, you just don’t know.

    Interior OL and DB are the priorities here. Washburn can do some damage with the DL’s already on this squad, I think. At least enough to not ignore using the money picks/FA dollars on the OL and Defensive backfield for this year.

  22. 1bigtex sez-
    Quick question, were you alive the last time they won?
    Yes, I was three Y.O.
    My memory of the game is as fuzzy as the TV picture must have been! :mrgreen:

  23. Priority one is get Asomugha in here. Whatever it takes. Next, dump Sims. He brought nothing to the table. I can’t imagine anyone on the free agent market doing much less. I’m fine with the backs, Reid just needs to use ’em. Use the draft to fill up on O and D Lineman. Done. We’re ready for another run.

  24. As tough as it is sitting around on draft day waiting for your team (Eagles) to pick and then having them take an O-Lineman, that’s exactly what they gotta do. Get me an established free agent corner to play opposite Asante and QB Andy Dalton in the 3rd round.

  25. @diehardskinsfan

    You mean “Champions of your division, again” City, i think. It’s hard to see from the cellar, but we’re much, much better than you.

  26. I think that great player could be Nate Allen. He played very well for the Eagles and was 1 of the best rookie defenders in the league until he got injured.

  27. Pretty accurate post by rosenthal,

    Not like its rocket science or anyting this year.The eagles defense has been on the decline since the NFC championship game against Arizona when our go to D could not stop the last drive to win the game that Super 5 dug us out of because WR Fitzgerald was killing us the whole game .
    Of course that was Mcnabbs fault again .
    Anyway ,thats a whole new post .
    The bottom line is ,as soon as DAWK left us ,the D had no leadership and has been going down hill ever since .
    This year we should be able to shop Kolb around the league for high first rounder and that should be spent on a big athelic corner that can hit .I can count like 3 or 4 in the draft that should fill that hole .O-line should be next ,if pouncy slips in the draft that would be a good fit also .Do not waste anything on a QB ,Kafka is sharp Kid ,dont sleep on him .

  28. pissondallas7 says:
    The bottom line is ,as soon as DAWK left us ,the D had no leadership and has been going down hill ever since .
    First of all… Great Screen name!! 🙂
    You’re right; Dawk was the heart & soul of the defense. His loss is still felt on D.
    This year we should be able to shop Kolb around the league for high first rounder and that should be spent on a big athelic corner that can hit

    I hate the fact that we are losing Kolb due to the desperate choice of the highlight reel, injury-prone dogkiller 😛 , but it is what it is.
    Somehow landing Asomugha would cure a lot of ills @ CB…

  29. Anthony-
    As long as AR is the HC, running the ball will ALWAYS be an afterthought. It’s like someone told him running is illegal, and he believed them… 🙄

  30. LOL @ bhindenemylines. Good one. As a long-suffering Eagles fan, I have to laugh to keep from crying and I keep hoping I’ll live long enough to see that day. This may be Fat Boy’s last chance.

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