Vick will organize workouts next week


Like a lot of us, Michael Vick is starting to tire of this too-quiet offseason.

“We’ve had a nice offseason, a little too long,” Vick said Wednesday via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News to a crowd including youth football players.  “I wish we were in the offseason conditioning [program], but hey, we’ve still got each other, we can do it together.”

Vick said he plans to gather some of his offensive teammates for workouts starting next week.   In the meantime, he’ll be watching the courtroom battle like the rest of us, hoping that both sides start to budge.

“Hopefully, compromises can be made and we’ll be playing football,” Vick said.

24 responses to “Vick will organize workouts next week

  1. Here’s a tip Mike…….Try practicing on not throwing the ball to a defender when a playoff game is on the line, with plenty of time left on the clock…….You know, the ill advised pass…..

  2. More teams are going to do this and if this thing drags on through the summer, the teams that have the most attendance and leadership will be the strongest in 2011. The Redskins won 2 Superbowls in the 80’s (82 & 87) by taking this approach. Especially in 87 when you had guy crossing the line weekly, they stood together and came back the strongest team. Good leadership and forethought by Vick….now let the negative comments commence.5..4..3..2..1………

  3. Eagles players would be better advised to practice with Kolb or Kafka. With any luck, the crook Vick will be incarcerated before the first game! 😛

  4. Vick may find it is harder to motivate your cohorts when you’re not shackled together.

  5. Wow i just love the hate on this site. It will make even more sweet when Vick and the Eagles win the superbowl this year.
    Keep on hating because this guy is out doing something and your sitting in our momma’s basement writing about it …..

  6. The Eagles are going to win the Superbowl?

    How many NFC Championship games have they played in and what’s their record, something like 1-5 or 1-6. That’s choking at a pace that only the Vikings or Bills could surpass.

  7. vick threw an int in the playoffs and now hes an int machine? turnover machine, maybe, when u add the fumbles. nobody cares when u come on and say Vick is a scumbag! he is playing well and not doing anything wrong anymore, let him live

  8. whats funny is the most hate on the eagles is done by eagle fans. that is hilarious. what did 610 radio brain wash u? andy doesnt run enough, andys dends are too small, blah blah blah

  9. andyreidisfat says: Apr 7, 2011 1:57 PM

    …when the Eagles win the superbowl this year.

    Anyone else wish they had a dollar for every time they’ve heard this phrase uttered?

  10. Hey Eagle fans…. On your mark, get set, terrible.

    Anyone remember what The Dude (the Big lebowski) said about the Eagles?? I share the dudes sentiments.

  11. Bluefan
    You beat me to it the egals fans still have hopes and dreams when the season is not in play but each year in Feb its always next year.

    Anyway the players better listen to Vick or he might break out the rape stand or drown or shock you to death for failure to perform

    By week 8 vick will be in a cast or a cell so I hope andy has a plan B

  12. A man walking through the desert finds a lamp, rubs it, and out pops a genie. The genie says “Now that you have freed me I will grant you three wishes.”

    The man replies “I want to be handsome, rich, and live forever.”

    The genie says “No problem with the 1st two wishes, but I can’t grant your wish to live forever. Us genies are not allowed to grant that one anymore.

    The man thinks for a second and replies “Okay, I want to live until the Eagles win a Superbowl.”

    The genie replies “You smart b@stard” and grants his wish.

  13. So how is this workout going to go down? Is he going to have his receivers run down the field and then he’ll tuck and run?

  14. OMG you people arwe idiots. I read more and more “TRASH” from you peope everyday. et me set you idiots straight on a few things…

    1.) Vick has played well and almost won MVP if not for Brady. So to say he is a turnover machine is very incorrect!!!

    2.) The SB jokes are getting pretty old. They won 3 NFL Championships (which is what a SB is) and is the most winningest team in the NFC over the past decade. To predict the future on past events is just stupid. To say Eagles wont win a SB because they havnt yet is so stupid. Id say they are about due.

    3.) And every fanbase says things like “SuperBowl here we come”. Its not just Eagle fans. Dalas fans I am sure said that too last year and look what happened. Eagles fans are far from the worst fanbases, they actually might be the best depending how you look at it…

    4.) Enough with the Vick bashing. You people who come in here and talk trash on Vick are not making him look bad. It reflects poorly on you only. Do you people not get that? Let it go already or continue to show your poor character…

    5.) Eagles have a very good team. Their offense was #1 in the NFC and #1 in the NF before they didn’t play their starters in that final game of the season. And Vick will be even more comfortable and familure with the offense next year which will make the offense even better. They sure up this Defense a little bit and yea, I can see the Eagles winning the SuperBowl easily!!!

    Now that I set you guys straight. You can go back to your bashing, your hating, etc. Its what our pathetic world does best anymore isnt it…

  15. o0omorriso0o says: Apr 7, 2011 7:26 PM

    I can see the Eagles winning the SuperBowl easily!!!

    And you call US idiots…

    You wasted all that time typing, and you haven’t said anything that hasn’t been said a few thousand times before. The Eagles suck, and you guys are by far the worst sports fans in the world. Ask around.

  16. Bashing? Well, if you want to go there..

    Like when Vick and his co-felons picked dogs up & bashed them to the ground until their bones broke and they bled to death.

    And, according to the indictment, they laughed about it, thought it was funny.

    What “our pathetic world does best anymore” is turn out twisted, self-absorbed children who think only of themselves.

    Have a nice night.

  17. like really? why all the negative comments? at the end of the day his life is still better than most people. he makes millions so hating him will do nothing for you. get a F******* life losers.

  18. When 90% of the world hates you, life isn’t “better”, and no amount of money in the world can fix it. That’s gotta suck…

  19. @bluefan ok how about this Your average live where 90% of the world likes you or Michael vicks life with millions and 10% of the world likes him? I rather b rich by myself than broke with a million friends. stop hating on vick.

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