Andrew Whitworth: Lockout leads to lazy players, bad football

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We’re five months away from the scheduled start of the 2011 NFL regular season, which might seem like more than enough time to reach a labor deal and get players ready to play.

But Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth, the team’s player representative, views things differently.

Whitworth told USA Today that it’s only natural for players to take it easy during the lockout, and that as a result they’ll show up rusty and out of shape whenever the labor dispute gets resolved.

“Guys are human beings. And if you tell guys ‘It doesn’t look like you’re doing anything until July or August,’ guys will lose a lot of incentive to train and to get better,” Whitworth said. “You will get a lot of guys who will say, ‘We’re not even going to play. I’m not going to work hard all the time.'”

Whitworth thinks everyone should be ready for sub-par football if players don’t have a full offseason to get ready.

“You’re going to ruin the chance for quality football,” he said. “There will be more injuries and things that affect the game. Period.”

So even if a deal gets done in time for the season to start five months from today, that doesn’t mean the quality of play will be what NFL fans have come to expect.

47 responses to “Andrew Whitworth: Lockout leads to lazy players, bad football

  1. “Lockout leads to lazy players, bad football”

    …and PISSED OFF fans!

  2. Just when a Skins’ fan thought that they’ve finally bottomed out. Now they get to look forward to worse football.

  3. Meanwhile, James Harrison and Steelers defense ALREADY started working out HARD weeks ago…this is example why Whitworth and Bengals suck…unmotivated softy! They should cut this clown…

  4. His sub-conscious has come through and he is talking about himself and the lazy unmotivated players he see’s in his lockerroom. What is the excuse for the sub-par product his organization have put on the field the last 20 years? Andrew….sit down and shut up.

  5. So why not bring in the replacements now and do a regular off-season? Football is going to suffer one way or another I would rather watch guys that truely want to play the game, not just get the paycheck.

    At least with replacements the prices of games would go down and the fans could actually afford to go to a game. That would be nice huh?

    Bring on Falco!!!

  6. Maybe on your team, but your team isn’t really that good with a normal off-season.

  7. Wait minute!! Aren’t the players wanting concessions in the form of fewer and softer off season workouts? Aren’t they complaining about full pad practices, OTAs, minicamps, new coach camps, etc.? Now you are complaining that you have ZERO offseaon obligations and you are saying that you need to them to stay in shape??

    Secondly, are the owners your parents? You grown men who make millions of dollars can’t figure out that maybe you should go jogging a few times a week and lift a few weights? Are you that braindead that you need owners to MAKE you do these things?

    Sheesh! The attitude of these players is simply appaling to me.

  8. Lockout or no lockout, I actually think the quality of NFL play has degraded over the past several years, so I don’t expect it to be worse than it has been already.

    There are many reasons for this, including free agency and coach hiring and firings, but the lockout won’t be one of them.

  9. “You’re going to ruin the chance for quality football”… by playing for the Bengals?

  10. Actually, I don’t necessarily see it the same way….

    Thankfully I cheer for the Packers which have drafted quality players with great work ethics recently. I think the only people who will suffer from “Lockout-itis”, if you will, are the people who were lazy in the first place. In other words, as the lazies fall victim to a long vacation and grow “beer belly”s, players with great work ethic will only help to separate themselves from the rest of the “pack” (hey-o!).

  11. saberstud75 says:
    Apr 8, 2011 4:12 PM
    So why not bring in the replacements now and do a regular off-season?

    It’s illegal to bring in replacements during a lockout.

  12. @ tuckercarlsonisthevoiceofreason

    You make it sound like he’s blackmailing the owners. He’s just stating the obvious. W/o team supervised OTA’s and other off season conditioning programs and study sessions, of course the play won’t be as good. It’s just an honest answer. It’s not like he’s proposing a reverse hunger strike by saying that for each day of the lockout, each player will eat three pizza pies.

  13. All Bengals jokes aside, he isn’t saying anything that hasn’t already been said about players showing up out of shape. Even this site talked about that a couple days ago.

  14. Well there you go. The great ones are great for a reason. The great ones work hard no matter what. The great ones will be in shape and ready to play. The great ones will study their playbook.
    The others will show up…gather a paycheck…and go home.

  15. I think most players know that if they do not work out now their performance on the field will suffer. Which could mean for borderline players they will get cut!!

  16. Whitworth is just being realistic. None of us push as hard on our own as we do with trainers standing over us urging to go a little further. I’m less worried about subpar football than about more injuries if play resumes without appropriate preparation.

    Hey, Kaz !

  17. Sounds like he’s setting himself up by giving an excuse for a poor season in advance. He’s probably at Mcdonalds ordering a number 5 with a Frappe now…

  18. If you want to know about lazy players and bad football, just talk to a Cincinnati Bengal!

  19. An NFL player saying they won’t be motivated if lockout continues? So the millions you make if you stay in shape doesn’t do it. The chance to live a dream and maybe play in a SuperBowl doesnt do it. So please tell the fans what should motivate us to pay outrageous ticket prices to see unmotivated players? I would rather go watch an Arena Football game where players make less than what an NFL player pays in taxes. I can watch a game for 12 dollars and see guys plenty motivated and giving 100% to just play a game they love. Just love how some guys can’t get motivated but feel they need more money.

  20. @steeler 560 – they need the practice… pretty sure neither of those cheap shot artists that you mentioned recorded a sack on Whitworth in 2010.

  21. Oh how the players wine, now they can’t seem to be able to do anything without a lot of subervision. Now not able to get in shape to keep their jobs. Sick!

  22. Staying in shape is a “lifestyle”, not something you do just to play football and get a paycheck. And it doesn’t take money to stay healthy and fit. It’s incredible how many people with the ‘bucks’ have neglected their bodies. Look at “Big Daddy” – he looks like he has been in a lockout since his college days. No excuses – just do it!!

  23. Meanwhile, James Harrison and Steelers defense ALREADY started working out HARD weeks ago…this is example why Whitworth and Bengals suck…unmotivated softy! They should cut this clown…

    Right. Well, Whitworth shuts down Harrison on game days anyway. Harrison usually loses his cool early in the 4th quarter because Whitworth owned him during the game.

  24. 1buckeye76 says:
    Apr 8, 2011 7:07 PM
    “@steeler 560 – they need the practice… pretty sure neither of those cheap shot artists that you mentioned recorded a sack on Whitworth in 2010.”

    He only mentioned one, go back and read it again, you might understand better with a second chance.
    Second, name-call aall you like. Outside of a lucky break, the Bungles can’t beat the Steelers. Deal with it.

  25. steelers are want to be super bowl winners, Dont cry because you can’t get a sack of Wit, last time i checked he hasn’t given up a sack to the Steeers! some fans cant read something and understand what they are reading! cry baby players need more money! last time i checked i work for my employer he doesn’t work for me! they went to collage get a real job if they don’t like football. people can’t get jobs and football is out of control!

  26. You people amaze me… Like these guys can help who DRAFTs them… As a long suffering Bengals fan, I can promise you Whitworth wouldn’t have chosen to play in Cinci but all of us are sure glad we’ve got him. He’s just telling the truth about players getting lazy but this is typical media grabbing onto something small and making it into a huge deal. And for those of you making comments about his ability to shut down james Harrison or anyone else he plays… Why don’t you get a clue and look at his stats… Hasn’t given up a sack to an afc north opponent in 2 years.

  27. Out of shape veterans become quickly unemployed. Veterans w/bad attitudes…collect unemployment, unless they play for Bengals, Washington or Minn….see Adalius Thomas.

    De Smith has these guys [ in April] in the worst frame of mind…They lose this suit, and they are dead..and their CBA will resemble the Arena league….The players are now…’Drinking the wine’..and De is their Jimmy Jones…Cannot wait to see them panic in July/August, having lost what they once took for granted.

    De needs to change his name to Duh…blowhard.

  28. He plays for the Bungles, ‘nuf said. He better worry about who will be the QB he supposed to protect is.

  29. The Bengals jokes are just too easy… But this does seem to separate the Bengals from other teams that are getting organized and getting ready to play.

  30. thevikes85 says:
    Apr 8, 2011 4:13 PM
    If true can you imagine the shape Albert Haynesworth is going to show up in?Good Lord.
    He’ll need an area code.

    There are specific football drills with football equipment players simply cannot do on their own. I can understand if the loss of that degrades play or the shape/condition guys are in. But there’s really no excuse for showing up to training camp (if any) not close to your normal beginning of TC condition.

  31. Wow if the lockout goes on any longer things might go out of control. Ben Rothlisberger will go back to raping girls , Albert Haynesworth might end up weighing 400 pounds, and Antonio Cromartie might end up having 20+ kids

  32. Bengals fans should be relieved actually. Hard to imagine them playing worse, so other teams not playing as well could help even the odds a little.

    And glad to see so much Bengal pride in Whitworth. You guys need something to hang your pathetic hats on. Go ahead. Cheer for the one thing you have. Oh wait. You also have that 94 year old cheerleader to root for.

    Yeah. Bengal pride. Let me hear you roar.

  33. Lets see you are a Browns fan who haven’t had a team that went to the play offs ater the owner of the Bengals left the dirt town, and if you check you’ll find the the next owner left your state too! LOL but you are watching the Bengals to much to read about the histroy of your team! LOL , sad life! But i must say with about 10 coaches you should be better this year lol, that is if you dont lose all the good players there, they may want of of that state also lol!

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