Change in philosophy in Tennessee could have Babin on the move

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Longtime Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn knew how to get the most from his players, and he often looked for guys that were a little undersized to do so.

New defensive coordinator Jerry Gray plans to take a different approach, and wants to add more size to the line this year.   Pro Football Weekly notes Gray wants more power from his players, which doesn’t bode well for free agents Dave Ball and Jacob Ford’s chances of returning from the team.

Jason Babin, who is 6’3 and 267 pounds, is the team’s best defensive free agent and could also get hurt by the change in philosophy.

“Word is the Titans are not likely to be the highest bidder for an undersized end,” PFW’s Arthur Arkush writes.

7 responses to “Change in philosophy in Tennessee could have Babin on the move

  1. Former eagle + undersized defensive end + jim washburn as the new philly defensive line coach= jason babin is an eagle and competes with brandon graham for the starting DE job opposite trent cole.

  2. Babin was great at getting sacks last year, but did not contain the edge. Considering the Defensive Coordinator last year, who knows if Babin or Chuck Cecil was to blame for that. I wouldn’t buy on a guy coming off a career year that was an outlier, and God help whoever hires Chuck Cecil.

  3. Eagles will likely recycle Babin, since Coach Wash is here now and Babin is the kind of smallish D-lineman the Eagles like. Coach Wash is the wild card here. If he can get Babin to play bigger, than I guess he will have some success with the other rag dolls, except for Cole, that get picked up and tossed around on the Eagles’ D-line.

  4. The man has been in the league for over 6 years and has been on 5 teams. He has one good year and all of a sudden hes this highly touted sack master. I dont get it.

  5. The NFL is all about size and quickness in the trenches.. how can you expect a 6’2 250 lb DL to compete with the 6’5 315 lb OL..

    On the same note. a 5’9 170 lb CB has no chance of defending any of the receivers the NFC east is recruiting now adays. they are all 6’2+ & 220lbs

    Andy needs to pull his head out of his ass, his stuborn ways are why our teams always fall short in the playoffs.. His teams get abused all year and its towards the end of the season where they break down and get whooped.

    His defenses are undersized from top to bottom. Nate Allen was a step in the right direction in the secondary, but i havent seen any improvements anywhere else. SIZE MAKES A DIFFERENCE. .

    Jim Johnson had a great Defense & he did like fast rangey players,, but he ALWAYS had a hog at DT and larger secondary players.

  6. I’d never second guess Andy Reid (ha ha) but I don’t know what he was thinking when he let Babin walk last year. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Babin is back with the Eagles, with Jim Washburn now in charge of the defensive line. They’re going to need someone, with Graham iffy for this year.

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