Jaguars still struggling to sell tickets


Blackouts may be coming back to Jacksonville.

A year ago, the Jaguars responded to a 2009 season in which only one home game sold out with a major marketing push, and it worked: Every home game sold out in 2010, or at least met the NFL’s definition of “sellout” to lift the local TV blackout. But Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver says the team has a long way to go to match last year’s efforts.

Weaver says his team is 12,000 season tickets short of the stated goal of having 40,000 sold, and the team only anticipated having to sell 8,000 new season tickets. The deadline for season ticket renewals has already been extended twice.

“We’ve gotta almost repeat that Herculean effort that we had last year,” Weaver said. “They’ll be talking about us again in the press saying we’re not a great NFL market. . . . It will send the wrong message to the national media and the National Football League.”

The Jaguars may be struggling to sell tickets because fans are disappointed with last year’s 8-8 finish, or the Jaguars may be suffering from the effects of fans getting turned off by the lockout. But whatever the reasons, it doesn’t sound like the Jaguars are going to sell out every game for a second consecutive year.

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  1. What did they expect when they are in the middle of a lockout? I would think that most teams are falling short of their goals in the middle of a public labor dispute. The only exceptions would likely be teams that have waiting lists and even then I wouldn’t be surprised if they have drawn more people from the waiting lists than usual.

  2. Ah, the old faithful blog item recycled when there’s nothing new to report. After bashing the owners and players for the past month, didn’t take long for PFT to move back to the fans. Kinda rough knocking ticket sales for a season that so far shows no pulse, just blind faith.

  3. The deadline for my Patriots season tickets was March 31. I let it slide and they sent me an email stating that I had until April 15. I have a feeling that I am not the only one who has not renewed season tickets.

  4. How dare you put a negative light on fans while these babies can’t figure out how to slice their billion dollar pie.

  5. This isn’t a good market and unless they have a sure fire winner like they did in the late 90’s, they will always struggle….Can’t wait to see what they will draw if they have replacement players. Based on the hardcore football fans on this site who *just love football and my team* they should sellout.

  6. What amazes me is that Tampa Bay, and city with 4x the population of Jacksonville, had every single game blacked-out last year, and looks like they are on path for a repeat of that this year, yet this site continues to harp on Jacksonville ticket sales.

    Give it a rest. There will be no blackouts in Jacksonville this year…AGAIN. As much as this site bashes Jacksonville, there will be no blackouts.

  7. the Jaguars may be suffering from the effects of fans getting turned off by the lockout


    Screw the Jags and the NFL. I will NOT be going to anymore games for years to come!!
    You wanna fight over our money?!? We’ll, you’re not fighting over mine anymore!!!!!! DONE!

  8. Oh…and dspyank2k11…

    Teams relocate because of stadium issues. The markets that you mentioned have ticket sales problems AND major stadium issues. That is why it ABSOLUTELY makes sense in talking about relocating those teams to LA…only to fail in LA again.

  9. This issue has less to do with the lockout and EVERYTHING to do with Weaver decisions as an owner. First and most importantly he continues to employ Jack Del Rio! I live about 30 minutes south of Jax and people don’t like the team because they suck. Del Rio makes horrible draft picks (for the most part) and puts stock in a QB that he publicly stated “isn’t an elite QB”. They refuse to draft or trade for a good QB or the essential components to build this franchise. If this were any other club the coach would have been gone a long time ago. They won’t trade up in the draft and the can’t seem to figure out why this team lives in mediocrity. The JAX area was hit really hard by the recession and I can understand people not wanting to invest their time and hard earned money in a club that doesn’t want to invest in it’s self. The sooner they go to L.A. the better. Good Riddance!

  10. Jaguars need to be moved, they cannot sell out even when they are playing well. They have some solid talent and they just are not doing the job down there. Move them to LA, downtown stadium near the Staples Center. Who wouldnt wanna play there!

  11. You wanna fight over our money?!? We’ll, you’re not fighting over mine anymore!!!!!! DONE!

    Mine either !!! The last thing in the world I am going to do is throw cash at these arrogant, greedy and unappreciative sobs, that rub our faces in the muck !! If you think season tickets are hard to sell now, wait until they black out all of the games and see how much good well that fosters in the sale of tickets !! Dont tell us that every body is comming back because we are not ALL comming back to feed these hungry sharks !!
    College Football well do just fine for me !!BTW.. Angry fan backlash has already begun !!

  12. I think that when this bunch of men who greed is the main thing sign the new CBA that the NFL will have more blackouts then they have had in the past. The fans will be footing the bill for the new CBA and it will turn the fans off that they cannot afford to take in a game.

  13. Jags will go from being a struggling team in Jacksonville to a struggling team in LA. Neither city cares about pro football. Both are college football cities.

  14. jnbnet-

    What are you talking about? That’s not even related. By the way the Panthers are 13th in the league for attendance so don’t get these 2 teams confused.

  15. jvillenole-The Bills have sucked for over a decade, they cant even spell playoffs (Im a Bills fan) but they sell more tickets than your Jags do on a GOOD year. Our stadium isnt up to date, but it fills up close to 80,000 seats. Jags have about 50-60?

    No seats covered up in the Ralph. If the Jags want to move into the Sharks stadium, Good. Then sites like this wont pick on your fanbase so much. You could probably sell 25,000 seats.

    Youre a college town, not an NFL town.

  16. Jacksonville fan base feels they aren’t trying to improve this team. Why support when there has been no inducation that ownership wants to make the team better. The Qb is at question, is the coach still there just because they owe him money, no plays off lately, fnas want to get something for the money they spend.

  17. Ah yes 2009 called it want it’s old story back. Here’s when you know you don’t have any news. Reprint same old Jax bashing stories that were popluar and the same old LA this and LA that comments. Note to all of you nimwits on here who are clueless and write the same old “Jax can’t support”. “LA Jaguars” and “you’re a college town”. Not many fans of any team is buying tickets now, it’s called a lockout.

    By the way b/c you guys aren’t capable of thinking for yourself let me give you a little insight. Detroit, Carolina, Arizona, Cincinnati, San Diego had MANY blackouts in 2010 while Tampa and Oakland had EVERY single game blacked out. Meanwhile Jax had ZERO. So we should be expected this same storyline for all of these teams right Micheal David Smith? I wonder what your agenda is. Hmmmm.

  18. nationalmediacansuckit-

    You can’t lecture other people on not checking things out for themselves when your information is completely wrong as well. The Panthers did not have a single blackout last year so I don’t know where you’re getting your information.

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