Mark Ingram shops for a new agent


With the draft less than three weeks away, one of the players expected to be taken in the first round will finish out the process with a new agent.

Per multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, Alabama running back and 2009 Heisman winner Mark Ingram has parted ways with Rocky Arceneaux.

The reason for the move isn’t known.

Speculation as to Ingram’s new agent has centered on Jimmy Sexton and Joel Segal.  Others may be in play, including (we’re told) Ingram’s father’s former agent from his playing days, Michael George f/k/a Michael Kevorkian.

Seriously, the guy’s last name was Kevorkian and he changed it, presumably thanks to Dr. Jack Kevorkian.  George/Kevorkian’s last client of any significance was Ravens defensive end Michael McCrary.

It’s entirely possible that George/Kevorkian wasn’t even a certified agent when the NFLPA became the NFLPA*, ending all regulation of agents.  With no body currently overseeing the process, anyone can be an agent.

Heck, even Dr. Jack Kevorkian could do it.

12 responses to “Mark Ingram shops for a new agent

  1. Just sign with Drew Rosenhaus!!!

    Everyone not with CAA, Eugene Parker, Joel Segal, Leigh Steinberg, or Jack Bechta do!!!

  2. It just feels weird not having a single RB considered as a potential top-10 or even top-15 pick in the upcoming draft, though it goes to show how the NFL is evolving into an overtly pass-dominated league. Early in drafts we can now count on 3 things:

    1. Teams drafting QBs
    2. Teams drafting OL to protect QBs
    3. Teams drafting DL to attack QBs

    In today’s game it’s widely known that good RB talent can be found later in the draft and I believe we are going to continually see RBs being phased out of the 1st round, unless they are considered a supreme talent.

  3. I’d do it for only 5% but I’m not a certified agent. Is it really necessary?

  4. Heck, I’ll do it for 1%. If there’s no rookie wage scale in place, I’ll do it for .5%. I’m not certified, that’s a heck of a lot cheaper than anyone else would offer…any takers?

  5. not trying to put you down captianwisdom but mark ingram has been in several mock drafts as going to the dolphins @ 15 so he is projected to go in the top 15 picks.although if i were miami i would look to fill other needs or even trade down and get another pick or 2 and address rb’s via free agency

  6. Here’s all you need to be an agent. Take the deal in front of you and the deal behind you . Total them and divide by 2. There is your contract. Give me my 10%. Have a good day.

  7. You would think with his dad’s track record, he would have the common sense to realize that doing things the way daddy did might not work out for the best.

  8. Ingram has a great relationship with Coach Saban, and no matter what you guys think of Nick, he knows the system. If Mark seeks his coach’s counsel, he’ll be okay.

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