Michael Floyd to play college football in 2011


The Chicago Tribune reports that the Notre Dame Office of Residence Life has decided to NOT suspend third-year junior wide receiver Michael Floyd following his third alcohol-related arrest in college. This means that Floyd will likely be able to play football as a senior at Notre Dame, rather than being kicked off the team and potentially entering the 2011 NFL supplemental draft.

According to Keith Arnold of NBC Sports, Floyd “will be back with the Irish” and is unlikely to miss a single game.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly may step in at a later date and hold Floyd out of games. You can find more analysis of the situation at CollegeFootballTalk.com.

Bottom line: For our purposes, Floyd is now a non-story.

We’ll see him next year.

14 responses to “Michael Floyd to play college football in 2011

  1. Ah the Irish way, sounds a lot like The Ohio State way. The NCAA should be so prould of their members and how they handle the misfits that represent their members.



  3. Notre Dame: 3 Alcohol-related arrest. You can still play ball buddy.

    BYU: Sex before marriage. You’re off the team.

    Am I missing something? Both are religious schools right?

  4. From a pro football perspective, I don’t care about this (although would have been a steal for my Pats at #33). But as an Irish fan, all I can say is HECK YEAH. Floyd is an absolute beast. Could be a Heisman candidate if Dayne Crist can make it through the season healthy.

  5. And they wonder why these guys aren’t accountable for anything. Try making them actually take responsibility for their actions and maybe they might learn something.

  6. “Try making them actually take responsibility for their actions and maybe they might learn something.”

    yeah…let him leave college, and get paid millions of dollars in the NFL. That’ll teach him.

  7. Thought there was no way this dude would play another snap at Notre Dame. Really? 3 arrests for boozing? I just heard Steven Garcia is thinking about transferring there.

  8. It’s the Notre Dame Fight IRISH… key word, IRISH… if you have this in any title that you are affiliated with, you’re allowed at least 6 alcohol related incidents, and they’re scratched…due to the fact of the drunken IRISH ways 😉 That is all!!!

  9. @melikefootball

    Ohio State suspended their players for a third of their season for selling their own property. They are paying the price for it.

    Notre Dame suspended their player for some off season practices… Not any meaningful games.

    Big difference.

  10. And the stark contrast between Catholicism and Mormonism is laid bare for all to see.

  11. Way to set the bar high, ND. This guy is going to be another poster-boy for the turd watch.

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