More doubt about Marion Barber’s future in Dallas


The lockout has created many unintended consequences, including the fact that some players  keeping some players on a roster longer than they might be otherwise.

Bob Sturm of the Dallas Morning News believes Marion Barber is one of those players.  Or at least he believes Barber will be gone by the start of the season.

“I don’t see any way Barber is back. I just can’t see any upside. He has no special teams possibilities. He is slowing down. There is no point carrying on any longer,” Sturm writes.

Barber’s biggest problem beyond his declining production is his salary.  He was due a $500,000 roster bonus in June, which will be delayed if the lockout is still happening.  He’s due a $4.25 million base salary.

Even the Cowboys’ official website had this to say back in March: “It’s starting to look more and more like Barber won’t really fit into the Cowboys’ plans for 2011 and beyond.”

Barber only turns 28 this year, has made the Pro Bowl, and owns a multifaceted skill set.  He’d be an interesting pickup for someone at a lower price that is determined to make him a role player, but his time in Dallas appears to be up.

16 responses to “More doubt about Marion Barber’s future in Dallas

  1. No one can doubt Barber’s toughness or leadership qualities and if they do, they are just a Cowboy hater. That being said, no 3rd down or goaline back is worth that much money.

  2. He had better get his $60,000 in lockout funds before he’s cut and the NFLPA* decides he’s an ex-partner of the NFL.

  3. ” including the fact that some players keeping some players on a roster longer than they might be otherwise”
    Wow, the players have more leverage than I thought.

  4. Too bad; I enjoyed his passionate running style (which my wife once termed “drunken-master style” after an especially hard-fought first down). But there’s no doubt his best hope now is goaline duty for another team, probably for not much more than the minimum.

  5. One of the most overated backs in NFL history…4.5 million for a 28 year old who has never had a 1,000 yard season?…But, he does strut nice after gaining 3.8 yards…..

  6. When Barber stopped hitting the line and started dancing around to avoid a hard hit that was the end.

  7. Yea.. i’m not too sure why he started thinking he had the speed to hit the outside edge.. Seems to me that too many times Marion Barber is trying to get to the corner and the turn on the ‘burners’, and Felix Jones is trying to pound it between the tackles.. Would think it’d be the other way around given their skill sets!

  8. Every once in a while NFL Network shows a Cowboys game from 4-5 years ago. It’s amazing to see how fast and effective he was back then.

  9. Marion Barber had many great games for the Cowboys but I’m afraid I have to agree with those who pointed out his diminishing skill set, especially at that salary.

    He probably will not be returning to Dallas next year. If there is a salary cap this season, the team will probably wait until June 1 to release him because that’s the most favorable time to do so under last year’s cap rules.

    The Cowboys will be looking for a bruising 3rd down/goal line-type runner in the later rounds of the draft.

    Barber’s diminishing performance is not solely his fault. His decline also coincided with the faltering performance of the offensive line combined with some very predictable play-calling.

    As a Cowboys fan, I was disapppointed in his reaction to Jason Garrett’s dress code guidelines this year. Nonetheless, I certainly wish him well as long as he moves on to an AFC team.

  10. As a Cowboys fan, I was disapppointed in his reaction to Jason Garrett’s dress code guidelines this year.
    LMAO……….dress code…… have won one playoff game in 14 years…..and a dress code disappoints you?

  11. I love Barber and he’s been a great Cowboy. Truthfully he should have been released last year. I feel good with Felix Jones and Tashard Choice carrying the load.

  12. I love Barber but it’s time. An El Gato / Taster’s Choice combo next year sounds good to me. Oh and can we please get rid of Martellus while were at it?

  13. He’s still got enough in the tank to help another team. He’s not worth his contract for just being a third down back.

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