One way or another, good chance Ahmad Bradshaw sticks with Giants


When we wrote up the team needs of the Giants this week, we mentioned running back as fourth on the list because of the uncertainty surrounding the future of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.

It seems like the plan for the Giants is to retain Bradshaw, one way or another.

Ohm Youngmisuk of writes that the “Giants are expected to re-sign Bradshaw.”   The team likely values him more than any other team will, and should be able to get a deal done.

It’s also possible that Bradshaw, a fourth-year player, could be a restricted free agent if the league returns to play under last year’s rules.   Bradshaw wouldn’t hold it against the Giants if they just offered him a one-year tender.

“I wouldn’t be frustrated,” Bradshaw told the Newark Star-Ledger this week.   “It’s whatever they give me. It’s a business.”

Bradshaw is one of the most underrated backs in the league, but perhaps not the type of guy to attract a huge bidding war on the open market.  It sounds like there will be enough mutual interest between him and the Giants to keep him in New York.

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  1. Doesn’t it seem players and teams are communicating openly thru the media? Obviously somebody from the giants made it clear they plan to keep him. Is this somewhat of a grey area??

  2. You’d here MUCH more about AB if the Giants used him correctly. God forbid they throw him a screen or dump it off to him in the flat or over the middle. It also wouldn’t kill the Giants if instead of CONSTANTLY diving him into the line on 3rd and 1, they actually run a play from this millenium that a rookie pop warner coach couldn’t see coming.

    If he became a dual threat, he becomes the Giants’ version of LeSean McCoy and the Giants become an extremely dangerous team.

  3. honestly i hope giants dont resign him. i am an eagles fan but bradshaw is a stud. he is one of the few studs out there that dont act like they own the world, reminds me of brian westbrooke. players like him deserve a big payday, i hope he gets it. u should be able to somewhat fix the fumbling problem.

  4. Bradshaws’ as tough as tough gets. If Gilbride had a clue, the giants offence could be twice as good as it’s been.

  5. as a Giants fan…..RESIGN BRADSHAW!!!!

    i like Jacobs, but he needs a serious paycut.
    the giants dont need a 1a & 1b rb…..we need Bradshaw like how the Rams used marshall faulk in the early 2000s

  6. “It’s whatever they give me. It’s a business” That is the attitude ALL the players need to say to get this lockout over.

  7. @ jakek2: Couldn’t agree more. I always wait for Gilbride to call screens to Bradshaw, but we never do. Remember how we used to literally run about 3-5 screens per GAME when we had Tiki? We execute that play so well – I have no idea why we’ve stopped, especially with someone as shifty/speedy as Bradshaw.

    By the way, draft him again in the 4th-5th rounds in fantasy… if there is, in fact, a season, of course. He’ll get you another 1,500 total yards, 10 TD’s. Not bad for a 3-4th round pick. I’m not sure why everyone devalue’s him – our offense loves to run.

    Let’s hope he puts the fumbling behind him. Aside from that, he could be a top 10 back.

  8. “God forbid they throw him a screen or dump it off to him in the flat or over the middle”

    you do realize that he’s 5ft 7 and throwing over the middle would require Eli to throw downwards into the arms of the oncoming lineman, right? You won’t get any argument from me about Gilbride being an idiot, but do we really want to go back to the days when Eli had three to four passes batted down each game? As for the screens, I think the O-line is has gotten old in a hurry and can’t make that play like they used to. Finally, what makes AB so dangerous, is he is so small, so he gets lost among the lineman and once he gets loose, he uses speed to avoid the LBs. He might have a really short career if NY leaves him that exposed out on the flats. Letting a LB see the play develop, get into position and tee off on him could get ugly. What would be really helpful is if Jacobs didn’t have hands of stone. That’s the guy you want to cross over the middle – if he could, you know, actually catch.

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