Team needs: Arizona Cardinals

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With the draft three weeks away, it’s time to look closer at team needs for every NFL club.

We’ve already looked at the Rams49ersGiants, Eagles, and Cowboys.  Now up: The Cardinals.

QB: Four quarterbacks saw action for Arizona last season. Fifth-round pick John Skelton remains a two- to three-year project, and Derek Anderson won’t be on the 2011 roster because his salary is $4,087,500. Undrafted rookie Max Hall showed enough in six appearances to confirm he’s no more than a long-term backup. The Cardinals have been heavily connected to free agent Marc Bulger, who Kurt Warner calls a perfect fit for coach Ken Whisenhunt’s offense.

OL: Burly tackles Levi Brown and Brandon Keith struggle in pass protection, combining last season to allow 17 sacks in 25 starts. Brown has been a bust as the former No. 5 pick in the draft and might be better suited for guard. On the interior, center Lyle Sendlein, left guard Alan Faneca, and right guard Deuce Lutui are all unsigned for the 2011 season.

LB: Incumbent outside linebackers Joey Porter and Clark Haggans are both entering their age-34 seasons with hefty price tags and little production to show for it. O’Brien Schofield and Will Davis are promising youngsters, but both have injury concerns and limited track records. If Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller falls to No. 5 in the draft, the Cardinals surely will scoop him up.

TE: The Cardinals have never fielded a pass-catching tight end under Whisenhunt, but it wouldn’t be a bad time to change that trend. Especially if a rookie quarterback is calling signals in 2011.

Overview: Whisenhunt’s success came to a screeching halt after Warner’s retirement, and like division rival San Francisco, the Cardinals need a quarterback fix first and foremost. Not only would failing to solve that quandary produce another sub-.500 season, it could cause face of the franchise Larry Fitzgerald to strongly consider entering the 2012 free agent market. Fitz is in a contract year.

12 responses to “Team needs: Arizona Cardinals

  1. “Whisenhunt’s success came to a screeching halt after Warner’s retirement, …”

    Shows just how important a QB is. Sometimes you can win with a good one…but never with an average one.

  2. Shows just how important a QB is. Sometimes you can win with a good one…but never with an average one.

    Ya because trent dilfer was a rockstar QB-

  3. Send Fitz to San De Eggo for VJ. Done. Fits gets his Pro Bowl QB and Jackson gets away from Aj Smith, and Fits already said in a radio interview that he would love to play with Rivers. Jackson would be great in AZ.

  4. Cardinal Needs –

    QB- It’ll be Bulger and either Kolb or McNabb with John Skelton
    LB – Von Miller is going to be #1 on the board, depth at lb is bad and drafting Von will be an easy cross off of Joey Porters name and large contract.
    CB – DRC is good, but opposite is Greg Toller who ok and 3rd is Michael Adams who is 5’6”…just too short.
    O Line – depth depth depth is needed. Must resign Lyle S. and Deuce…Deuce will look for the green and will be a solid guard anywhere he goes.

    Cardinals Draft Board will be
    1. Von Miller
    2. PP7
    3. Gabbert

  5. Don’t be surprised if the Cardinals come sniffing around for Carson Palmer if the CBA is figured out before the draft. It’d be a good fit for Palmer and the Cards.

  6. LOL Dilfer!!!! He did have a once in a life time D on his team. I think Alex Smith could have one a super bowl with that D. All you have to do is hand the ball off and hope for at least a field goal.

    Good point and thanks for the laugh 28purple4mvp

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