AFC South hones in on potential first-rounder Kaepernick


A Saturday morning post from MDS mentioned Andy Dalton of TCU as a second-round possibility for the Colts as Peyton Manning’s “window” begins to close at age 35.  The Colts worked out Dalton last Monday.

On Friday, the Colts worked out Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick.  Like Dalton, Kaepernick is regarded as a second-round prospect who could sneak into round one if a quarterback-needy team trades up.

According to a league source, the Colts are one of three AFC South teams showing significant interest in Kaepernick.  Jaguars quarterbacks coach Mike Sheppard spent multiple hours privately with Kaepernick following Nevada’s March 24 Pro Day, doing “film and board work.”  The Jaguars have the 16th and 49th overall picks.

The Titans have shown the most interest, however. They put Kaepernick through a private workout on March 29, and the Titans hosted him for a team-facility visit on April 4.

The league source believes Tennessee is giving Kaepernick serious consideration with the 39th overall pick in the draft.

“I’m hearing that the Titans at 39 could be the pick [for Kaepernick],” the source told PFT. “Unless a team grabs him prior to that.  And the possibility of a team trading into the second half of the first round for Kaepernick is very real.”

The source also expects Kaepernick to be drafted before Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett.

This all lends credence to belief in the draftnik community that Kaepernick’s stock is on the rise.

Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders recently compared the four-year college starter’s potential climb to that of Tyson Alualu last year, predicting Kaepernick will be “this year’s out-of-the-box first-rounder” and likening his measurables and intangibles to Josh Freeman’s.

Citing “key personnel guys,” ex-NFL scout Dave Razzano has heard that Kaepernick is “inching into [the] late first round.” Razzano says Kaepernick “might be the cream” of this year’s quarterback crop and, after watching film of the 2010 college season, believes Kaepernick  has “the best deep accuracy in the draft.”

This past week, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock compared Kaepernick to Tim Tebow, but says he’s “probably a better athlete . . . with a rifle for an arm.” Tebow was the 25th pick in last year’s draft.’s Albert Breer wrote on April 1 that Kaepernick could “merit late first-round consideration,” and be drafted before both Mallett and Washington quarterback Jake Locker.

16 responses to “AFC South hones in on potential first-rounder Kaepernick

  1. The last player drafted this year in the final round should be a special Mr. Uber-Irrelevant award, since there will be no more drafts after this one.

  2. I wouldn’t be mad if the jags could trade back in the first, or tip top of the second and get picks and Colin.

    If he has accuracy + a deep arm, he could be a great QB to groom 1 season, send Garrard on his way and be a dream for Dirk when he becomes new coach.

  3. So lemme get this straight….

    Many scaouts say Mallett is the most pro-ready, and his stats are well beyond the other QBs’, but plenty of GM’s say they wouldn’t draft him anywhere, let alone in the first.

    Kaepernick is considered a raw project with good potential, rated on most boards to be a 3rd rounder, and now he’s a possible first?

    Nick Fairley was the favorite #1 overall pick after Luck stayed out, but is now labeled a high bust potential…

    The best OT prospect Tyron Smith is called a two year project so he can fill out his frame and adjust to playing the left side…

    The best safety is rated late 2nd/early 3rd…

    The best RB might go in the second round…

    Is it just me, or is this just a weak draft class with too many questions at all positions?

  4. It’s nice to see the scouting community finally start seeing what those of us that have been following Kaepernick for a while have known all along.

    Colin Kaepernick is Randall Cunningham 2.0… he has the athletic ability, intelligence, and work ethic to be truly special.

  5. @rovibe

    just because some of the players stocks have moved throughout the draft process, doesn’t mean this is a weak draft. Every draft has question marks from the top to the bottom. The last draft considered really good and deep was 2006, and there were just as many busts that year as there were in 2009 which was considered a weak draft class.

    and there aren’t “too many questions at all positions”. This dline group is possibly the best and deepest any draft has ever seen. There are no questions about that.

  6. The correct expression in you headline should be:

    Homes in on, HOMES in on. Not ‘hones’. It’s an error common to those who don’t wash out their ears and hear the expression correctly.

    And you guys are supposed to be pros?

  7. If Kaepernick sneaks into the first round, he will ruin the Pouncey family’s quest to win “first round pick with most fun name to say over and over” two years in a row.

  8. Kaepernick is “probably a better athlete” than Tim Tebow?

    This is where I get into trouble for paying halfass attention to college football, but I thought Tebow’s entire thing was that he’s an amazing athlete.

  9. @brasho
    i agree, i have been wondering if the Kaepernick hype train was ever going to come around. there has been so much talk about newton, gabbert, mallet locker and to some extent dalton and ponder but very little on conlin. i first saw him last year, and the more i have seen and read about him the more i like him. he is actually my #2 qb in this draft at this point. looked great in the combine, sounded great in all his interviews and scored well on the wonderlic. big, strong, fast, athletic and intelligent. sounds like a good QB to me. love this guy, was originally hoping the vikes could pick him up with their second rounder, but it seems like the buzz is finally catching up with him and he may not be around then.

  10. He will probably end up in the bottom of the first round, mostly because so many teams need a quarterback but don’t see the value in selecting them at the top. So they’ll trade into the bottom of the first to get their guy. Ponder, Mallet, Kaepernick, Locker, Dalton, all will likely be drafted in the first round after trades.

  11. To “hone” is to sharpen, like a knife.To “hone in” is to focus, fool.Don’t try to proofread these guys until you are more literate.

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