DeAngelo Williams has interest in Dolphins


The Dolphins have a huge need at running back this offseason and haven’t been afraid of late in making a splash in free agency.

That makes them logical suitors for DeAngelo Williams, who has a similar skill set to Ronnie Brown with better breakaway speed.

“I’ve heard rumors that I may be at the top their . . . board this year,” Williams said on the Koop and Kelly show Saturday on WQAM in Miami.

Omar Kelly, who writes for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, responded as such:  “It’s a little more than rumors.”

At that point Williams laughed.  (Hmmm.)   Whether he knows the Dolphins are interested or not, Williams made it clear he would love to join the team.

“This is a place I’d like to live,” Williams said, in Miami for a triathlon to raise money for charity.  “I hope I’m at the top of their list and they come after me.”

The Dolphins could add a back in the draft and still have room for a big ticket item like Williams, who stressed he’s also very open to staying with Carolina.  It seems very possible that the Dolphins will replace both Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams, who are both free agents this year.

Williams wouldn’t mind splitting the load like he did in Carolina, because he feels it will stretch his career out.

“I’m running on premium and I have more than half a tank left,” Williams said.

16 responses to “DeAngelo Williams has interest in Dolphins

  1. I think Miami would be a bad career move for him, but staying in Carolina would be a worse one.

  2. As a Dolphin fan, I would love this move. I thought he was ready to blow up last year. It didn’t happen but I’d like to see him get an opportunity in Aqua and Orange…

  3. DWill hopefully will stay in Carolina this year! Just think…Panthers keeping their backfield intact, a healthy O-line again, Smith and Shockey on the side, with Newton under center I see a promising year coming up.

  4. If DeAngelo takes his talents to south beach all hell will break loose here in the QC

  5. Running back is the last piece of the puzzle usually. The Dolphins, like most teams, need to get their offensive and defensive lines settled first. Then they need a quarterback who teams fear even a little bit before they can start pounding the rock without facing an eight man front. Barry Sanders is a prime example. He was all the Lions had and he was still awesome because he was an all time great. But his greatness did not correlate into many wins and zero championships. And with all due respect to Mr. Williams, he is no Barry Sanders.

  6. I thought Ricky was going to finally retire after he HAD to return to the ‘Fins in order not to loose his signing bonus. Maybe staying odd the MJ he finally came to his senses.

  7. i like the idea of going after Dwill an even though ingram does appear to be a really good back i think the fins could make better use of thier first round pick by trading down and getting another pick or 2 to address more important needs and go after a 2nd rb in f/a as well,because they do not have a second rd. pick and they need more than just rb’s

  8. TO DO LIST:
    catching TE, one adjustment to the Oline, FS, speedy receiver, dwill

    DO NOT:
    blow money on an incredibly overpriced free agent QB and set your franchise back 5 years!

    Dolphins D is soooo young and sickkkk all they need is to get a little new blood on the O (dwill, speedy receiver, TE). Toss henne in there, and wait for the right moment to bite on an elite qb. Palmer, Kolb, VY, McNabb—-that list reminds me a little of this one….

    feeley, frerrote, griese, culpepper—howd that work out?

    yea and this time the dolphins WILL not be getting one of those FAs for a good price. Not happening

  9. Miami needs to sign DeAngelo, draft Ryan Williams as the #2 RB, draft DJ Williams to upgrade TE, and then resign Ricky as the #3 back.

    That’ll make it easier for Henne. Just throw it to someone with “Williams” on his jersey.

  10. They should make a play for this guy, and use their top picks to solidify the O-line. Perhaps a more reliable running game would aid in the growth of Chad Henne. The Panthers would be better off letting him go. They proved this last season that their RB depth is respectable. Jonathan Stewart deserves his chance to top the depth chart.

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