Tim Tebow, the statue

First came the plaque commemorating Tim Tebow’s famous post-game speech.   Now the University of Florida has built a statue in Tebow’s honor, along with the school’s other two Heisman Trophy winners.

The school unveiled the three statues Saturday at halftime of Florida’s spring game.   Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel also have statues and are pictured both readying to pass.   Tebow is shown running the ball, which seems appropriate.

Between the statue, the upcoming autobiography, and the underwear ads, Tebow is having a pretty strong offseason.

Just imagine the attention he’ll get when he has more than three NFL starts under his belt.

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  1. No big deal, Oklahoma does the same thing for their Heisman winners. Whatever you think about Tebow he had a outstanding college career. Nothing he does in the NFL can take away from that. Personally I think its very iffy, but we shall see…….

  2. Damn the statue shows him running and not dropping back like a qb usually does…

  3. Congrats Tim – Denver needs you.

    Keep your chin up.

    Keep fighting and performing.

  4. Congrats to Tebow … but the pose of that statue says it all. When is that last time you saw a figure or statue of a quarterback posed as a runner instead of a passer?

  5. Aw yes, a little gratuitous Tebow bashing on a slow day…Once PFT gets a burr under the saddle for you they never miss a chance.

  6. The pidgeons and gulls crap on the Weurfel and Spurrier statues with impunity, but miraculously, the Tebow statue remains untouched. To the extent that birds have been observed roosting on Tebow’s head, moving over for a bowel movement on Wuerfel, then returning to sit on Tebow.

  7. Tom Brady doesnt have a statue
    Terry Bradshaw doesnt have a statue
    Peyton Manning doesnt have a statue
    Drew Brees doesnt
    Rothlisbeger doesnt
    Aikman doesnt

    The bigger someone is built up, the more likely theyre going to fall…Tebow and his people need to reign this in, as does Cam Newton. Expectation is mounting. If they fall, its going to be long and hard.

  8. @tatum064 …

    Agree with you on expectations, but UF has statues for all its Heisman winners; that’s why they honored Tebow. No matter what happens to him in the pros–and I don’t think his style of run-based spread-offense QB wins NFL championships–he’ll always be a Gator hero.

  9. I don’t really like Tebow or agree with him on various issues, but I respect his determination and passion. He deserves a statue for his tremendous college career. Good luck to him in the pros, because I find it hard to believe that he will succeed as a passer

  10. I just don’t get how so many people seem to hate Tebow for doing nothing more than WINNING! and getting a buttload of media attention he doesn’t ask for??

    We hate him for succeeding?

    Or do we hate *the media* for reporting too much on one player at the expense of hundreds of others?

    That’s not Tebow’s fault; give the kid a break…

  11. I just hope the underwear company paying Tebow doesn’t plan to put a statute outside their building.

  12. @ tatum064

    1. Brady was a nobody at Michigan
    2. Bradshaw never really won anything in college
    3. UT won the National championship the year after Manning left
    4. Brees still holds a lot of records at Purdue and the Big Ten so I see that
    5. Rothlisberger never won any big games in college
    6. Aikman was a transfer so it wouldn’t make sense especially since part of his stats are split

    Just wanted to remind you of that

  13. But none of these great Pro quarterbacks are so blessed. even when Tebow breaks wind it smells sweet.

  14. Winning the Heisman does NOT make you the best, or one of the few noteworthy player(s) worthy of immortalization in a schools history……
    Hello??………Emmitt Smith!?

  15. I don’t think it’s “Tebow-hate” per se, but rather “overrate hate.”

    In other words, the invective directed at Tebow comes from those who are annoyed that so many folks seem oblivious to the fact that he is very, very unlikely to make it in the NFL.

  16. It’s a telling comment about our society that all of Tebow’s negatives stem from his profession of Christian faith and nice guy image. America is starving for a Tebow to fall in love with and the media and some fans relentlessly bash him. I frankly don’t get the hatred. Is it because he is a great guy and guys like him don’t square with what cynics and haters want to put out there? Rather, they make a big deal out of Mike Vick, Adam Jones and Ray Lewis. I love pro football, but I am quickly becoming turned off by the NFL corporation and the off the field crap of the players and find it difficult to separate the people from the game anymore.

  17. Tebow is being honored for his character more than his game play. With idiots out there like Aqib Talib, Ben Roethlisberger, etc. – I see his promotion as a good thing. Overhyped for an NFL backup, yes, but he was a stud in college. At least it gives some kids a guy to idiolize that isn’t totting a gun or “alledgedly” raping young women.

  18. Gregg Rosenthal’s statue will portray him misspelling words and using poor grammar and syntax.

    How appropriate…

  19. @tombrookshire and dabears2485 …

    A lot of Tebow “hate” is because of his squeaky clean image. But that’s also the reason for a lot of the adulation. As an Alabama diehard, I found him pretty gag-worthy. I share his faith, so my animosity was just old-fashioned rivalry 🙂 He won me over being kind to Mark Ingram at the Heisman ceremony. But I still don’t believe his style of quarterbacking is suited for the NFL. And it’s nuts for a guy who hasn’t done anything in the league to get so much attention.

    The bottom line is that celebrities shouldn’t be role models. My heroes are people in my life. But as a kid, I adored O.J. Simpson. Look how that turned out. 🙁

  20. “I hardly think this man knows
    how to publicize underwear.”


    A. Weiner

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