When it comes to keeping the Chargers in San Diego, no news is good news

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The Vikings soon will know whether their long-term home will remain in Minnesota, or whether they’ll be looking elsewhere, presumably to L.A.  For the Chargers, the question of obtaining a replacement for Qualcomm Stadium is more complicated, even though the path to a potential new home in a new town is much shorter.

Matthew T. Hall of the San Diego Union-Tribune provides a detailed update as to the status of the team’s efforts to stay put.  San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders met last month with Chargers president Dean Spanos, but there have been no tangible developments regarding a new stadium since then.  Meanwhile, AEG continues to move forward with plans to build a stadium in Los Angeles, even though the team(s) to play there have not yet been identified.

Mark Fabiani, who is heading up the team’s stadium efforts, continues to take the position that the Chargers want to stay in San Diego.  The keys to a new stadium are out of the franchise’s control.

“The collective-bargaining situation holds the key to whether the NFL is going to subsidize part of this stadium with a loan,” Fabiani told the Union-Tribune.  “And until there’s a [California] budget deal, everything is open for discussion and debate.”

If both prongs don’t come through for the Chargers, L.A. becomes a stronger and stronger reality for the team.

Regardless, it’s looking more and more likely that someone will be playing in Los Angeles.  And if it doesn’t happen via expansion, which is unlikely, it’ll have to happen via relocation.

For now, time is on the side of the San Diego.  Eventually, however, time will run out.

28 responses to “When it comes to keeping the Chargers in San Diego, no news is good news

  1. I blame all this all the players, if their salaries weren’t so high teams could stay out. Art Modell had to move the Browns because of players cost, same with Mr. Irsay move to Indy in the middle of the night. The players are at fault, the owners would wouldn’t raise tickets prices if it weren’t for the player cost. Just look how Mr Snyder treats the fans in Washington as an example. Great, great owner and he always puts the fans first!

    * Parts of the above paragraph are embellished and sprinkled with heavy sarcasm.*

  2. It’s becoming obvious that this site is praying for the lockout to be lifted. The articles found here are becoming more desperate content that real news.

  3. Keeping the Chargers in San Diego is considered good news? Thats debateable.

  4. I cant believe how everyone seems to think that the NFL “Promised Land ” is in LA !..History should have taught somebody a lesson ! A bad economy and good weather is a poor combination for a new NFL team !

  5. The San Deigo Chargers should stay in San Deigo. The Minnesota Vikings should stay in Minnesota. The only major problem I have with the last commish is that he put an NFL team in Jacksonville. The fan base doesnt go to the games, the stadium is a junk yard, it’s maybe the worst TV market in all of sports. I’m very sorry to all the fans there but they have the Bucs 75 miles away. They have the Falcons 100 miles away. They have the Dolphins to the south. Jacksonville needs to lose it’s team. The fans have 3 regional teams to pick from. Move the Jaguars to LA and flip divisions with the Rams and everything is fixed. That or move the Rams back to LA and move the Jaguars to St. Louis. Either way, the LA team needs an NFC market with the raiders to the north and the chargers to the south.

  6. I hate to say this to all you San Diego fans but the team has got to move. I went to the home opener in San Diego against the Jags and it was blacked out becasue not enough tickets were sold! It’s hard for me to understand how a team as good as the Chargers cannot sell out their home opener, not to mention several other games last year were blacked out. Hopefully the Chargers decide to go with the City of Industry stadium plan since its only 10 minutes from my house. If San Diego isn’t gonna support thier team then maybe the LA area will.

  7. evolmonkey says: If San Diego isn’t gonna support thier team then maybe the LA area will.

    The key word being “maybe”.

  8. I have a question. So AEG plans to raise $800 million to build the stadium. Who is going to buy the Vikings for $950 million? I assure you the Wilf’s won’t sell them for cheap and I don’t think they will move the team on their own.

  9. @Patriotsdefense

    You must get lost alot. Does your wife need to read a map for you?

    Have you ever driven from Jacksonville to Atlanta OR Tampa? Let me answer NO for you. Cause if you did drive(with help from an adult) you would know that it is a hell of alot farther than 75 miles to Tampa and much more than 100 miles to Atlanta.

    TIP:::: Do your homework from now on before posting idiotic comments that make you look foolish

  10. Quick correction. 2010 value of the Vikings was $774 million, but I still think the Wilf’s ask at least $850 million for them.

    PS Robert is a tool with no substance.

  11. The Chargers should be forced to relocate. They can’t even sell out when they are winning the division.

  12. @ bunjy96:

    “LA couldn’t support the NFL in the good times.”
    Yeah we only supported the Rams for 4o+ years.

    “How are they going to do it now?”
    Easy we only have 17 million people living here. I don’t think that finding 70k that will buy tickets is an issue.

  13. @ buhbay1c:

    “Quick correction. 2010 value of the Vikings was $774 million, but I still think the Wilf’s ask at least $850 million for them.”

    Asking and getting are two different things.

    Consider the Rams. As CBS reported at the time:
    “Forbes magazine has estimated the value of the Rams franchise at $913 million. The exact amount of Khan’s bid was not announced, but was believed to be closer to $750 million.”

  14. @ recon163

    I agree with that, but the Rams and Vikings are different circumstances. Someone is going to have to pay big $ to get the 100% of the Vikings. Khan’s offer was for 60% of the Rams I believe. My point is that the Wilf’s are shrewd businessmen and know that they will be able to get an arm and a leg for their franchise.

  15. San Diego fans are fickle but they had sold out every game for 5 or 6 years until last year. they stayed away last year for two reasons the economy and the cost to live there. two, many were upset with the way Dean Spanos and AJ Smith handled the team last year, and guess what they were right because they went 9-7 and missed the playoffs because of them. AJ Smith is the most overrated GM in the NFL!

  16. @iamtalkingsolistenandlear
    I don’t give a care about your desolate and pathetic part of our country. I’m so happy that we’re going to take your team away, We are going to take your team away and there is nothing you can do. I’m sorry for you but it is in the best interest of the NFL. Maybe if you went to more games or bought more memorabilia. either way, i will never go there and drive the roads. sorry dude but your team is toast.

  17. @ buhbay1c:

    “Someone is going to have to pay big $ to get the 100% of the Vikings.”

    I disagree. the Vikings are at the bottom of the revenue charts. Wilf has over $200 million in debt on the team, they don’t have a good stadium deal in place to increase the teams value, and if the team does decide to move to LA, the new owner would end paying a hefty relocation fee to the NFL.

    “Khan’s offer was for 60% of the Rams I believe.”
    Yes, Khan offered about $450 million for 60%. That is why Kroenke matched the offer. He knew he was losing value on his investment so why not buy the team outright if it was going for so little?

    “My point is that the Wilf’s are shrewd businessmen and know that they will be able to get an arm and a leg for their franchise.”

    So the counter to that is that the folks they may be dealing with are not shrewd and are willing to pay more than what the actual value of the franchise is? Uh……no…..

    I would bet that if sold today the Vikes could be had for $700-$800 million.

  18. looks like everyone thinks you’re the fool @iamtalkingsolistenandlear. Put that in your pipe and smoke it old man.

  19. The Vikings aren’t going anywhere. If they moved, there are too many Viking fans amongst the political decision-makers that would then have to admit that the Packers organization and the Packer fans were superior to the Vikings and their fans, in all ways that can possibly be described. Fearing that they could never be as impressive as the Packers is difficult enough to admit, so they desperately need to hang on with all that they can, continuing to pursue the dream that Favre snuffed out for them. A move would force the fans to admit the superiority of the Packers as undeniable truth. The team needs to stay in Minnesota so that they can continue their exhaustive and improbable pursuit of the Packers, and everyone, management and fans alike, can continue to try to make themselves feel whole again. Good luck with that. I really mean it.

  20. Must be 59 of your inbred family members. LMAO and none of them know how many miles it is to the nearest city, but each of you all know how close the nearest welfare office is.

  21. It’s exactly 200 miles from Jacksonville to Tampa, as per Google maps, and 317 miles to Atlanta.

  22. joetoronto says:
    Apr 10, 2011 6:51 AM
    It’s exactly 200 miles from Jacksonville to Tampa, as per Google maps, and 317 miles to Atlanta.

    So I guess then the question would be, since we are not necessarily talking about the fans in Jacksonville, but in the surrounding area, would the average fan drive 80 miles to see the Jags or 120 miles to see the Bucs? Okay, bad example…..

    I am of the belief that, if the NFL so desparately wants to put a team in LA, that SD would make the most sense. It’s 2-3 hours from SD to the City of Industry site, depending on traffic, so the true die-hard Chargers fans would not be that put out to make it to the games. There are likely a lot of fans in LA who follow the Chargers now anyway. That makes more sense to me, from a fan base perspective, than uprooting Minnesota or Jacksonville or Buffalo or whoever else is the rumor of the week.

    BTW, doesn’t anybody else find it weird that there are more teams in states with Atlantic Ocean shorefront than there are west of the Mississippi?

  23. I’m opposed to moving any NFL team, but patriotsdefense called it: Jacksonville was a poorly planned franchise.

    The South always has been a stronger base for college football than pro, so the Gators own North Fla. Initially, the NFL force-fed the Jags to Orlando’s AFC market–traditional Dolphins territory. The outcry was so ferocious the league had to start alternating one week Dolphins, one week Jags. And as patriotsdefense said, the Bucs and Falcons have large fan bases.

    Plus this is a transplant state and people bring their team allegiances w/them. I’m a native but have been a diehard Steeler for 34 years. The rest of my street is Steelers, Falcons, Giants, Browns, Bucs, Steelers. I don’t even know any Jags fans.

  24. I’m so sick of people throwing around the hackneyed cliche that L.A. lost it’s two teams because they didn’t have enough fan support. This is categorically false, and anyone who was actually from L.A. would know that the Raiders and Rams leaving had nothing to do with fan support. It had to do with the unrealistic expectation of filling that 100,000 seat dump the coliseum every week and Georgia Frontierre confronted city officials with a similar problem of coming up with public financing which was not a viable option in 1994 (and smart of the taxpayers not to give in when there were three perfectly usable stadiums in the area at the time). There are over 10,000,000 people in the greater L.A. area, not including Orange County, and there are a lot of great football fans here that have been desperate for a team 17 years. It’s absurd to think that a market like Jacksonville could support a team better than L.A. could. For all the haters out there; L.A. is getting a football team. Get over it! You can take potshots all you want and criticize the city of Angels but it won’t change the fact that the NFL is coming back to the southland, and you can bet that the fans will show up in huge numbers to dispell is absurd myth that L.A. will never be a football town.

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