Stan Kroenke set to buy controlling interest of Arsenal

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In a story that may barely make a ripple in the U.S. but figures to dominate headlines overseas, Stan Kroenke is set to take control of the Premier League club Arsenal on Sunday.

Kroenke, who also recently took controlling interest in the St. Louis Rams, plans to increase his stake in Arsenal from 30% to 62% on Monday, according to the Associated Press.   He didn’t comment on the report.

After the deal goes through, NFL owners will own arguably the two most well known soccer teams on the planet.  (The Glazers own Manchester United.)

Assuming the passion of the Arsenal fanbase hasn’t dissipated since Fever Pitch came out — one of the best books ever written on life as a fan — we’re guessing say this news won’t be greeted too warmly in England.

13 responses to “Stan Kroenke set to buy controlling interest of Arsenal

  1. Two most well known soccer teams on the planet?

    I think Real Madrid and Barcelona would have something to say about that.

  2. As long as he pumps money into the club for transfers the Arsenal fans will love him. Yes we may be the only big club without an owner, but it’s been too long without a trophy.
    He’s on our board unlike Usmanov and he has a decent relationship with the Arsenal Supporters Trust. If we have to have an owner, most of us prefer Kroenke.

  3. Kroenke is methodically building a global sporting empire.
    In a couple of years he will be the new face of the NFL owners. His recommendations and vision will carry the most weight in the league. Hell he has more money than all but one owner, and when you add in his wifes own money, together they are the leagues wealthiest.
    Mark my words, before long Kroenke will be directing and deciding the leagues future. There will be a commisioner, but Kroenke will be in charge with his voting bloc of hand selected flunky owners to serve his interests

  4. It was well known that the Glazers would put United under a lot of debt. There haven’t been any indications of the same by Stan.

    Foreign owners are hated if they come to England, buy the club and then load millions of debt onto the club thereby limiting their transfer & salary budgets. Since there isn’t any cap in European football, good players won’t join your club if you cannot offer them top dollar (and the opportunity to play with other good players).

  5. Matt R says: Two most well known soccer teams on the planet? I think Real Madrid and Barcelona would have something to say about that.
    MU definitely, Arsenal maybe not. Arsenal is anywhere from the 2nd to 4th recognizable club in the EPL (Chelsea & Liverpool may be more recognizable…not to be confused w/ success).


  6. is it me or does anyone else not like this guy owning 4 different teams in 3 different cities in 2 different countries? that’s just too much power for one guy, one family to have. He’d better not ask for tax payer money for anything type of stadium or anything like that.

  7. In Hanoi, I have seen several T-shirts that say “Manchester Buccaneers.” So I guess the Arsenal Rams are next. Just don’t lock out your futbol with your football.

  8. cincyeaglefan says:If it gets us a trophy (And a new keeper) I’m all for it. The Brits need to just get over it.

    You don’t like their Polish keeper? He may be green but I trust & like him more than Almunia (who is absolutely horrible).

  9. Hopefully this sets the table for a Rams relocation across seas. St. Louis is a horrible sports town and they should not have an NFL organization. Just my opinion.

  10. As long as he doesn’t do the same as Manchester City and Chelsea owners and ruin the franchise by buying players who do not fit in the type of football they are playing i’m all for it..

    I’m thinking of buying Liverpool if they continue with this type of football they are playing right now.. I can properly buy the team in 2015 for around 10$

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