Sterger tells GMA that Jets employee approached her about Favre


In a disclosure that meshes with the allegations made privately to the NFL, former Jets in-house sideline reporter Jenn Sterger has told ABC’s Good Morning America that a Jets employee approached her in 2008 and “tried to play matchmaker” not long after Favre joined the team, according to Michael McCarthy of USA Today.

“I was approached one day at the beginning of the preseason games, by a man wearing a Jets badge, employee badge, who asked me, ‘How would you feel if Brett Favre asked for your phone number? What would you say?,” Sterger told George Stephanopoulos in an interview that will air Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  “And I just looked at him, my usual smartass self.  And I said, ‘I’d say I like my job an awful lot.  And I’ve been told I look remarkably like his wife.'”

She claims she didn’t disclose her number, and that she thought “that was the end of it.”

Sterger also explained that she wants to make it clear that she’s not a “gold digger.”

“I haven’t made a dime off anything in this whole situation,” Sterger said.  “Not from the pictures.  Not from Favre.  I never wanted to sue anyone.  That was never an intention of mine.”

It apparently was an intention of those working for her.  Lawyer Joseph Conway said after being hired in October that he was “retained to advise her and pursue any potential remedies she might have.”

Hopefully, Sterger will explain exactly what her motivation was.  She initially was reluctant to go on the record when the story first arose (indeed, it’s still unclear whether she actually authorized Deadspin to run with the story in August 2010).  If there was no financial angle, why did she keep photos texted to her by Favre and voice messages he had sent in 2008?  And something prompted her to speak with the NFL last year, after initially showing reluctance.

If her current goal is to show that she’s not a “gold digger,” it’s important to understand exactly what sparked a seemingly haphazard course of events.  The truth could simply be that she was being pushed and pulled by those around her to try to cash in, and that she ultimately decided not to do so.

Either way, here’s hoping that the interview yields clarity and closure.  Based on the excerpts provided to USA Today, it sounds like we’ll be hearing stuff that we already knew.

36 responses to “Sterger tells GMA that Jets employee approached her about Favre

  1. She is not to be believed.
    Her first option was to get “hush” money from Favre. When he nixed that promptly and adamantly, she wanted to move on to Plan B. That was to sue, but she found out that she waited to long and even so, her case was very weak.
    She is not only a gold digger, but a serial liar as well. If she didn’t want the attention, why didn’t she tell Favre to stop texting and calling her? Why did she keep photos “allegedly” sent by Favre of lil Favre?
    Why did she have pics of other people on her phone which she shared with her friend? Why did she retain an attorney to “seek remedies”
    Your story doesnt add up Jen.

    Go troll the clubs looking for an NBA player to extort

  2. She’s been hitting up the wrong Jet if she wants money. Try two lockers down with Antonio Cromartie and his issues.

  3. What’s the matter with you people? This woman hasn’t done anything wrong……Favre did! Hero-worship can only go so far. Call a spade a spade for crying out loud. None of this….let me repeat…. NONE OF THIS…. would be in the news if it weren’t for his behavior…..not hers….his.

  4. This broad is hanging on the edge of sanity.

    Favre shoud stick to acting. You see his brilliant work in Something about Mary?? But not porn. I’m afraid he’s not what they’re looking for.

  5. So you ding ABC for saying the interview would have only been relavent months ago, then you ding ABC by saying we’re only going to hear things we already know, but you run two items on this so-called stale story in a span of seven hours. You wouldn’t have done that unless you believe a lot of people would be interested. So quit pretending you’re not trying to ride this thing’s coattails to drive traffic.

  6. I don’t care if she’s a gold digger or not…did PFT HAVE to put a picture of Favre with this story?

  7. I don’t think I’m being to cynical by saying that considering she’s gonna be on GMA and of course ABC… She’ll be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars… Hmmmm… Of course not…

  8. This drama will put the day time soaps to shame, I mean you can’t make this crap up, how about enough already. Bill

  9. @stellarperformance …

    Doubt it has anything to do with hero worship for most people who want Sterger to go away. I loved watching Favre play but think he’s a dog in his personal life. But women who collect wee-wee shots to show around for laughs aren’t victims. Sometimes both the man and the woman in these situations are equally sleazy. If she’d stop trying to profit from a guy asking her out almost three years ago, people would stop criticizing her.

  10. Jen,

    In the words of the immortal Ron Burgundy:

    “You’re a smelly pirate hook*r!”

    Please go away. Far, far away.



  11. Sorry Ho, you overplayed your hand. This grandstand is a year too late. Nobody cares anymore. Say goodbye to that fat settlement.




  13. Sad that every time a nice looking woman complains about something like this the coconut heads jump to the same conclusion: she was asking for it and she’s only after the money.

    Do you have any idea how difficult it is get a real response and direct action against a star employee? Even companies that claim to have zero tolerance have a completely different set of rules if the harasser is someone high up the ladder.

    The Jets were obviously protecting their image and their QB and hoping she would disappear. Then she was taken advantage of by attorneys. Happens all the time.

  14. You, as the mouthpiece of the NFL, a member of the press, should IGNORE this “woman” and not give her publicity.She is known to collect these pics,and has many of them from other people.She poses naked in magazines and online, I mean, please!Are you going to impeach Favre?LOL,much ado about nothing.She should shut up and go away, trying to cash in makes her quite the ho.hohoho

  15. Deb says: Apr 10, 2011 9:46 PM
    Doubt it has anything to do with hero worship for most people who want Sterger to go away.

    And why exactly would anyone want her to go away? Is it because they don’t want their hero affected by anything she has to say? This woman is vilified and castigated for being attractive and for receiving unsolicited advances from a sleazebag, and somehow she is at fault. I’ll bet you have a bumper sticker that reads: “I Love Jocks.”

  16. @stellarperformance …

    I like a nice package, Ambrose, but I’m more interested character, brains, and a quick wit. When I get passionate on something like this, the passion is for the issue, not the jock. I could care less about Favre–or Ben–off the field. I think they’re both idiots. But having been victimized and having dealt with a lot of other victims, I despise women who try to profit from flirtations, etc., by pretending they were harrassments or assaults.

    Being a victim steals a piece of your soul that you never get back no matter how strong you are. Your issue is Favre-hatred and I’m tired of debating an obsessed Packer fan who can’t just enjoy his championship let go of the past. I’ve listened to every word spoken by this woman and her handlers and read every scrap of “evidence.” She’s no victim and I want her to go away because every minute she spends pimping herself for a dollar is more time real victims will have to work to erase public cynicism and establish their credibility.

  17. Deb says:
    Apr 11, 2011 1:28 PM
    Your issue is Favre-hatred and I’m tired of debating an obsessed Packer fan who can’t just enjoy his championship (and) let go of the past.

    No, my issue is the contention that any woman wearing a short skirt is “asking for it” and deserves to be attacked. No lawsuit. No demands. Nothing. ….except she lost her job. I don’t want to see Favre get away with it….that’s all. Your position surprises me, frankly.

  18. giantrealist says:
    Apr 11, 2011 3:41 AM
    Sad that every time a nice looking woman complains about something like this the coconut heads jump to the same conclusion: she was asking for it and she’s only after the money.
    No… I don’t believe she was asking for it and I don’t know if she is a gold digger. I am more amazed at the number of good looking women with ZERO TALENT that land good-paying jobs with professional sports teams or sports networks. ESPN isn’t much better……. the only way to get hired there nowadays is to be a former pro athlete or a hot chick (talent optional). Now THAT is sad………………..

  19. @stellarperformance …

    If your concern is the women’s issue and not Favre, I apologize. My attitude wouldn’t surprise you if you were as familiar with false claims as I am. It’s the flip side of a sad and dirty business. Life was a lot easier when I believed women always told the truth about these things.

    What you’re describing isn’t what happened. First, she didn’t lose her Jets job, but left for another opportunity. So right there you’ve eliminated any “pain and suffering” aspect. Being momentarily annoyed or embarrassed is not the same as being victimized.

    I’m not saying any woman deserves any harassment. But she did more than wear a short skirt. When women choose to pose nude, strip, etc., they are selling sex and inviting sexual attention. As a nude model, that’s what she put out there. Then according to her own account, Favre stared at her all the time so she sent word to him that he should do more than stare–he should speak or something. That can easily be interpreted as interest in him and an invitation to approach her.

    Sexual harassment law allows for a man to ask out a colleague. The two voice mails aren’t threatening. If he sent the body shots, I don’t believe they were unsolicited. First, it’s unlikely a man in his position would send those unsolicited. Second, she apparently collects similar photos. Third, it’s been confirmed she kept the photos for two years as souvenirs and showed them to friends for laughs. Women don’t keep souvenirs of abusers that they show around for laughs.

    Her public villification began when the photos and voice mails got out of her possession, which happened only because she kept them and she was careless with them. By then she had moved on to another job. She had no reason to keep that material and show it around, except to damage Favre’s reputation. She has only herself to blame for her notoriety and subsequent job loss.

    By some of her own comments, it appears she either instigated or encouraged contact. The contact had nothing to do with her leaving the Jets’ employ. The material went public and damaged her current reputation due to her own carelessness. Therefore, no matter how unsavory you may find Favre’s infidelities, she is not a victim and is responsible for her own situation. She does not deserve to be treated like women who have no role in their victimhood.

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