Fred Taylor says he’s “basically retired”

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Fred Taylor hasn’t retired from the NFL. But he’s close.

Taylor told the Gainesville Sun over the weekend that he’s “basically retired” from football. That’s a departure from where Taylor was last month, when he said he thought he had two more years left in him.

At age 35, two more years is extremely optimistic, as Taylor was already the oldest halfback in the NFL last year. But after getting just 106 carries the last two seasons with the Patriots, Taylor says he’s healthy and well rested.

Taylor is a free agent who could sign with any team as soon as the lockout ends, and if there’s a team out there looking for some veteran depth, he’d be an option worth exploring. But it sounds like the man who’s No. 15 in NFL history in rushing yards is ready to call it quits.

UPDATE: Taylor tells Ian R. Rapoport of the Boston Herald, “I haven’t decided anything yet.”

11 responses to “Fred Taylor says he’s “basically retired”

  1. Oh yeah, Fred retired a while back. He’s just been puttering around the past couple years.

  2. Fred was one the most underrated backs in the league. He is also a very humble and classy guy. I wish him happiness in his life after football.

  3. Injuries really hampered him for a few seasons, so I’m a bit surprised to see him that high on the list. Very good RB for quite a while. I agree with hedden93, very underrated.

    Speaking of that list, I’m also somewhat surprised to see Thomas Jones in the top 25. He did next to nothing his first few seasons in Arizona, but really hit his a stride later on in his career.

  4. all you fantasy guys should know him well……

    DEAD TAYLOR as he is always injured, even in his prime lol

  5. I’m sure that Fragile Freddy is a wonderful human being, but football-wise he’s just a wasted roster spot looking for a paycheck at this point in time.

  6. canadianvikingfaniii says:
    Apr 11, 2011 3:46 PM
    Looking at that list, I am still amazed that Berry Sanders was able to still pull out at number 3. Could you imagine if his OLine was actually good?

    Not sure, but I think He was #2 when he retired…..and I agree… He was the best I have ever seen. He would have been a mega star in today’s mass media.

  7. This guy could have easily made 3 or 4 Pro Bowls, but always been snubed, atleast he made one a couple years back. Him and MJD were beasts, kinda like Jamal Charles and T.J.

  8. Fred would have been the best ever if he could have stayed healthy. I remember watching him and holding my breath every time he would touch the ball because he could take it to the house at any time. We’ll miss you Freddy T! Love ya buddy!!!

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