Jenn Sterger says, “I just want my life back”


One of the only relevant questions regarding the decision of former Jets in-house sideline reporter to submit to an interview months after the Brett Favre texting scandal faded into oblivion is why she’s opening up now.

We now have an answer.

I just want my life back,” Sterger tells George Stephanpoulos of ABC’s Good Morning America in an interview to be aired on Tuesday and Wednesday.  “That’s all I’m asking for, is to be able to go back to work.  To be able to go back to enjoy doing what I do.  Entertaining people.  Making people laugh.  The hardest part about this whole thing is that, I am a ridiculous person.  I love to entertain people and to say crazy things.  And I can’t be that person.”

At that point, Stephanopoulos interjects an observation that we still don’t really understand:  “Until you tell your story, until it’s all out there.  It’s not a safe place, nothing you can joke about.”

We understood Sterger’s response:  “No.  Because I’m still the joke.”

The joke could be on the rest of us, if a New York Post report is true that ABC offered to “hook Sterger up with a TV job” in exchange for giving GMA the exclusive on a story that, frankly, no one really cares about anymore.

If the Post report is true, advantage Sterger, who has been unemployed since Versus scuttled The Daily Line.

Of course, ABC denies that Sterger was offered anything in exchange for giving an interview.  But it’s clear that she’s looking for another job — and that she somehow thinks the allegations made against Favre have kept her from getting another job, and that if she tells her story somehow everything will change.

There’s an even greater chance that she has milked well over 15 minutes of fame out of her talents as a broadcaster, and that she’s simply the last one to realize, Favre fiasco or not, that it’s over.

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  1. Believe me honey, nobody wants you to get your life back more than us. If you just went away, nobody would be saddened by the move.

  2. And I’m actually really pissed off that every stood around and said “…she’s just going for attention and a career” – aaaaand she got it. Bullpucky.

  3. “Entertaining people. Making people laugh. The hardest part about this whole thing is that, I am a ridiculous person. I love to entertain people and to say crazy things. And I can’t be that person.”

    When did she ever do any of those things?

    Note to women: When you THINK you’re the crazy funny chick….you’re really just obnoxious (Unless you’re hot, then you’re still obnoxious but we’ll act like you’re whatever you think you are, this is called Jenny-McCarthyism).

    And as for the topic at hand… you saw a hillbilly’s crooked penis. You’re the one that keeps bringing it up. Which is why people call you a gold digger.

  4. The joke could be on the rest of us, if a New York Post report is true that ABC offered to “hook Sterger up with a TV job” in exchange for giving GMA the exclusive on a story that, frankly, no one really cares about anymore.
    Said the guy that posted the story….

  5. What the heck … I don’t see any reason why someone shouldn’t give Jenn another shot at broadcasting.

    I’ll watch … and I bet there are others out there that would as well.

  6. if you wanted your life back, then why would you go on national TV to bring up something that people stopped caring about months ago?

  7. Let’s take a quick look at the rise of Jenn’s career:

    1. Has huge breast implants put in

    2. Gets TV job


    4. Gets implants removed

    5. Gets Fired

    Circle the irrelevant event.

  8. Uh, I think we read this story. Or maybe just overheard it from someone talking too loud on the bus. But it doesn’t make us laugh, it doesn’t make us cry, and it sure doesn’t leave us wanting more.

  9. the only person who cares is deanna who is probably still slapping brett around right now. then again this will come back this fall(in minny) when favre get’s an itch again. when people actually start thinking about there future with webb! lmao

  10. It’s nothing personal, there’s just nothing to distinguish her as a TV personality. Every position she’s been in has been as a novelty, just a face. If she’s serious about working in that business she may want to consider doing something more behind the scenes and work her way up. It was just handed to her before because she had temporary fame, but there’s no foundation to fall back on now. Sorry kid.

  11. “The hardest part about this whole thing is that, I am a ridiculous person. I love to entertain people and to say crazy things. And I can’t be that person.”

    Yeah, you’ve got a lonnnnng way to go if you want to be a ridiculous person, J-E-Double N.

  12. So Jen Sterger and three of her friends walk up to Santa in the local mall, around Christmas time. Santa says, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” and Jen says, “What about me?”

    There. Now she’s the joke.

  13. Probably wishes she had an undo button right about now. Unfortunately, your life isn’t microsoft excel. Reap what you sow.

  14. she should have thought about this before she dragged it out as long as she did. oh right, she was hoping to bank on a settlement. she just wants her life back now only after she dragged favre’s through the mud and didn’t get what she wanted out of it? if she truly wanted this to go away, she would have let it go even if deadspin was leaked the story.

  15. Most employers tend to view would-be extortionists as potential liabilities. Sorry, Jen. Maybe next time you will think before you try to make a quick buck.

  16. “I just want my life back”….then stop ‘promoting’ yourself. It seems to me the entire issue of Jenn Sterger is an oxymoron – she wants to get back to her ‘life’ but continues to ‘champion’ herself to remain in the ‘limelight’ !!!

  17. Please………………..if you want your life back stop being a drama queen, going on TV, keeping pics of guys sticks, and using lawyers to leverage you 15 min of fame!

    I’m sick of this lets keep our sympathy for women who deserve it, like anyone who has had the unfortunate bad luck to run into Big Ben at a Club.

  18. Always is entertaining when young arrogant entitled chicks are replaced by the new hotter versions of themselves. Sterger has no idea that she is completely irrelevant. Next only step, shock and sadness that her home sex tape has been “leaked”.

  19. No, you want to skip to the head of the line. You used a boob job and nude modeling to get New York TV jobs, but after trying to bilk Favre and the NFL, you make celeb jocks nervous. You could take your FSU degree, get a small market job, and climb the ladder the hard way … but you’re still looking for an easy ride (no pun intended).

  20. if she “just wants her life back”, then why did she go to Deadspin with the story in the first place?

    enough said. she’s a liar and anything that comes from her mouth is suspect. period.

    move on.

  21. @eaglesfan290 …

    I know when and your pals are not writing graffiti on the bathroom wall at the junior high, you love to rag Steelers fans about Roethlisberger. Yeah, he’s brought a lot of that on himself. But no matter how big an idiot he’s been, the evidence shows he hasn’t raped anyone.

    So if you apes are going to mouth off about saving your sympathy for rape victims (which God knows you could care less about), than at least pretend you’re a man and save it for the hundreds of thousands of real rape victims out there and not that piece of nothing in Georgia whose labwork showed beyond question she and her sorority pals were lying their faces off … which, of course, is why the DA said he hoped they’d learned their lesson.

  22. If she just wants her life back, then get over it and move on. If you’ve seen one penis, you’ve seen them all – some are just bigger or smaller than the others.

    Your 15 minutes are up.

  23. @ Deb

    Umm yeah ok so he has been accused 3 times now and btw if he did nothing wrong in GA, why did he pay her off?

    Maybe you should do some reading there was an attorney in MA, he was resresenting a 4th supposed victim (and this was going on before GA) and this was reported on this site………..look it up…………….. he claims there are at least 2 more women that never went to the police.

    That is 6 in total so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a degree… celebrities………..they are targets and you know what that sucks! But tell me the last time you ever heard of a guy being accused this many times beyond a serial rapist?

    Honestly I can’t and hey I will give you he is talented on the field. This is strictly he creeps me and most NFL fans out, so ask me this would you be comfortable with your daughter dating him? If you answer “NO” then your little blurb is just lip service.

  24. Word is, Sterger is getting hooked up with a job by ABC in exchange for this interview. She is too late, as always. The time to stand up was when the story first broke, and if she had a competent PR advisor, instead of that joke Phil Reese, she’d have called a news conference, said that yes, she received these texts from Favre but did not report them because she did not consider them harrassment, and this will be her last comment on them…maybe she would still have a job. No credibility, because she was only known for her ta-tas, but a job nonetheless. But she let it get blown out of control and then actually tried to demand that the NFL punish Favre. She started believing her own publicity. She was never harrassed, and it was apparently not the first time someone famous sent her pics of their junk. She has ruined HERSELF. Favre didn’t do it.

  25. She should move to Green Bay and be the smartest, and best looking woman in town.

    Probably. One thing for sure is that she would be a resident of a town that boasts the greatest NFL team in the history of the game, not to mention last season’s Super Bowl Champion. That would at least show some signs of intelligence.

  26. Jenn,

    We would all like our life back. Please feel free to go back and doing whatever is your unique talent. Oh. Right. You have none.

    Never mind.

  27. Deb,

    Nearly everything you write makes a whole lot of sense.

    Except for the stuff about Roethlisberger.

  28. And B. Favre just wants his d!ck pictures back. But he can’t have them, because they’re out there Jerry!

  29. tubal22 says:
    Apr 11, 2011 9:31 PM
    Probably wishes she had an undo button right about now. Unfortunately, your life isn’t microsoft excel. Reap what you sow.

    Did somebody say she was going to undo a button?

  30. Last I checked she never had to bring all this up in the first place, she chose to make her life hectic. Also, I’m pretty sure nobody made fun of her for the last year in regard to sending pics of her “junk” to anybody…shutup Jen, I’m pretty sure your life isn’t ruined as a “reporter”, your life just sucks as much as our because we had to see Favre’s “winkie”.

  31. Next time delete the photos and dont run your mouth to friends who then told a reporter . You have no one to blame but yourself . Atleast Erin Andrews is making something out of her video . I watch that thing once a week . God bless pervs to tape lol

  32. Jenn Sterger is one of the hottest women I have ever seen. Brett Favre would be a fool NOT to make a play at that especially if his name was Brett Favre–married or not.

    Having said all of that, she played her cards wrong. She got bad advice. She should have negotiated a settlement quickly and done the interviews months ago.

    Maybe she cannot get a job in the states (she looks too good); but she can sure get a job with Univision or whatever the organization is that employs Inez Sainz. If Sainz is a 10 then Jenn is a 15.

  33. On the other hand psycho broads like Jenn Sterger are irritating because they are hot, they know it; and get all bent out of shape when they get attention because of their looks. They want to be respected for their minds or other talents instead of their God given or man made beauty. She wants to work when she shouldn’t have to ever work a day in her life looking like that.

  34. Sounds like she’s getting advice from BP exec’s.

    Your life is this crap!

    Without it you’re just another hot soccer mom.

    And as hot as you are, you’re just another playmate in the crowd.

  35. When this story first went public last year , I thought Brett Favre was the one to blame in this story . A married supposed family man gets caught messing around with a young attractive woman . Now nearly a year later Jenn Sterger is proving to be , nothing but a gold digger looking for her fifteen minutes of fame in addition to making a buck . If she is so distraught over this and just wants her life back as she claims , then why do you constantly keep going on television and granting interviews on this ? You say one thing , but youre doing something else . Its called MAKING A BUCK !

  36. WOW! The middle east is falling apart, gas is $5/gallon, our economy is in ruins, we are $14 trillion in debt, Japan is about to break in half and GMA and George Stephanpoulos think that this is worth two days worth of interviews? The media today is a joke, or, maybe its the people watching this garbage.

  37. She still hasn’t done anything wrong, and hasn’t profited from it, and didn’t try to. But she’s the one being burned at the stake? Did everyone forget that Favre played a role in this?

  38. Stellarperformance,

    Brett Favre’s role in this isn’t forgotten. He gets his fair share in posts about him. But this post is about Jenn and most of us are unwilling to absolve her of responsibility for going public with very private stuff.

    Especially since she wasn’t some innocent pure girl being lured by the big bad wolf.

    As to her not trying to profit from the situation, clearly you are either misremembering or have blindly chosen a side in the drama.

    There is nobody involved in this situation that doesn’t stink of it and all ought to feel the wrath of the mob for their roles.

  39. You know I think its funny everyone bashing Jen here. I mean she didn’t release anything to deadspin. She didn’t make any money off of the stuff (that I know of, and I could be wrong), but more shockingly, she didn’t go through with any of a famous, rich guys advances. I think you have to give the girl some sort of credit here. It looks as if a lot of you are either women who are extremely jealous of her looks or the fact that she got pictures from Brett, or jealous because you didn’t have the option of hooking up with such a smoking hot woman.

  40. I find it difficult to understand why she just wants her life back… months after all this was finalized. Yes she is fine, that is obviously all she has going for her. She can’t get a job! So she keeps falling back to her one claim to fame…talking about Brett Favre. No one cares about her entertainment value, unless she is releasing a porn. GET A LIFE!

  41. @eaglesfan290 …

    I’m a writer/researcher from a family of criminal defense lawyers and by chance have a good friend who worked the Milledgeville case. I have researched this from beginning to end as thoroughly as anyone assigned to it. You’re just spitting out nonsense that has no relation to the facts.

    The Mass. attorney to whom you’re referring was trying to get his 15 minutes when the Georgia story broke. He rambled some nonsense on live radio about “hearing” of a similar situation, but never produced anything substantive. Roethlisberger’s attorney contacted him and told him to put up or shut up. He retracted his comments the next day.

    The hotel worker in Nevada sent text messages the morning after her one-niter with Ben telling friends she couldn’t wait to see him again. She obsessed over him so much for a year that her bosses asked her to take paid leave when he was scheduled to return so she would not have access to him. That’s when she freaked out and filed the civil suit for $3 million against him and her coworkers. Most guys in these cases settle to make the case go away. Instead, Ben has countersued for defamation, and the text messages she sent have been filed with the court. Police in that jurisdiction have said no one has ever filed a criminal rape complaint with them and they have no evidence a crime ever occurred.

    Multiple witnesses in Milledgeville said the woman in question pursued Ben from bar to bar while buying her own liquor on a fake ID. She repeatedly propositioned him in front of witnesses and tried to get him to return to her place. He declined, saying it was a lawsuit in the making. Her sorority sister began ragging him about the Nevada suit and her personally ejected her from the party. Later, he and the accuser were alone in the bathroom less than 10 minutes. The sorority sister who was ejected is the one who made the rape complaint, which the accuser repeatedly denied. She changed her story after pressure from her friend. The only allegation was vaginal rape, but the medical exam found they did not have intercourse … which means she lied. Witnesses also refuted the story of the bodyguard, which conflicted with the accuser’s written account of events.

    The DA said the sorority sisters accusations were fueled by alcohol and he hoped they learned their lesson. He also said there’s nothing to suggest that woman was paid anything. And the only reason Ben would have to pay her is to get her to recant the accusation. She hasn’t.

    Ben is a great QB, but he’s also an idiot. I hope he straightens out his life, but otherwise, I just wish he’d shut up and play. My concern is that law enforcement spend its time on real victims and real predators. I don’t lose sleep worrying about whether the kids on the PFT block believe that.

  42. @vahawker …

    No, Deb’s one of those hundreds of thousands of real victims and is sickened by women who make false accusations for profit or revenge. Unfortunately, it happens regularly. Ben’s brought a lot of his problems on himself by his own irresponsible behavior, but the medical exam in Georgia and the text messages Andrea McNulty sent in Nevada don’t lie. And despite the salacious rumors, those are the only accusations against him.

    @toe4 …

    Hope that clears up the confusion.

  43. She needs to understand that the reason she got the job in the first place is because she has an awesome body. She has absolutely no skills. Welcome to the real world, Jenn.

  44. @Deb,

    I don’t believe you. This is the second thread I’ve perused on PFT in the past half-hour that features your lengthy defenses of Mr. Roethlisberger.

    I think you’re getting paid. You either work for Roethlisberger, or you have some type of relationship with him. I also think you hate other women. I’ve never met a “rape victim” IRL who would speak out against someone else suffering the same fate. Your comment re: “it happens more than you think”, accusing women who’ve been raped of reporting their crime for a big payday? Excuse me? Even a cursory search on the Web for statistics on rape prosecutions prove that women who actually come forward and report a rape are re-victimized at the hands of law enforcement and the courts.

    It is truly unfortunate that the administrators of this site do not have some type of “ignore” option on their software. I would have clicked yours a long time ago.

  45. @strategerie …

    I don’t care whether you believe me or not. The evidence in the Roethlisberger case is public and you are welcome to do the same research I did–if you have the intellect, which I doubt after reading this diatribe. You are also welcome to call or visit Milledgeville, Ga., and speak to any police officer or prosecutor who worked on that case. Those professionals will tell you that was a false accusation, as the evidence shows and as district attorney Fred Bright explained to the public.

    My reaction to that women is what it is precisely because I was a victim and she is a liar. You can’t understand that because you have never walked in my shoes.

    A cursory search of anything on the Internet will get you a lot of nonsense, but it you take the time to research the subject of false assault accusations, you will find it is an increasing phenomenon and very disturbing. That isn’t saying ALL rape victims are lying, you sad small-minded fool. I’ve worked with dozens of real rape victims.

    As for needing software to help you ignore posts. Most people are smart enough to simply skip posts by writers they don’t like. 🙄

  46. Deb,

    As a fellow Steelers fan, I’d like to ask you to shut up. Please stop posting, how this turns into Big Ben I have no idea but your long off-topic posts are an annoyance to my PFT viewing pleasure. Seriously, get a life. It doesnt even matter if what you post is 100% true, this is the internet and no one with a brain believes it, save your time and mine and just stop posting unless it is about the subject at hand. And then please keep it under 140 characters.


  47. @luciano26 …

    Darlin’, it should be evident to you boys by now that I don’t care what you want or what you think or whether you believe my posts or feel they’re too long or care if they’re off-topic or want me to shut up. If you are too dimwitted to skip posts that are of no interest to you, that is your problem, not mine.

    Have a lovely day 🙂

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