Martz beating the bushes for quarterbacks


Despite Caleb Hanie’s solid showing in the NFC Championship, the Bears could use another quarterback.

Mike Martz probably wants a young guy to groom from scratch in his system, and the Dan LeFevour experiment didn’t work last year.  Martz has hit the road to places like Idaho (for Nathan Enderle) during draft season in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough.’s Gil Brandt thinks that trip could be a sign the Bears aren’t fully happy with a Bears quarterback other than Hanie.

“When the head coach or offensive coordinator looks at a guy at a position, they could be dissatisfied. That could mean that they might not be sold on [Jay] Cutler. When Martz goes to Moscow (Idaho), that should tell you something,” Brandt writes.

It’s just a guess, but we think it tells you the Bears want to develop a backup quarterback.

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  1. Actually Martz was intending to check out the “beautiful Russian bride would like to meet older well off American man” in the ad, but somehow the stupid travel office sent him to Idaho. Needless to say, he was not happy.

  2. I think it means his current players are locked out, so he can’t work with them. Nice that he’s finding something productive to do in the meantime.

  3. Martz isn’t dissatisfied. He just needs a lot of QB’s since he gets them killed with all the 7 step drops.

  4. beedubyatoo says: Apr 11, 2011 4:20 PM

    “While he’s out there, maybe he can find a head coach for the Bears.”
    Sounds like HE’s going to be the head coach of the Bears…if he’s looking for a QB, that means if (when) Cutler implodes, Lovie will be the fall guy and Hanie’s performance basically mean “anybody” and everybody is going to be considered. You think that Todd Collins signing was Martz’s choice? Lovie should consider this the writing on the wall, that he AND Angelo will be out if Bears implode this year. If Martz is the one looking for a QB, that means Smith is on a countdown as of this season…and Martz is looking for “his guy”.

  5. hey dfeltz his picks were the only reason the pack won,maybe if Martz had played him more he would have been better prepared. but he did a pretty good job for a third many points did rodgers and the offense get after those first 2 drives? hanie is just a good an option as wasting money on another collins type,a “veteran” if they just let him play.

  6. The worst thing they could do is hand Cutler the keys to the kingdom, no questions asked. He should be made to compete like any other position on the team. Talent…yes, leadership…no, forget it. If he gets hot early in a game, good deal here we go. If he gets behind early…forget it…he hangs his head, he gets an attitude and that’s it folks. There’s a reason Denver let him go and we’re starting to see why.

  7. Martz is looking for retirement property. After all, he was chastised into running the ball more and throwing less. His intransigence and insistence on a “passing attack” when his pass-blocking line was the WORST in the League made him expendable.

    Tice would get the job before Martz.

    P.S. Nice try in trying to “poison the well” against Cutler!

  8. Mike Martz is a very choosy, very meticulous mad genius.

    Of course, if Lovie wants him to pick a mid-to-late-round QB (and not have Cincinnati claim him on waivers), then Mike Martz enthusiastically took that plane. He probably would go even if he wasn’t guaranteed a QB or the final word.

  9. Gil Brandt is reaching with his assessment but that’s probably due to the fact that there’s nothing else to write about. Brandt is a bit of a clown anyways.

  10. Hanie’s solid performance? Guess that depends if you are a Bears or Packers fan. Mind you, he did throw that nice touchdown late in the game. Oh right. That was to the other team.

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