Panthers piling up Cam Newton tape

From Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC, who’ll join us once again on ProFootballTalk Live later today, comes a potentially revealing item regarding the Panthers’ possible interest in Cam Newton with the first overall pick in the draft.

King reports that the folks at the Blinn (Texas) College football offices packed up and sent four 2009 game tapes to Charlotte on Friday.  The Blinn quarterback in 2009?  Cam Newton.

They wanted to see a little more tape,” Blinn Buccaneers head coach Ronny Feldman told King.  “Of all the teams looking at him here, Carolina’s been the big one.  They called me twice this week.”

Feldman also offered a strong assessment of Newton’s intangibles.

“I heard somebody on the radio the other day talk about his fake smile and how he’s not genuine,” Feldman told King.  “That guy is full of [sh-t] with a capital ‘S.’  He doesn’t know Cam!

“I was with him day after day, side by side, for a year,” added Feldman, who served as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2009.  “I can’t say enough good things about him.  He’s a yes-sir, no-sir kid, 100 percent trustworthy, with a strong passion to compete at anything. What a strong, strong leader.

“The first day here [in the offseason] they were all lifting, going after it hard.  When it was over, they all thought it was done.  But Cam, who doesn’t even know these guys yet, says, ‘I’m gonna be out there throwing if anyone wants to come.’  Five or six go out.  The next day, 10 or 15 are out with him.  He comes in and says to me, ‘Coach, you got five or six pass plays from our playbook you could draw up? We’re going out there and we want to run some of our plays.’ I said, “Wooooooo.’  Then, later in the week, I see him out there running the stadium stairs, and a couple days later, he’s got a bunch of guys out there with him.  A natural leader, a strong, strong leader.  Charismatic.

“And he just played great for us after the first two or three weeks. He was rusty at first. But then he showed he could do whatever he wanted. The last game, our championship game against Fort Scott [Kansas], we’re down [16 points] in the third quarter, and he hurts his shoulder in the first half, and he can’t really throw it in the second half.  But he plays the option and brings us back and we win it.”

It’s hardly a guarantee that the Panthers will take Newton, but if they’ve spoken to Feldman — and they presumably have — and if they believe what he’s saying, it’s another reason to think that Newton will be the first pick in the draft.

Fueling our own belief that the Panthers will be inclined to take Newton is the fact that G.M. Marty Hurney, who joined PFT Live on Friday, realizes that the NFC South contains three very strong quarterbacks in Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Josh Freeman.  When Hurney was talking about what he calls a “quarterbacks division,” I got a very strong sense that the Panthers believe that, in order to be competitive, they need a franchise quarterback of their own.

19 responses to “Panthers piling up Cam Newton tape

  1. These are the kinds of things that need to be said about Cam. This is a guy who had the opportunity to coach him before he became an “icon”. This does nothing but help Cam. However, when Warren Moon goes out and runs his mouth he does nothing but harm him by association, which isn’t fair at all.

  2. Blinn sounds like an online college, or an acronym, (be late I’ll never notice), where the SEC players go, after transgresions, before their pop can sell em to the higest bidder……

  3. More contrary accounts of Newton’s great leadership skills from people who have actually spent time with him.

    What will the mentally sick people who want him to fail for no reason do with themselves in light of these developments?

    Better yet, what’s Blaine Gabbert’s agent’s next move since the smear campaign doesn’tseem to be working through his media puppets?

  4. The closer we get to the draft the more i want Cam on my team. (Im asking a serious question) Can anyone tell me what made Mike Vick a #1 pick and why Cam is so risky? And please refrain from usin character issues as your main argument cuz im just not buyin it.

  5. Its pretty obvious to me that the Panthers are going to take him with the first pick. How he pans out is anyone’s guess. There really is no sure fire way to tell with a QB. They analyze it to death nowadays and thats fine but still its always 50/50

  6. 100 percent trustworthy

    Taking this only slightly out of context of the original paragraph, but I have a hard time agreeing with the assertion that (S)Cam Newton is 100% trustworthy when he was caught in two situations of academic fraud (cheating) and caught with stolen property during his time at UF.

    I’m a Panther fan after living in Charlotte for close to 10 years, and will have a hard time watching the Panthers if they choose to draft this kid.

    Granted, integrity has been lacking in the NFL (and the NCAA) for a long time, but now the f-ups seem to be becoming the rule rather than the exception.

  7. Or, it could be the Panthers trying to get a team to jump up and trade for the #1 overall to get Newton, if the Panthers are thinking more about stock-piling some picks.

  8. Blinn is not an online college, but there is one in a strip mall in College Station, known affectionately as “Blinndergarden”

  9. Maybe they are looking for more game tapes for the simple reason. There just is not a lot of it. I don’t buy the 100% trustworthy comment. (sounds like someone who is mad about the “rumours” and wants to get another side out in the media) Newton’s verified history shows otherwise but he is likely not the demon others say he is either. He is a physically talented kid with a checkered past and little game experience. His father’s antics have not helped his reputation and neither has his “me-first” type comments. When you objectively weigh ALL the factors, it is hard to justify the #1 overall pick on this guy.

  10. Good endorsement. Now considering the guy stole a laptop was trying to get money illegally during college, I can’t call him 100% trustworthy, but this guy answered some questions about his work ethics and supported his claims with specific examples rather than generalizations.

  11. Now ask yourself, what was he doing at Blinn in the first place?

    The same people who are hyping this dude, thought Jamarcus Russell would be great too.

  12. Let’s face it, this guy is going #1, he’s a great athlete, with a great arm. But I have questions about him running a pro-style offense, I have questions about starting him right away, and if he’s pressured he’s probably going to run right away, and is he really Michael Vick? C’mon, Vick has outstanding quickness and speed, Cam is a great runner, but he’s not gonna juke people like Vick can. Lets face it, he’s going #1 overall no matter what I or anyone else thinks, but (and i’m very sorry to say this) he honestly reminds me a lot of Ryan Leaf, a guy who was a great athlete, had a great arm, and could run, but couldn’t handle the cameras. I hope that doesn’t happen, and I hope Cam does well in the NFL, I just don’t think he will, although he played in the SEC, the NFL is a whole different deal, and he’s going to have to adjust fast, because whoever takes him is going to be starting him right away

  13. mizzousooner says:
    Apr 11, 2011 12:34 PM
    Now ask yourself, what was he doing at Blinn in the first place?
    Ding! Ding! We have a winner! He was at UF and could have succeeded Tebow but he left for Blinn. If he was as great a QB and had no character issues as many are saying, why did he have to go to a junior college? If he was that good, couldn’t he have transferred to a big-time college that had an iffy QB situation? I am not trying to bash the kid, but overlooking the obvious issues because of some sort of hero worship is not very smart and is just as biased as the “haters”

  14. On a serious note, it’s hard for me to believe when people say stuff like that. I can never tell if it’s true, or are they just posturing for a payback when these players sign hefty contracts.

    The comments here could have just bought this school a new field or something.

  15. I wonder how much Cam is going to have to shell out to get the #2 from Clausen. it’s going to be a huge change for Cam and his daddy to have to pay out money for once.

  16. Please take Cam #1, Please. I don’t want the Bills to fall into the one-year wonder / Purple drank guzzling colored QB trap.

  17. Too bad they can’t sign him to a contract before the draft as some teams have done in the past. Good luck signing him as the number one pick after the draft. How much of a contract does Daddy Newton get?

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