Bears and Rams will start the season, if the season starts


The NFL has announced the 2011 preseason schedule.  If, of course, there even is a preseason.

The preseason begins on August 7, with the Bears and the Rams meeting in Canton for the Hall of Fame game.  Which will be televised by NBC.  If it’s played.

The first full week of the preseason includes two games on ESPN:  Seahawks at Chargers (Thursday August 11) and Jets at Texans (Monday August 15).  The Bucs play at the Chiefs on August 12, on FOX.

The next week, the Eagles play at Pittsburgh on August 18 in a game to be televised by FOX.  The next night, FOX televises the Falcons at the Jaguars.  ESPN has the Monday nighter, Bears at Giants, on August 22.

Week Three has four preseason games on national TV:  Redskins at Ravens (ESPN, August 25); Packers at Colts (CBS, August 26), Patriots at Lions (CBS, August 27), and Saints at Raiders (NBC, August 28).

Week Four of the preseason will have no nationally televised games, since Week Four of the preseason usually is boring.

18 responses to “Bears and Rams will start the season, if the season starts

  1. So, it’s just a question of whether the “Rams butt the Bears”, or the “Bears maul the Rams”.

  2. “If, of course, there even is a preseason”

    My gosh, whatever do you mean?

  3. “Week Four of the preseason will have no nationally televised games, since Week Four of the preseason usually is boring.”

    Hence, a good argument for an 18 game season. Game 2 of regular season lot more interesting than watching the shlubs try to outshlub each other on their last day in the league during game 4 of the preseason.

  4. Well at least the Pack will get a walk through at Lucas Oail Field before they show back up for the SB! GO PACK!

    …man, i hope theres a season, (face palm)….

  5. Hanie would be a much more emotional and excited QB but the Bears have already proven they’ll take investment cost (Benson) over talent (Thomas) any day.

    Instead Bear fans will be treated to another season of Cutler indifference while his team makes excuses…

  6. Bears and Rams in Canton for the Hall of Fame Game? Were the Bills and Panthers busy?

    Hmmm…that tells me the NFL doesn’t care if the season starts on time more than anything else.

    Cancelling that game wouldn’t be very hard to stomach so that’s why they chose it.

  7. I can’t believe it took this long for the obligatory “this is as close as any of the players on those teams get to the HOF” post. I hope they at least get a tour while they’re in town.

  8. God forbid they put the Rams on the national stage. Sorry but it beats seeing the same teams all the time

  9. For those of you complaining about the Bears and Rams in the first preseason game, is there some matchup that you would find more exciting for the most meaningless game of the year? I have a feeling we’ll all be grateful if this game is played as scheduled.

  10. Man, The NFL really has loves that Aaron Rodgers/Peyton Manning matchup.
    They’re probably gonna have an NFL Films about their Preseason Battles with each other.

    “In the Frozen Thundra of Lucas Oil Stadium, Quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Curtis Painter threw footballs at practice squad wide receivers while Peyton argued with Refs and Aaron Highfived random offensive linemen.”

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