“The Brady 6” highlights the inaccuracies of the draft


I’ve seen plenty of excellent productions from NFL Films over the years.  Tonight, I’ve seen one of the best yet.  And that’s saying a lot.

The Brady 6, a look at the events that resulted in Tom Brady being the seventh quarterback picked in 2000 and the aftermath of that indignity, demonstrates in a striking way the flaws inherent to the NFL draft.  Nothing the scouts do can measure a man’s heart, his drive, or his determination.

You should see the whole thing.  For now, here are 10 things I learned that I either didn’t know, or that I had forgotten.

1.  Prior to the 2000 draft, the Patriots were the only team that called Michigan about Brady, even though he’d led the Wolverines to an Orange Bowl win in overtime only a few months earlier.  That said, we’ve heard in the past that an assistant coach on another AFC team was lobbying aggressively to draft Brady, but that his advice was ignored.

2.  We love former 49ers coach Steve Mariucci, but it was almost laughable to hear him defend the decision to not pick Brady.  At one point, Mariucci almost seemed to deflect some blame to the late Bill Walsh, whom Mariucci pointed out was present at the local-prospect Pro Day that Brady attended, given his San Fran roots.  Later in the show, Mariucci became exasperated during practice with third-round pick Giovanni Carmazzi, and Mariucci eventually suggests that Carmazzi lost the nerve to play NFL football during the 2000 Hall of Fame game against the Patriots.

3.  Carmazzi, the only member of the Brady 6 to not be interviewed, now owns five goats and no TVs.

4.  Brady has always been extremely confident.  Pats owner Robert Kraft said that, when Brady introduced himself during training camp in 2000, Brady said, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.”

5.  Only four years old at the time, Brady attended with his father “The Catch” game in 1982, sitting in the end zone where Dwight Clark transformed a franchise with a leaping touchdown reception.  A full 18 years later, when Clark was running the show in Cleveland, Clark took Spergon Wynn 16 spots before the Pats selected Brady.

6.  Brady told former Michigan teammate Aaron Shea after the 2000 season that Brady will beat out Drew Bledsoe for the starting job in New England.  Coach Bill Belichick said that Brady had a better training camp and preseason than Bledsoe in 2001, but that they went with Bledsoe to start the season because Brady was inexperienced.  A big hit from Mo Lewis later, and Brady grabbed the job and never let go.

7.  Strangely, the one-hour documentary glossed over the fact that Brady suffered an injury during the 2001 AFC title game, and that Bledsoe actually led the Pats to the win.  At the time, plenty of people thought Bledsoe should get the nod in the Super Bowl.  Belichick opted for Brady, setting the stage for an epic Super Bowl upset and greasing the skids for Bledsoe’s one-way trip to Buffalo.

8.  For his on-camera interview, Kurt Warner’s face was a completely different color than his neck.

9.  Mel Kiper showed up several times.  I vividly recall hearing him on ESPN Radio before the 2001 season suggesting that the Patriots could become the first team to go 0-16.

10.  After hearing and seeing Brady’s emotional reaction to the fact that he was drafted so late, the one guy I thought about was Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who wasn’t drafted at all in 2003, when 13 quarterbacks came off the board, including Brady’s rival at Michigan, Drew Henson (taken by the Texans), and players like Dave Ragone (also taken by the Texans), Kliff Kingsbury (taken by the Pats), Gibran Hamdan (taken by the Redskins), and Ken Dorsey (taken by the 49ers).  And yet I’ve never heard Romo suggest that he has any anger or frustration regarding the fact that he went seven rounds without being picked.  It fits with our long-time theory that Romo is simply happy to be where he is, and that he lacks the unrelenting fire to become the best player he ever can be.

Indeed, for now the only thing Romo has in common with Brady is that each man once supplanted Drew Bledsoe.

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  1. #10….how stupid.

    He didn’t even play D1 football. A 6’1” guy playing D2 ball is probably not going to be crying about not getting drafted.

    In fact, I would say his resiliency despite playing behind people like Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, and Vinny Testaverde is why he is such a special player.

  2. Poor Bills. The injury to Bledsoe helped Brady & Romo get discovered, giving the Pats & Cowboys their franchise QBs. Bledsoe didn’t help the Bills at all..

  3. Ugh, guy plays a fantastic game but that’s as far as I’ll say. I really don’t like Tom Brady. That guy has been ****ing up my football season for a decade now! Felt good to smoke him in the playoffs. Respect, TB12, even though I cannot stand the mere mention of you.

  4. Yeah but you have to remember that he wouldn’t have had the success he’s had with any other team. Having video of the other team’s practices is an advantage that only one team could offer.

  5. And since the Pats got busted for cheating how many Superbowls has he notched? In fact you can throw out the Red Sox ‘steroid era’ championships too. Yay Boston… classy.

  6. In truth, the story of Tom Brady tells itself. Even so, ESPN did a fine job. I don’t care if you despise the Patriots, in general, or Tom Brady, in particular. If you’re a fan of the game, you couldn’t help but smile during “The Brady 6.” America loves a comeback story. And this is it.

  7. I watched the piece on ESPN tonight and what it highlighted to me that a lot of people disrepected him in his early days playing football and created a nasty competitive fire that still burns today.

  8. Tom doesn’t forget or forgive. Carmazzi had 11 goats before Brady found out where he was living.

  9. i cant watch an hour long program about tom brady. even my local paper was making fun of him when he was crying during the preview clip.

  10. I liked Brady before watching this special, but I just become a huge fan. Brady is living proof that all these draft people have no idea what they are talking about half the time. You cant measure somebody’s heart or desire.

  11. And yet I’ve never heard Romo suggest that he has any anger or frustration regarding the fact that he went seven rounds without being picked. It fits with our long-time theory that Romo is simply happy to be where he is, and that he lacks the unrelenting fire to become the best player he ever can be.

    Your “theory” is a bunch of psychobabble crap. What actual evidence do you have that Romo isn’t the best player he can be? He has the 4th highest passer rating of all time, which is HIGHER THAN BRADY’S!!!! Maybe, just maybe, this is as good as Romo can get?

  12. I’m not so sure that Romo lacks the fire to succeed. After he wasn’t drafted, he had two teams that took an interest in him- the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos offered him $20,000 to the Cowboys $10,000. If he really didn’t care about his on the field performance, he would have taken the Broncos offer. Instead, he went to Dallas to compete against Drew Bledsoe and take the starting job from him.

  13. “It fits with our long-time theory that Romo is simply happy to be where he is, and that he lacks the unrelenting fire to become the best player he ever can be.”

    While I do agree to some degree, Brady has
    had Kraft and Belichick, Romo has had Baby Bum and Jerry. Let’s hope Big Red can turn things around.

  14. Re: 7 above ~ The Patriots caught lightning in a bottle, and you could see it, unfolding exactly as it should.

  15. It was a great show. I’ll never forget that 2001 SB vs the Rams. I remember thinking “there is no way the Patriots win this game”. The greatest show on turf, a team filled with MVPs, all pros, and future hall of famers on offense, not to mention a vastly improved defense that year… versus a lanky Tom Brady and a bunch of mostly no-name Patriots. From a talent perspective they were extremely overmatched. Even after they won I still couldn’t believe it.

  16. I didn’t watch the special nor did I want to… cry me a river, Brady. I like him, but seriously, he started all of 12 games his senior season. He had good height and accuracy but ZERO mobility and had average arm strength at best. What did he expect? To be a 1st round pick? Kurt Warner wasn’t drafted, neither was Romo, Brad Johnson was a 9th rounder, Johnny U went in the 16th round or something like that… if he wants to use be snubbed in the draft as motivation, that’s fine, but does he have to cry about it after 3 Super Bowl wins, 4 AFC Championships, 1 MVP, and a whole heckuva a lot of publicity that eventually led him to land his supermodel wife?

  17. I have also supplanted Drew Bledsoe.

    Just the other day I supplanted him in line at Marshall’s because he decided to go back and try and find another pair of slightly irregular Wranglers in his size.

    On a serious note…..did anyone else realize that halfway through the 1999 season the guy was an MVP contender with a 6-2 record and a 13:4 TD:INT ratio? And was 2-6 and 6:17 in the second half of the season?

    Why do I bring this up? Because Brady should have been starting the day he was drafted.

  18. How about some mention of a college graduate from an affluent family background crying because he was drafted late? Really? Your life is soooo difficult Tom.

  19. As a Steelers fan I hate Tom Brady’s guts! But as a football fan I respect the hell out of him! This documentary made me respect him even more.

  20. I remember Belicheck saying that if he was so smart about drafting Brady, he wouldn’t have passed on him the first five rounds and drafted another QB in the 5th round the next year.

  21. Brady would have the same fire if he was picked #1 overall. He would just call it something else.

  22. Inaccuracies of the scouting process, more like. I was watching and wondering how someone with Brady’s college resume gets drafted after a guy who completed 47% of his passes (you’ll forgive me if I don’t remember the guys name).

  23. People can make all the hair, ugg, and crying jokes they want. Everyones heard them all, and everyones heard the “he is married to a supermodel” retaliations as well. Really, all that matters is that he is one damn good player, who, I don’t know how, continues to fire himself up over a draft 10 years ago. Definitely one of the best ever.

    Oh, and if you think NFL Network ranking him 21 greatest of all time and Manning 8th doesn’t piss him off royally, you’re crazy.

  24. I also found it comical how Maruicci explains his decision to pass on Brady. Then places the blame on Bill Walsh, who isn’t here to rebut or defend himself. At that time Walsh deferred to “mooch” on the final say. Then he throws Carmazzi under the bus, to say he lost heart in a preseason game? Nevertheless its shows how scouting and drafting is a crapshoot, after the blue chip guys…..and they are not 100%. Good observation about Romo, just happy to be there.

  25. Mike – will this be rerun again on one of the ESPN’s and if so, when ???

    Please post. Thanks !

  26. Yes, since, Romo is the only UFA QB to ever have success, he should be furious to not have been drafted. I just watched a Sounds of the Game on NFLN and Romo talked about the draft. And how 15-20 teams reached out to him, but none drafted, and he picked the CBoys based on their 3rd string QB. A lot of scouts and GMs aren’t going to put their neck out for a D3 star QB, who’s measurables aren’t outstanding. Romo prob does more with less than 2/3 of starting QBs, in terms of height, arm strength, athleticism…

    Romo is a realist and is happy to be where he is, because it beats the heck out of what the rest of us do. You don’t have to have a chip on your shoulder to do your job well. The guy wants to win, period. Boley popped his collar bone and he tried to get back on the field 3 times. Get off the Romo bashing, it’s wearing thin. You can hate JJ but Tony does his thing.

    And to compare anybody to Brady isn’t fair. TB is a generational player. He bridges the gap between old school, and super model marrying pretty boy.

  27. I know for a fact that Mike Riley wanted him when he was an assistant at USC and begged for SD to draft him when he was there in 2000. I think Riley believed in TB further back in time than anyone else coach wise anyway.

  28. I like Brady, dude can play some serious ball. I like Romo more, simply because I’m a Cowboys fan. But really, and anyone who watches games can tell you, you put Brady behind the crap O-line that Romo has had to work with, and Brady would be crying about alot more than his draft position. The video would be called The Brady 6: Concussions ended my career after only 6 games.

  29. Great article, but why the smack on Tony Romo?

    He’s a guy that plays the game, and can he help it if he doesnt have an o-line? Brady having the fire to be the best he can be, and having a near genius d-coordinator, talent evaluator with “taping” techinques to give an even greater edge is another.

    If Brady went to San Francisco, we wouldnt be having this conversation – their defense didnt have the returning vets, the Pats did, plus they he’d be in another division with Kurt Warner.

    It was the case of the stars aligning for the Patriots. And one tuck call vs. my beloved Raiders.

    (f$%k that – dude earned it, weve got to get past that)

  30. It’s not like he had a stellar college career. I don’t see how he thinks he should’ve been some high draft pick. Quit your whining Tom and be happy with what you got.

  31. According to my local listings it will reair next on Sunday at 4 on ESPN2

    ESPN2 Sun, Apr 17 4:00 PM
    ESPN2 Sat, Apr 23 1:00 PM
    ABC Sat, Apr 23 4:00 PM
    ESPN2 Sun, Apr 24 9:00 PM

  32. I didn’t take Mooch’s comments as blaming Walsh at all. He was pointing out that the scouting was accurate. Brady was there with Walsh and Mooch at the 49er “pro-day” thing (whatever they called it) and he was lanky, slow and unimpressive. Mooch said basically “I was there, Bill Walsh was there.. there just wasn’t anything special about Brady”. Everyone knows Bill Walsh’s ability to scout QBs and even Walsh didn’t see anything special with Brady. That’s his point.

    A point glossed over in this show was how Brady responded to his coaching after being drafted. I saw a thing before where Brady tells a story of picking up a coach’s clipboard after a practice session and seeing what they wrote about him and how he was slow and needed to read the defenses faster etc. This fueled him and he worked even harder to improve. He didn’t just show up and was amazing. He hit the weight room, he studied harder and he learned from his coaching. It’s a good thing the Browns passed on him and took some no-name that completed like 37% of his passes. He’d be a nobody if he didn’t have the great coaching around him.

    On another note, if you don’t understand why he was choked up thinking back to draft day and dropping to the 6th round you obviously haven’t ever truly competed for anything. This is someone who poured his heart and soul into a game and he believed he was great at it. As the draft wore on he wasn’t picked time and time again. As the day goes on he’s not thinking “Gosh where am I going to be drafted” he’s starting to think “oh my god, I’m not going to be drafted at all. Everything I worked for was for nothing. This is the end of the road”. He’s a competitor watching his dream slip away. It doesn’t matter what happens after that, the pain and fear is still there after all this time… it’s a scarring moment in his life. I’m sure there are things that a lot of us think back on that hurt like hell regardless of what happened since. That’s like saying “Oh it doesn’t matter that your first wife cheated on you.. boo hoo, you have a new wife and 3 kids now and a great job. Cry me a f-ing river”. That’s just stupid.

  33. Giovanni Carmazzi. I know it’s tough for a 3rd round pick to be a “bust” on the same level as a 1st round bust, but that pick still cracks me up. Good to hear his goat business is booming.

  34. he’s a helluva player, but i hate him based on principle.

    when i saw him almost cry about being drafted late, what little respect i had for him, went out the window

    i would give anything to be the pick BEFORE mr. irrelevant (since mr. irrelvant gets stuff)

  35. As a UM alum I can say that without a doubt Brady should have been drafted much higher. In fact I never thought much of D.Henson, I never understood why they played musical chairs with him and Brady. I didn’t see Brady being a top 5 QB of all time , but I did think he was going to be a solid pro. Oh and I hate the Pats. And Manning should never ever be rated higher then Brady, EVER.

  36. Mike – will this be rerun again on one of the ESPN’s and if so, when ???
    Please post. Thanks !

    You know theres a guide button on your remote, right?

  37. @itorrey.. your’re the man bro. That last paragraph says it all when it comes to his emotion during the interview. Tom is one of the best and to all those who looked past him… He’s lookin past you now. He will always be the sports figure i idolize forever… Been watching him since middle school and still am amazed by how nasty he is at how competitive he still is. My dad had John Havlichek.. I have Tom F***ing Brady. So awesome to watch

  38. I love Belechik’s “I knew it all the time” attitude. Yeah Bill. You deliberately waited nearly 200 picks to draft the next Joe Montana. That said, good for Brady. He may be pretty but he ain’t not punk.

  39. And now he cries every time a defender gets near him. Please, give it a rest with this clown. They haven’t done a thing since they were busted for cheating which has to beg the question as to what QB wouldn’t succeed with the opposing teams game films. Belichick deserves all of the credit for that teams success. Brady has just been lucky enough to be along for the ride.

    Let the thumbs down begin.

  40. Kiper’s Equation for Leadpipe Cinch Predictions

    1/(whatever Kiper says will happen) = what will actually happen

  41. Great Special. I hate the Patriots but, it’s a good story. My opinion – If the 49ers draft Brady, Mariucci is the ‘genius’ and BillICheat is the one out of coaching.

  42. Insurance salesmen should cry foul like the Duke Blue Devils. IJS

    On a serious note Brady should thank his lucky stars that the Ravens didn’t draft him. His career would have been resupplanted by Brian Billick’s decision to go with Elvis Grbac as the starter no matter how spectacular Brady would play in his absence.

  43. Bill BelichBill Belichek made Matt Cassel look like a stud! Brady should be crying tears of joy to be where he’s at. He won one of his SB’s only throwing for about 130 yds one year! His defense constantly gave him short fields off of turnovers and consistantly pinned the other team inside their own 15 yd line.

    He (and his offensive line) had the advantage of getting defensive signals FOR 6 YEARS!!! Watch his highlights… the guy has like 7 seconds to throw the ball with no one in his face! There was one highlight where he did a playaction fake against the Ravens and stood with his back turned to the defense for a good 2 seconds, then finally turns around to throw and has another 3 seconds to scan the field and throw a td and no one is even near him! Every other QB has to have the ball out in 2 or 3 seconds tops…. Brady consistantly gets 5 seconds. Hard not to be “great” with those advantages… we all saw what happened against the Jets and Giants if his O-line only gives him 3 seconds…. he plays like a scared wuss!

  44. And how many other Day 2/Day 3 QBs have made it big in proportion to the vast horde of failures? Let’s face it, it’s a nice story, but in the grand scheme of things, Brady is more fluke than a solid indictment of the ‘failure of the imperfect scouting process.’

    There were, in 2009, 15 Round 1 starting QBs. The other 17 were spread among the rest of the rounds. Further, of the Top-16 QBs of 2009, 9 were Round 1 draftees and 3 more were drafted at (over very near) the top of Round 2. And it was pretty much the same for 2010.

    So, yeah, Round 1 QBs don’t always pan out. But the fact is that as a pool to be drafted, and as performers in the NFL, they’re still far, far better on average than some group of silly, 6th and 7th round prospects like Tim Rattay, Spergon Wynn, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, Troy Smith, Jordan Palmer, Reggie McNeal, Cleo Lemon, Derek Anderson, with a list of failures and trainwrecks that could go on longer than I’m willing to type (or remember).

  45. Tom is the man. Anyone trying to kill him over getting emotional on this show is just a hater. Dude appreciates how good his parents were to him on a tough day in his past. Nothing wrong with getting a little chocked up over that.

  46. tatum064 says:

    If Brady went to San Francisco, we wouldn’t be having this conversation – their defense didnt have the returning vets, the Pats did, plus they he’d be in another division with Kurt Warner.

    If Brady went to San Francisco, he’d have been Tim Rattay. You have to have solid coaching to recognize and develop players.

    Something I never saw that out of Mooch. He inherited Steve Young, had Garcia forced on him (Mooch cut Garcia, Walsh brought him back and traded away Detmer, Mooch’s back-up QB crush). Benched Garcia multiple times for — Steve Stenstrom, Pat Barnes and Rick Mirer.

    In fact, the only ‘success’ to Mooch’s credit is Favre. But after watching Mooch flail around like a blind drunk in SF, then Detroit, I think Favre succeeded despite Mooch, not because of him.

  47. You know what didn’t watch it and don’t care Brady is a sissy…I wonder if this piece on the Brady 6 would’ve been done if he’d ended up oh let’s say on any number of sorry teams with none of the talent he had to work with in NE…

    Drafting QB’s is a risk you never know what you’re going to get but does help if he has a good supporting cast. It’s almost like being born with a silver spoon.

  48. Buried so far down at the bottom here, no one will probably read this, but I feel it should be said anyways….There definitely were people who predicted how good Brady could be.

    In the book, “The GM”, former Giants GM Ernie Accorsi said that after Brady had won his 3rd Super Bowl, he went back to his draft files and read every single one of his scouts reports on Brady. They all read the same except 1. Accorsi said one scout’s report at the bottom of the pile nailed it and essentially nailed Brady’s abilities and leadership right on the money.

  49. Suddenly, I feel like growing a ponytail, marrying a supermodel, making millions of dollars, and tryng to dance in Rio as if I were a native and than crying on tv that I was almost not drafted.

  50. He’s a good player who got overlooked in the draft. Big deal. Happens all the time – every year.

    Bart Starr – the greatest clutch quarterback EVER – was drafted in the 17th round…

  51. If the 49ers had picked Brady he would have been out of the league in a few years. Brady is a hardworking, intelligent QB, no doubt those are great qualities. However, his “skills” aren’t all-time great. His arm is average. He’s not mobile. And most of all, he wilts under pressure more than any other “All-Time” great I’ve ever seen. Brady is used to having 3 minutes in the pocket to throw the ball and a defense that bails the team out 99% of the time. The Patriots defense made Brady.

  52. Brady is a 2-legged Seabiscuit. When they looked at
    him nobody ever would of thought he would become one of the greatest racehorses of all time.
    People gave up on him and in Brady’s case never
    gave him a chance. They said it in the program.
    One thing that cannot be measured in man nor
    beast is his heart.

    The most telling part of that show is even now, after
    3 League MVPs
    2 SuperBowl MVPs
    3 Superbowl Rings
    4 Superbowl appearances

    All Pros, Multiple Pro Bowls

    The mere thought of that snub still hurts him.

    You can’t measure heart. That’s where scouts
    need to look deeper at a guy.

  53. “4. Brady has always been extremely confident. ”

    That would explain the sports psychologist he hired while at Michigan.

  54. I’m not so sure that Romo lacks the fire to succeed. After he wasn’t drafted, he had two teams that took an interest in him- the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos offered him $20,000 to the Cowboys $10,000. If he really didn’t care about his on the field performance, he would have taken the Broncos offer. Instead, he went to Dallas to compete against Drew Bledsoe and take the starting job from him.

    You probably should get your facts straight. Romo was signed by the Cowboys years before Bledsoe got there. The quarterbacks on the roster when Romo signed were Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson. Jake Plummer was with the Broncos. I can see why Romo went to the Cowboys for less money when the facts are presented.

  55. Most people are missing the point. If you listened to what he was saying, Brady wasn’t crying because of his draft position. He was upset about his draft position, but he was crying because he remembered the support that his mother and father gave him on that day, when he was beginning to think that he would never get to play pro football. It was about family, not football.

  56. The success of Tom Brady as a 199th pick is an anomoly. After being drafted by the Pats, Belechick told Brady that he needed to bulk up. When Victor Conte of BALCO was busted, Brady’s phone number was on speed dial in his cell phone. BALCO was famous for creating ‘designer’ steroids that were so advanced that they could not be detected by NFL tests. ( This was recent evidence in the Barry Bonds trial – e.g. the ‘clear’ and the ‘creme’) Some would connect the dots between scrawny Brady and the suddenly bulked up Brady.

  57. 11. Please never use the name Tom Brady and Tony Romo in the same sentence, ever.

    12. Bobby Grier drafted Brady not Belichick.

    13. The Jets Ryan, with help from his brother Rob.
    Devised the perfect defensive gameplan in the Play off loss. Look for the Patriots to add a homerun type back in this years draft.

    14. In the Play off loss the Patriot defense couldn’t get to Sanchez. I’m sure BB will correct that also.

    15. 36 tds 4 picks is incredible! 14-2, MVP II and counting. Hater’s keep on hating.

  58. #8: something about how you didn’t approve of Kurt Warner’s face.

    – – –

    Really? Really???

    You took this opp to mock a charitable and classy legend over something so superficial?

    Oh, and it’s nice to know you find Marucci’s personnel decisions so laughable. Mooch was speaking in past tense – describing the mindset at the time. By contrast, you have the benefit of more than a decade of hindsight. That’s no reason to feel superior at all.

  59. “And yet I’ve never heard Romo suggest that he has any anger or frustration regarding the fact that he went seven rounds without being picked. It fits with our long-time theory that Romo is simply happy to be where he is, and that he lacks the unrelenting fire to become the best player he ever can be.”

    So your definition of “unrelenting fire” is to be a whiny baby who holds grudges? Give the guy credit for making the most of his opportunity.

  60. 1. It’s more Bill Belichek than Tom Brady.

    2. Romo never thinks he’s entitled to things. Everytime I read an article where you feel like you know what a player is thinking, I check this website less and less.

    3. If Romo was on the Pats team he would have 3 rings too. Bottom line. Brady is the better leader and pure passer, but Romo can do way more with the ball.

    4. Romo is gonna get his own tv-docudrama after next year.

  61. Bulked up Brady? That’s what you call bulked up?

    Not biased one way or another but his numbers and achievements thru 11 seasons are overwhelming, period.
    All this stuff about “if he’d not gone to N.E….” is pointless. It applies exactly the same to Montana, Elway and every other successful QB.
    More importantly, why couldn’t The Genius get similar results out of borederline-Hall-of-Fame-stats guys like Testeverde or Bledsoe? Same defense, same offesnive talent and the same coach….and Bledsoe went 5-13 as a starter under Belichick.
    Belichick was a sub .500 coach who was probably close to being fired again until he flat-out stumbled into Brady.

  62. A bit off topic but related to Brady. When he made the comment that he feared he might become an insurance salesman if his professional football career never materialized, he did it in the company of his father, Tom, Sr. Tom Sr. is in fact an insurance salesman at his agency in San Mateo, CA (check out Tom Brady & Associates) and has/had an agency in Boston. I know this because he’s my insurance agent.

    Not sure if his old man smacked him in the head or laughed at that comment.

  63. Brady wouldn’t be who he is and where he is without Belichik and the reverse is true.

    The same is true for Montana and Bill Walsh.

    The same is true for Bart Starr & Vince Lombardi.

    But thjose combinations

  64. Let’s get our facts straight. Everyone in New England was grateful to Bledsoe for stepping up in the AFC title game. But once the fans knew Brady would be healthy you were hard pressed to find someone who wanted anyone but Tom Brady starting in the Super Bowl.

  65. Yeah, yeah… The Pats and the Steelers can still thank the refs for STEALING AFC championships from the Silver & Black… Both were B.S. and no, I will never get over it!!

  66. One more thing, haters.

    Every team in the NFL has film on every other team. It’s not a novel concept.

  67. Here’s where I disagree. Romo cant compare to Brady who played at Michigan and won an orange bowl. And although romo doesn’t openly express his frustrations with not bein picked, it prolly has to do with the success he has had. If he would have been content then he would never started because he wasn’t good enough too when he first came into the league. He got where he is with hard work and a desire to succeed, he just hasn’t made it all the way “there”. Superbowls shouldn’t predicate how good a qb is… You can’t convince me that qb’s like trent dilfer, and brad Johnson are better than the qbs that produce big and don’t win a superbowl. It’s hard to get there let alone win…there are a lot of variables… Like… a good defense helps. Ask brad Johnson, and Trent dilfer.

  68. Ok, as a Steeler fan and as much as it pains me to say this… I watched the whole show. And it was great. I can’t stand Brady/Pats/their fans but the story itself is too awesome to not pay attention to.

    That being said, wonder how much longer he’s got it in him…… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

  69. As a woman watching Brady get all emoional about being picked last, I was at frst taken aback but then stopped to realize the fact that Brady always seem to believe that the world revolved around him. But I do respect his honesty, minus the emotions.

    And I also love all those in the sports media who are always pretending they knew then what they know now and criticizing others while doing so.

  70. Belichick staked his career on Tom Brady’s ability. He had a quarterback (Bledsoe) who was widely respected as a “franchise” quarterback. That quarterback was a fan favorite, and a favorite of the Patriots owner, who had just signed Bledsoe to a long term, $100M contract. Even after the 2001 Super Bowl, there was HUGE debate among local fans and media, as to who should be the long term answer at quarterback. Belichick recognized Brady’s talent, made the BOLD move, and staked his job on it. If Brady had failed, Belichick probably never would have gotten another head coaching job.

    On MOST teams, Brady never would have been given a fair shot at playing as a sixth round draft choice. He would have been pigeon holed as a backup who was too skinny, and spent his career behind a player who was once the first overall pick in the draft.

    In 2001 the Pats signed Damon Huard to a $1M a year contract to be Bledsoe’s backup . At the end of training camp Belichick awarded the backup qb job to Brady instead. When Bledsoe got hurt in the second game, Brady went in and never left. Most people thought that it was a given, that Bledsoe would get the job back as soon as he was healthy. Belichick stuck with him for the whole season, and traded Bledsoe after the season.

    Nobody would have criticized Belichick if Bledsoe was given his job back at mid season. There have been plenty of backup quarterbacks who did well for a few games, but couldn’t carry the team over the long haul. Many thought that would be the case with Brady. They called him an “adequate game manager” and not a franchise quarterback. Give Belichick credit for recognizing the talent, and doing what he thought was right, over taking the less controversial route.

    Bottom line is that they were good for each other, but both are great in their own right. Fans of other teams are often jealous, and feel the need to bash both. We’ll keep them both.

  71. Someday, in a burst of conscience, the Patriots will have Mo Lewis Day.
    Just a halftime ceremony to honor the “third most important contributor in franchise history.”
    I’ll give Belichick and Brady the top two spots.

    Funny thing is, if Bledsoe had never been hurt, he might’ve played well enough to hang on to his job…whether the Patriots were highly successful or not.
    He was only 27, making big bucks and had helped his team to a Super Bowl. He had doubters but no one could say the position was completely broken with him at the helm.
    I think it would’ve been an “everything else on this team needs to be upgraded” scenario.

    Bottom Line: Mo Lewis changed Patriot history.

  72. A tip of the cap to the late Dick Rehbein, Patriots QB coach who begged Belichick to expend a 6th round draft choice on Brady would have been nice too

  73. @ rc33

    I’m a Pats fan. I love Bledsoe and what he did for the franchise, but that was funny!

  74. @ raiderinpa

    Refs stole one for you with a b.s. roughing the passer call on Sugar Bear Hamilton in ’76.

    Things have a way of evening out even if it did take 25 years! So, tough s**t. Get over it.

  75. It’s interesting that you point out Kipers dissing of the Pats. Other than Brady, that was an absolutely horrible draft. Lets not forget that if the pats really thought he was so great, they would have drafted him earlier! My point is, the show points out mainly that they were insanely lucky. Had this pick not happened BB wouldn’t have lasted 2 more seasons in NE.

  76. So what’s the 49er fan’s excuses for Giovanni Carmazzi…..
    Is it “He had different gatorade people!”
    is it “well if he had that widereciever!”
    Is it “if he had that coach!”
    or they could just admit they missed on alex smith and giovanni carmazzi and admit that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are great QBs

  77. @rc33

    Pretty sure Belichick is a defensive coach who could have gone far without Brady with those great defenses but not to a superbowl.. Belichick found the talent in Brady and let him play over Bledsoe even with Bledsoe’s huge contract and therefore as a head coach made the right decision and got huge success because of it. So to say Brady made Belichick look like the “genius” is completely wrong.

  78. @mike32303

    Fair enough, Belichick certainly made the right call; sticking w/ the inexperienced 2nd year guy over his $100M Quarterback. That took a lot of guts, no doubt.
    Doesn’t change the fact that he was a .500 coach in 5 seasons in CLE and 5-13 as the HC in New England before Brady took over. That’s no small body of work. He was likely to get canned if things didn’t turn around…quickly…in N.E.
    Testeverde and Bledsoe were not total stiff QB’s and BB couldn’t get NEAR the same productivity out of those two.
    With Brady, he’s gone from “damn near done for good as a Head Coaching candidate” to a certain, first ballot Hall of Famer.
    His regular season record w/ Brady at QB is a mind-numbing 111-32.

    Gutsy (and great) decision by Belichick back in 2001. IMO, Brady has done a whole bunch of the heavy lifting since.

  79. @rc33

    I see your point about his time in Cleveland but I mean it takes some coaches longer to find their place and build a winner… He did win titles as defensive coordinator with the giants and their defense was nasty.. So i think it’s fair to say that he did benefit from having Tom as QB no doubt. But the reason the patriots overall have won is because of his philosophy on how to coach a team.. Thats my opinion of course.

  80. Some guys go on to win Super Bowls. Some guys go on to become goat-owning yoga instructors. Its just the mystery of the NFL draft.

  81. Remember when the Packers drafted brian broham and TODD MCSHAY said,
    “I like brian broham 2 years from now better than AARON RODGERS!” and “Brian will be the starter in 2008 for the Packers.”

    Isn’t he the top NFL DRAFT EXPERT?

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