Broncos prefer to trade back from No. 2 pick

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Like so many other teams with high draft picks in recent year, the Broncos would rather have a pick that wasn’t so high.

In a mailbag for the Denver Post, Mike Klis writes that the Broncos’ “preference” is to trade back somewhere in the top eight to pick up an extra pick.

Ideally, Klis says the team would deal with Buffalo, Cincinnati,  San Francisco or Tennessee.  That’s easier said then done, of course, because the uncertainty surrounding a possible rookie wage scale could make trades difficult.

What Carolina does with the top pick would also hurt Denver’s chances.  It’s hard to imagine a team trading up for Blaine Gabbert.  Either Carolina will likely take Cam Newton or they might find a team willing to move up to No. 1.

Denver’s interest in trading down supports the belief that Denver’s interest in quarterbacks this offseason has just been a smokescreen.  We think the Broncos could still look at quarterbacks in the second or third round.

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  1. Sounds good, since Denver’s cupboard is bare. they need multiple picks at pass rush/defensive interior line and secondary help.

    Makes since for Buffalo since they could take Gabbert if Newton goes to Carolina
    Makes since for S.F. who could go for Gabbert or Newsome and they still have enough picks from prior drafts to sacrifice later rounds
    Makes sense for Tennessee who could go for Gabbert, if Newton goes first, but they still could wait for Nick Fairley or take Kaepernick as a surprise first rounder at 8.

  2. Funny isn’t it, nobody is doing hand stands over this years crop of QB’s Truth is none of them will be ready to start for some time. Also, their could be a lot of mediocres and failures.

  3. With the lack elite prospects teams at the top want to slip back, but there aren’t any Mannings or Matt Ryans worth trading up for. So its going to be a really tough bargain.

  4. Why would the team show their hand to a reporter? They have to be either incompetent or lying.

  5. Ideally they would trade back with Arizona or Cleveland, and stay ahead of San Francisco.

    I’m not positive the Cards would take Gabbert, but they haven’t been shy about liking him. Cleveland would benefit from leaping the Bengals to select AJ Green.

    This would leave Denver in a good spot to select Patrick Peterson, or trade back yet again. Jerry Jones loves Peterson, and it was mentioned here on PFT that he would trade up if Peterson slid. Moving back to #9 and picking up two extra choices (one from each trade) would be quite the haul for Denver – and as long as they didn’t do something stupid (like pick Jake Locker) it would be an impressive first round in Fox’s first year.

    I’m curious who they would target at #9. Fairley? Amukamara?

  6. Get it done Texans. With Kubiak, and Elway being good friends, and his (Kubiak) ties with the Broncos organization I would love to see the Texans make this move and grab Von Miller.

  7. The sleeper in this would be Dallas, who may want to trade up to get Peterson and who also doesn’t have a boat load of need. Dallas is the best team in the top 15 and may be the only one of them willing to give up draft picks.

  8. “We think the Broncos could still look at quarterbacks in the second or third round.”

    And who would that be? All of the “experts” are saying anyone worthy of playing QB in the NFL may be gone by the end of the 1st round. Once Newton and Gabbert are gone, all of the QB-needy teams are going to get nervous. The next thing you know, Jake Locker and Andy Dalton are history by the middle of round 1. Once we get to the 2nd or 3rd round, all of the commentors at PFT will rocket up teams’ draft boards.

  9. Without a rookie wage scale, picking in the top-5, especially the top-3, is like a punishment.

    They all want to trade out, especially Carolina which doesn’t even have a 2nd round pick. Pick Cam Newton and then hand him $60 million guaranteed? That’s supposed to help them?

    No one will trade with Carolina, Denver, or Buffalo. Picks 4 and 5…. maybe, but doubtful.

  10. unless a cba that includes a rookie pay scale i think they or any team with a high draft pick will have a hard time trading down

  11. They need defense. They’ve always needed defense. They hired a defensive minded coach. Elway himself said early on that he has a better eye for defensive players since he faced some really good players on D when he was playing.

    They will draft defense. If they can get who they want later and some picks, they have to consider that.

    There are multiple articles on this sight about this “smoke screen.” But anybody who fell for that was as gullible as the storm troopers who were told “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

  12. If their “interest in a quarterback is a smokescree,” than their “interest in moving down could ALSO be smokescreen.” Especially if they’re hoping Cam Newton falls to them.

  13. NEWSFLASH: Mike Klis is an idiot.

    Most of this was figured out and discussed ad nauseum months ago. But, Klis can’t be novel without throwing in his own brand of stupidity. (i.e. Buffalo).

    Buffalo? Really? They’re going to trade up one spot? Not likely, Mr. Klis. That and the omission of the Texas teams from the list of likely trade partners tells me all I need to hear to keep my opinion of Klis on the lowest possible rung.

    I hear the fires are mostly out, but it’s been extremely smokey in Denver for quite a while.

  14. Hey, remember every year the top teams want to move back because, A) these guys cost serious $ and B) these teams need every position. Just draft Patrick Peterson and get ready for Rd 2.

  15. It makes sense for the Broncos to trade down within the top 8. If you look at most mock drafts or even just look at the rosters, the only teams in the top 8 looking for a DT is the Broncos and Titans. Unless another trade down happens in the top 8 the Broncos can trade down and still get either Dareus or Frailey.

  16. @ tatum064

    While it is true that Carolina and Buffalo need franchise quarterbacks, I think you are overestimating their desperation….I think it is very unlikely that 2 quarterbacks be selected in the top 3 picks this year. Gabbert and Newton wouldn’t have nearly as much attention if Andrew Luck came out for the draft this year. Neither one is worthy of a top-3 pick…..Also, Carolina doesn’t know whether it should give up on Clausen just yet and Fitzpatrick played very well for Buffalo last year.

  17. Buffalo as a trade partner? They are not going to lose a draft pick for one spot. The Bills will either take Dareus or Peterson and still have a great shot at landing a decent player 2nd in the second round.

    Somebody needs to tell Denver that they made a mistake handing the reins over to Mr. Elway.

  18. With the number 2 pick in the 2011 NFL DRAFT, the New England Patriots select..Patrick Peterson LSU!!

    Denver can still get there man in this draft and pick up several draft picks!

  19. At this point, all of this is just a chess match … Denver stating that they would like to trade down makes the value of the #1 pick less valueable in a trade … Carolina is going no where with that pick.

    If Buffalo is in love with a player they will protect that pick by moving up, YES, 1 spot … will they do it? Highly unlikely …

    This all speculative chess at this point …

  20. You’re paying too much attention to Silva, Gregg.

    Gabbert is the better QB and almost certainly in greater demand than PED HEAD at the top of the draft.

  21. You know it’s ok to write “We have no idea what Denver will do with their pick.”

  22. Whether or not Gabbert or Newton are ready now, many thing they are very talented. As people do with many players each year. And with QB being the most important position on the field, people will be willing to trade up to get one. Even Buffalo. If Carolina takes Newton, I believe Denver’s position will be stronger. Because teams will try to move up to get Gabbert before Buffalo.

  23. Cleveland trading up is highly unlikely. I doubt the Bengals are going after a WR with the receivers they have and nobody to throw to them. I doubt they would deal with Denver…unless they felt guilty for the Quinn/Hillis trade!

  24. The reason why Buffalo would trade up is so that a team like Arizona or Tennessee can’t trade up and take the player they want. Happens all the time. If Carolina doesn’t take Newton and all 3 of those team want him, Buffalo would need to trade with Denver before the other teams do to get him.

  25. Like someone is just going to be bop in and give them what they want for their #2.

    As if.

    This aint Madden 2011 franchise mode. Until there is a rookie salary cap, these happen less than rarely.

  26. They should stay and take Von Miller. The only reason they want to trade down is that they don’t want to spend the money on a second pick. Not the way to improve your team. Take Kapernick in the second round and send Tebow far away.

  27. The Cowboys might want to trade up for Peterson but I doubt they would part with 2011 picks to get him. They could do it for picks in next year’s draft.

    They would need this year’s 2nd round pick to grab an offensive tackle if they trade up for Peterson.

    I think it’s more likely for the Cowboys to trade up with Cleveland if Peterson falls that far.

  28. @dallascheerleaders

    This is the first time the broncos have had a top five pick since 1991, what a terrible history for a franchise.

  29. Why would they take Von Miller?? He is best suited for a 3-4 OLB and the Broncos are switching back to the 4-3. There biggest need by far is DT and this draft has 2 of them who will likely go in the top 8. If they can get one of those guys and get an extra second round pick, do it. If nobody offers at least that much, stay at 2 and take Dareus.

  30. Of course Denver wants to trade down, but not too far. It is my belief that they want one of the top 2 DTs or Von Miller – and for those who think they wouldn’t take Miller because he’s best suited for a 3-4, he’s a freak athlete who can rush the edge or cover from the OLB position, which is what Denver needs badly.
    Also, look for us to pick up a new tackle early in the draft. Tebow isn’t going anywhere, and while we’re set with Clady on the Left side, we need a RT who plays like a LT to protect the lefty.
    Help is needed in the secondary, since everyone there is old or going to prison.
    If we draft another QB, it’s because we’ve traded away Orton, or plan to.
    That’s it from me…

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