Da’Quan Bowers’ agent responds to reports of long-term knee issues


Earlier tonight, Silva posted a blurb based on reports from Steve Wyche of NFL.com and Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly regarding red flags found during the medical re-check of Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers’ knee last weekend in Indianapolis.

Bowers’ agent, Joseph Flanagan of BTI Sports Advisors, has responded to the reports with a lengthy e-mail.  We’ve copied the entire e-mail below.  As Flanagan points out, the NFL decision-makers and team doctors know the truth, whatever the truth may be.

And, with the draft 16 days away, truth can be a very difficult thing to find.

Here’s Flanagan’s e-mail:

“While we generally reserve discussions on client medical information to club decision-makers and physicians, in the interest of clarity, we would like to share the following facts regarding Da’Quan Bowers. Importantly, NONE of the following is news to NFL decision-makers or team doctors. All 32 NFL Clubs have had full access to Da’Quan’s records since January and have had the opportunity to physically examine him at least twice.  As such, they have known the specifics detailed below for quite some time.

“On January 4, 2011, Da’Quan underwent an arthroscopic procedure that included what is, technically, a very small chondroplasty to a non-weight bearing area of his knee. The surgeon, Dr. Larry Bowman, observed, arthroscopically, a very healthy knee with no signs of arthritis. Based on the specifics of Da’Quan’s knee and the small size of the area addressed, it was described to us as follows: while chondroplasty can involve ‘drilling’, Da’Quan had the equivalent of ‘scratching’. In other words, along the continuum, it was very minor. So minor that Da’Quan was off crutches and bearing weight only 3 days after surgery. Thereafter, Da’Quan progressed on a conservative rehab protocol that emphasized protection of the healing process, as opposed to the typical combine prep performance training.

“As to his progress and the feedback from the medical recheck, every team we’ve spoken to, including multiple GMs, has [sic] said that, overall, Da’Quan’s knee has shown good healing, has continued to get better since the Combine, and, perhaps most importantly, showed absolutely no acute or remote ill-effects as a result of his April 1 workout (i.e., no swelling, no increase in laxity, etc.). We know of at least two ‘stations’ (multiple doctors) at the recheck who improved his grade from the Combine. In short, their doctors indicated that the fact that the knee didn’t swell up after a full Pro Day workout, followed immediately by a week of visiting teams via air travel (which can increase swelling) is clearly a very positive sign.  Bottom line: if it’s holding up from a pounding in April, it should clearly hold up in August.

“As to films, the Combine films showed no onset of arthritis and since Da’Quan had no swelling, contrary to some reports, or other symptoms at the recheck, no new films were taken.

“At the recheck, there was the expected finding of a strength deficit in his right (surgical) leg as compared to his left, as measured by the Cybex test. But each person who has mentioned this deficit has also stated the following: (1) that this deficit is simply a muscular deficit due to ‘detraining effects’ (lost strength because he was limited by rehab protocol), (2) that Da’Quan will regain his normal strength in the right leg, and (3) that there are questions as to the validity of isokinetic testing like the Cybex in the first place.  So, as with all the findings, each club will weight this very differently.

“The reality is that clubs will ultimately judge Da’Quan’s workout on April 1 and the recheck in the context of the training limitations placed upon him by the medical team overseeing his rehab, including Dr. James Andrews. The fact that Da’Quan spent the VAST majority of his time prior to April 1 focused on rehabilitation, NOT performance or strength training, is significant. This focus was designed to ensure complete healing and protect the long-term integrity of Da’Quan’s knee, something that benefits both Da’Quan and the club that selects him. And, in this context, while his numbers were not satisfactory to Da’Quan or indicative of his true athleticism, he still managed to perform a 34.5” vertical jump and a 7.1 three-cone on raw ability.

“Obviously, sources and opinions on any prospect with a medical history will vary from team to team, doctor to doctor, trainer to trainer and GM to GM. We have received no reports of ‘arthritis’ being present. We have received no indications that Da’Quan will need another surgery. No team has even remotely suggested to us that he’s a risk in year one or will need a redshirt year. Clearly there are both objective and subjective sides to every medical issue. Given that context, we understand that comfort-levels will vary team by team. Dr. Andrews’ comfort-level was such that he said Da’Quan should ‘be able to resume his professional football career without any problems’ and that he has a “‘ood prognosis for his career.’

“Again, NONE of this is news to the NFL decision-makers or team doctors. All 32 NFL Clubs have had full access to Da’Quan’s records since January and have had the opportunity to physically examine him at least twice. With this knowledge, Top 10 teams brought him in all last week and continue to bring Da’Quan in for visits this week. All of these clubs are strongly considering selecting him with their first pick, not based upon a potential medical downside, but because of Da’Quan’s film, smarts, character and tremendous physical upside.”

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  1. 3rd article on the same subject as usual. Why not wait…talk to all the priciples….then post. It always goes this way on this site….Post-Refute-Clarity.

  2. No one here knows how serious Bowers’s knee injury is, but the last guy I recall with a cybex deficiency and a supposed knee problem was Orlando Pace back in 97. I think it worked out all right.

  3. If his comments were quoted from a conversation I would assume that Joseph Flanagan was very short of breath… but since it is an email I think we can conform the man LOVES commas.

  4. “Our client simply uses his wheelchair to build up the strength in his pectoral area as well as the wrists and forearms. When you think about it, how much of a workout does your upper body get while walking around? Very little. Da’Quan wanted a more aerobicly strenuous form of locomotion and the wheelchair provides that.”.

  5. His agent’s doing the best he can, but no spin’s going to overshadow the admission that a microfracture procedure WAS performed, no matter how “minor.” It’s just not the same as a typical ‘scope, no matter how much they’d like to play it off. Regardless of his upside, I don’t see how a team can justify spending a top ten-top fifteen pick on him with all the other quality end prospects available this year. If you let a team later in the round get a potential steal, so be it– if he has a shortened career, it doesn’t hurt as bad if you drafted him with a later first. Given that he’s also a one-year wonder as a pass rusher, too much risk to take him higher. Somebody probably will, though.

  6. The agent was making a pretty good case up until he said: “(3) that there are questions as to the validity of isokinetic testing like the Cybex in the first place”

  7. “Bottomline if its holding up from a pounding in April it should clearly hold up in August”…What!?! What pounding? Air travel? Riding in back of a SUV to doctors office’s? In August it will be 2-a-day practices in pad’s, going full speed against 300 pounders. The general rule of thumb is NFL people believe 50% of what college coaches say, 25% high school coaches and………0% of what agents say. I see why know, this guy is a clown with his three dollar words. Pounding in April……………..SMH.

  8. Agents, Public Relations folks, lawyers, politicians are the world’s worst liars. This guy was ranting at the media that Bowers would be 100% healthy by his pro day. Doh!

  9. Just because a team (or teams) do not tell them they that Bowers needs a redshirt year does not mean that is not there belief.

    Before the draft, misinformation is power.

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