Jaguars owner Weaver: Team is “year or two away” from title contention

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Back in January, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver said it was “pretty apparent” that coach Jack Del Rio wouldn’t keep his job if the team didn’t make the playoffs in 2011.

After some time to cool down from the season, Weaver appears to have backed off that stance.

In a chat Tuesday on, Weaver wrote he expects to have the “opportunity” to be in the postseason this year.  But he thinks his team is realistically a year or two away from being a true contender.

“We are realistically one or two drafts and one or two free agency periods away from being able to compete at the very highest level,” Weaver wrote.   “That’s when we can realistically getting [sic] into the postseason and having [sic] the opportunity to bringing [sic once again] a Super Bowl championship to Jacksonville.”

That may be a more realistic assessment, but it sends a mixed message about Del Rio’s status.  It sounds like the organization may be comfortable with another .500-type season.

We agree with the take of Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union:  It sounds like Del Rio will have a good chance to stick around in 2012 if he just stays around playoff contention.

Del Rio has two years left on his deal.  While many of his assistants only have one year left, it sounds like Del Rio will just have to avoid a complete meltdown to finish out his contract.

31 responses to “Jaguars owner Weaver: Team is “year or two away” from title contention

  1. The Team is a year or two away from being a year or two away from a tittle contention… shouldnt you be competing for a tittle every year? ..its not like the team went 0 – 16 or something!

  2. Every team is “a year or two” away from title contention at the rate the negotiations are going.

  3. No matter who is right in this war between the NFL and the players, both sides do not have any concern for us, the fans. They are killing the fan interest that produces ticket and merchandise sales, but most importantly the television audience they sell to advertisers. The NFL is expected to enter into TV contracts worth 46 Billion dollars as soon as the next CBA is signed. The NFL just assumes we will once again slip back into old modes of behavior, and they have no fear we will not. Let’s just put some fear in them.

    The NFL will be watching their draft very closely for any signs of slippage in its viewing audience. Remember last year, when they so proudly announced that the television ratings had increased by 18%, it was a sign that the NFL reached new levels of popularity. Now imagine how they would react if the rating declined by 50%. And if you intend to go to the draft in person, don’t go, let the auditorium be half filled. Support your fellow fans by not acting like a fan. You can watch the results of the Draft on your late night sports report, and these blogs will be filled chatter about the selections. You will know who they are, you will lose nothing, but maybe gain a season. Send a message that the sleeping giant is starting to awaken, and he can not be taken for granted, or ignored any longer. This is only the first step.

    Pass this message on, post it to your Facebook page and other blogs, Tweet “Join Fan Boycott of NFL Draft on TV”. Spread the word,

  4. I’m not even a Jags fan, but look what the Saints did. In 2007 they went 7-9, 2008 they were 8-8, and 2009 they won the Superbowl. I’m not saying the Jags will do it, but weirder things have happened in football.

  5. What do you honestly expect him to say? His actual quote seems pretty accurate.

    “We are realistically one or two drafts and one or two free agency periods away from being able to compete at the very highest level,”

    Sounds like a guy that knows his team is a work in progress.

  6. @vigoy007. Great idea and it would work, but the only thing fans are going to do is talk. When the lockout ends be it in October or August, they will come back in droves. The owners know it, the players know it and most of all they know it. All talk and no Action.

  7. Colt’s fans everywhere are cheering. Seriously though, it is not that we are shocked by his comments. His comments are spot on IF they have two good drafts/free agencies in a row. The problem I have is this team has been running in place for years now and has nothing to show for the last four to five years of free agency and drafts. Not really sure why all of a sudden they believe they can get it right in the offseason for two straight years and then add great coaching on top of that.

  8. Maybe if Goodell’s serious about blood testing the players, he should force the owners to do so first….starting with Weaver.

  9. So what do they shoot for this year? maybe second in the division and then next year all the way to the AFC title game and then the Superbowl in 2013. I’m glad my Steelers goal is a Superbowl win every year. Only the Bengals should shoot for a goal less than winning it all. There goal every year is to not finish in the basement.

  10. So what’s this guy, the anti-Rex Ryan?
    Ryan says they’re going to win the Super Bowl every year. Ol’ Wayne says “no effin’ way this year…”

  11. That’s a bad comment for an owner to make. You just gave your team an excuse to lose Wayne.

    Teams in the NFL turn things around in one year all the time. The Jags were 8-8 last year. In 2008 the Saints were 8-8, and they won the Super Bowl the following year. The Pats won five games in 2000 and won the Super Bowl in 2001.

  12. And in two years they’ll still be a couple of years away. No progress for the Jags. I guess they are waiting for Peyton to retire to have a snowballs chance.

  13. For a team that hasn’t developed a legitimate QB since Mark Brunell he sure takes for granted the fact that his team can mine or develop a QB in a short period of time.

  14. The Jaguars will never win because Weaver is to cheap. The guy doesnt even tip his limo drivers(my grandpop). So he’s deffinetely no gonna spend the money he needs to to win a championship.

  15. Why would the owner of a team struggling to sell season tickets announce that his team isn’t good enough to compete? He should go ahead and admit he wants to move the team to LA.

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