Mediation process gets started


The lawyers for the NFL and NFLPA* won’t sit face-to-face for a few more days, but the mediation process has indeed started again on Tuesday.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer is in Minnesota, where Chief Magistrate Arthur Boylan met with counsel for the Brady (current players) and Eller (former players) cases on Tuesday in an effort to get up to speed on the issues in the mediation.

Breer writes that the players’ side had three lawyers in place:  Jeffrey Kessler, Jim Quinn and Barbara Beren.  Eller’s side had six men present, including Eller himself.

Attorneys for the league will meet with Boylan on Wednesday.  The representatives for the players and owners side are expected to meet face to face on Thursday.

8 responses to “Mediation process gets started

  1. smacklayer says:
    Apr 12, 2011 1:19 PM
    Great, now we have to look at a picture of this guy’s goofy face every story you have about negotiations now.

    It’s better than looking at that Ryan Mallet picture.

  2. The Lockout continues! As the lockout grows on so does my beard! I am growing a lockout beard and am not shaving until they start playing! Please follow me on twitter @TheLockoutBeard

    -The Lockout Beard-

  3. The mantra of every fan from hereon out should be “get a deal done.”

    We don’t care about the legal issues of decertification etc… and we’re all done with the PR posturing that we’ve seen up til this point.

    Both sides deserve blame for the lack of progress thus far.

    Sit down. Act like adults. Get a deal worked out.

    Play football.

  4. No matter who is right in this war between the NFL and the players, both sides do not have any concern for us, the fans. They are killing the fan interest that produces ticket and merchandise sales, but most importantly the television audience they sell to advertisers. The NFL is expected to enter into TV contracts worth 46 Billion dollars as soon as the next CBA is signed. The NFL just assumes we will once again slip back into old modes of behavior, and they have no fear we will not. Let’s just put some fear in them.

    The NFL will be watching their draft very closely for any signs of slippage in its viewing audience. Remember last year, when they so proudly announced that the television ratings had increased by 18%, it was a sign that the NFL reached new levels of popularity. Now imagine how they would react if the rating declined by 50%. And if you intend to go to the draft in person, don’t go, let the auditorium be half filled. Support your fellow fans by not acting like a fan. You can watch the results of the Draft on your late night sports report, and these blogs will be filled chatter about the selections. You will know who they are, you will lose nothing, but maybe gain a season. Send a message that the sleeping giant is starting to awaken, and he can not be taken for granted, or ignored any longer. This is only the first step.

    Pass this message on, post it to your Facebook page and other blogs, Tweet “Join Fan Boycott of NFL Draft on TV”. Spread the word,

  5. That Barbara Beren used to work for Judge Doty. I agree with the poster above that these lawyers will drag it out as long as humanly possible. It’s all about the money.

    Really I think the NFL should just bring on the scab players for 2011 and tell the current players “here is the deal” and if they want to play football they can. If they can’t live with that deal then they can go find another job. They had it great under the last deal and now they are spoiled. They want to sue, sue, sue, until the former Doty law clerks etc. can get a ruling in their favor.

    The longer the suits take, the more money the suits (lawyers) make.

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