Rams know they need help for Steven Jackson

In 2010, Rams running back Steven Jackson ran the ball 330 times.  That’s 20.6 carries per game, on average.

Later this year, Jackson will be 28.  At some point, the team needs to get him some help, or he simply won’t last many more seasons.

Rams G.M. Billy Devaney joined ProFootballTalk Live on Tuesday, and he addressed the fact that Jackson still gets the bulk of the touches at tailback.

“I gotta admit, I’ve done a lousy job,” Devaney said.  “We’ve been trying to address this for two years now, not just for Steven’s sake, to extend his career.  He can’t keep going at this pace.  The number of carries we put on him every year.  He’d be the first to say he embraces this.  He wants all the carries, he hates being on the bench and even think about sharing the load.  But whether he was 24 or 28 we’ve got to come up with a guy that could spell Steven her and there, when there isn’t a great drop off.  We’re aware of that, and we’re going to try to address that, whether it’s in the draft or in free agency at some point.”

The full interview with Devaney appears at the PFT Live home page.  Or you can listen to the podcast, which is available on iTunes.

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