Ray Lewis says he’d whip Tom Zbikowski in a boxing ring

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Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski has a 3-0 record as a professional boxer, but his teammate, Ray Lewis, has a piece of advice: Don’t ever step into the ring with me.

Asked on NFL Network what would happen if the two Ravens ever laced up the gloves for a fight, Lewis said he’d win, hands down.

“Zbikowski would lose,” Lewis said. “We’ve already talked about that. Zbikowski is a realist when it comes to the sport. The locker room talk is always that about who can beat who. He’ll be the first to tell you he’s not going to get in the ring with a 250-pound person. That’s crazy!”

But that’s not what Zbikowski said in an interview last month. Although he acknowledged that he’d be nervous stepping into the ring with Lewis, Zbikowski said he’d beat any active NFL player in a boxing match.

And I agree with Zbikowski: Although boxing has weight classes for a reason, and Lewis’s size advantage is significant, Zbikowski has spent years as an amateur boxer and now had three fights as a professional, and Lewis has no real boxing experience at all. My money is on Zbikowski if the two ever step into the ring.

But there’s only one way to find out: While Zbikowski and Lewis have nothing better to do during the lockout, it’s time for some smart promoter to book a Raven vs. Raven fight in Baltimore.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea…I’m sure that, no matter what the outcome, there would be no problems in the locker room after that match…geez.

  2. I’m not sure getting into the ring with Glass Joe and Bald Bull classify as professional fights…..it is like the Simpson’s episodes where Homer was fighting hobo’s from the train yard.

  3. Ray Lewis would kill zibby if it was MMA. On top of football Ray was a two time state champion wrestler but in a controlled boxing match I’m not so sure.

  4. In a street fight it’s more likely Lewis will win. He’s a big bad dude but being in a controlled environment like a boxing ring I doubt it. It takes more skill than anyone those never really done it before to know.

  5. i’m sure ray could WHIP me, but he is a poser who only talks trash when it’s convenient. tommyZ would whip him just like a BLACK AND GOLD beatdown he gets on sundays.

  6. I just wish, for once, the ravens players would do something other than flap their gums. Fight him Ray you loud mouth!!

  7. agree with nyctexan: this would be great to watch. I think Lewis is pretty tough, and the big size and strength advantage would keep him competitive for a little while, but if the rules are strictly boxing, Z wins this one.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ray used some sort of boxing/sparring as an offseason training program… I doubt its a completely foreign language to him… add that to his significant size advantage, and I have a slightly hard time rooting for Tommy Z on this one

  9. I tell you this, the lockout beard would blanket Ray Lewis in the ring!

    The lockout continues! As the lockout grows on, so does my beard! I am growing a lockout beard and I am not shaving until they start playing. Follow me on twitter @TheLockoutBeard

  10. As someone who boxed for years, and used to box football players at college when I didn’t have access to a regular gym: Zbikowski would win hands down.

    I’d rather fight a big, strong slow guy, over a smaller, faster, more skilled guy 10 times out of time. I don’t expect Lewis could even cleanly hit an experienced fighter (with 80 amateur fights + his pro experience, Zbikowski certainly qualifies as experienced).

    The other issue is conditioning. The kind of conditioning needed for boxing is very different than that needed for football. And when the throw in the additional tension when you’re actually fighting (not training), and a whole lot of energy is usually wasted by those who aren’t experienced. Witness the immediate exhaustion of well conditioned guys like Mark Gastineau when he tried to box, vs. George Foreman who could fight 80 rounds without really wearing out.

    Tom Z. would handle Lewis and Ochocinco in a single night, with ease. And he doesn’t even need to be an especially good fighter to do so – just good enough. And I think he probably is, given his experience and what I’ve seen.

  11. Had Ray Lewis boxed from his youth I have always said he could be heavyweight champion of the world. This is coming from a guy who used to box and its my first love. I bet he has a good beard and can throw a good punch.

    If Ray takes on Jimmy Z it would be a complete shutout. Ray wouldn’t have a chance anymore than any other big tough guy. Nice thought though.

  12. Ray and Zib would be great entertainment. People on the inside of circle of Ray claim the man has been training as a boxer and MMA training in the offseason for most of his career. In the opinion of one Baltimore sports writer if Ray had decided to box as opposed to playing football he could be heavyweight champ in the mold of a Joe Frazier. The reason there are no more Muhammed Ali’s or George Foreman’s anymore is because the money is in football, basketball, and baseball. Where as in the past the quickest way to riches and fame was in the ring now its playing power forward, DL or OL/TE.

  13. camjon32 says:
    Apr 12, 2011 10:02 AM
    Sounds like a great idea…I’m sure that, no matter what the outcome, there would be no problems in the locker room after that match…geez.


    Why would there be a problem? I know it can be hard to understand to some but boxing is a sport. There wouldn’t be any more of a hang over than had they played ping pong vs each other. In fact at the end of 4 rounds you usually have more respect for each other than you did when it started. Unless someone throws a cheap shot of course but again just like any other sport. These guys are competitive at tying their shoes so they are used to that atmosphere.

  14. Actually I remember seeing an interview of TZ where he said the one guy he wouldn’t want to get in the ring with would be Haloti Ngata. Can you blame him?

  15. It’s the wrong Ray.

    Ray Edwards actually boxes frequently in the off season and is a physical specimen.

    He would have a HUGE reach and strength advantage.

    If he can throw a real good jab he could make things interesting.

  16. Of course he says that. Just like half the other players think they’re tough guys because they play a sport.

    Football =/= fighting, Ray. That’s why you had to use a weapon the first time around.

    This doesn’t even count the fact that, y’know… You’re teammates with the guy. Way to unify the locker room.

  17. Boxing is its own sport with its own fine tuned skill set, strategy, and cardio. It would be similar to Ray Lewis saying that he would whup a pro tennis player because he is a good athlete. He would do better against the average joe, but against someone who is skilled, he’d get tore up.

    Of course, that is one of the fun things about being a boxer/kickboxer/mma athlete. Punking drunk Ray Lewis types!

  18. Ray Lewis is a great linebacker, no doubt… and may even have some speed for an older player, but Tom Z. would show him how SLOW he actually is in the ring!! Being a great football player doesnt mean you are great at every other sport… how dumb… I dont care what the weight advantage is, experience in the ring would prevail! Maybe this would help Ray shut his big mouth a little… maybe…
    Please let a promoter line this up!!

  19. Terrell Suggs would whip them both. Hell, I bet Haloti Ngata has skills too. God, Eagles FO, what are you doing? Stop drafting midgets on defense… these guys are faster at 300 lbs.

  20. Wow, I’m glad mediation is resuming. We’re actually talking about a boxing match between a professional 25-year-old and an untrained 35-year-old. Lewis’s only plus is that he’s 60 pounds heavier. But if they’re following the rules, boxing isn’t just a slugfest–it’s a skill sport. Advantage: Zbikowski.

  21. The Ravens sure are in the news alot..from boxing safety’s to whiny QB to coach getting his 100th DUI. Maybe they should be concerned with how can they get better and get back to the Big Dance?

  22. Ray would have to come out and try and win in the first two rounds with big punches because there is no way a guy that has never been in the ring could possibly condition himself and relax enough in the ring to go four rounds. And here’s the thing, an experienced fighter is not going to get caught by a novice’s haymakers, no matter how big the fighter is.

    And here’s another thing about Ray Ray, he might be 250 lbs, but he’s only 6’0… and wouldn’t likely have much if any of a height or reach advantage over Tom Z.

    I would love to see this happen… I like Ray Lewis… but I would love to see him get beaten down and knocked out.

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