Report: Jets have no interest in Randy Moss


At a time when more and more signs are pointing to the possibility that the Jets will pursue receiver Randy Moss when the lockout ends and free agency launches, Adam Schein of Sirius NFL Radio and reports that the Jets have “no interest” in Moss.

Schein, who also covers New York sports via SNY’s Loudmouths, cites an unnamed “reliable source” in support of his report.  He also says that coach Rex Ryan recently spoke in glowing terms about Moss in order to motivate receiver Santonio Holmes.

Moss has given the Jets fits as a member of the Patriots.  He also caught Brett Favre’s 500th career touchdown pass in the first game of a blink-and-you-missed-it second tenure with the Vikings in October 2010.

For those of you with access to Schein’s show, tune in at 6:00 p.m. ET as he and Chris Carlin discuss the issue in further detail.

31 responses to “Report: Jets have no interest in Randy Moss

  1. Good!!!

    Moss on one side and Calvin Johnson on the other, with Nate Burleson in the slot and Pettigrew at TE.

    Javid Best in the backfield, and a healthy Stafford would make the best offense in the league!!

  2. Report: Jets have no interest in Randy Moss.

    As do none of the other NFL teams.

  3. Drivel. Yeah, there is not much out there to write about, but your contrarian stories are getting old. Rumor and innuendo may be good for page counts but it kills credibility. Milk the theme some more with stuff like “Peyton Manning might like to go to Jacksonville” or “Tebow could be on the trading block if a deal is done before the draft”. You can always follow those up with stories that say that neither were apparantly true. Double the page hits, right? How about finding some stories about a player’s efforts in the community, or maybe some historical nuggets?

  4. After the last bloody rounds of Randy, league G.M.s are throwing in the towel and pleading “No Moss, no Moss!”.

  5. Moss will end up with NE if the price is right.

    This way, the Pats get a receiver who knows the system, still has another year where he can be good enough to draw double coverage most of the time, and not have to spend a high draft pick looking for the deep threat they sorely lacked at playoff time.

    I would sign Moss to a one year contract, and if he can prove he still has it, then he can make more dime in 2012 with someone. Unless there was more that happened behind the scenes than we know, this is a no-brainer. 6 mil sounds about right for this year, ala TO.

  6. Moss’ football career is channeling that of his NASCAR. Nowhere to be found when it counts! What is it they say? “The BS stops when the green flag drops.”?

  7. Lord this is going to be a long offseason if all PFT does is repeat rumors that agents spread(to generate interest) and then turning around and dispelling those very same rumors. PLEASE hurry and sign a new CBA before PFT chases all us loyal readers away!!!

  8. “Rex Ryan recently spoke in glowing terms about Moss in order to motivate receiver Santonio Holmes.”

    Hey, Santonio! I really like the way Moss plays the game. Can you be more like him?

  9. Maybe Rex should ask Randy’s last two coaches what they thought of him. He can look up their contact information on their teams’ websites. Wait a minute…where did those guys go?

  10. So in the last two days we’ve learned that the Jets’ interest in Randy Moss is real and that the Jets have no interest in Randy Moss. Thanks for clearing things up

  11. No matter who is right in this war between the NFL and NFLPA, both sides do not have any concern for us, the fans. They are killing the fan interest that produces ticket and merchandise sales, but most importantly the television audience they sell to advertisers. The NFL is expected to enter into TV contracts worth an additional 46 Billion dollars as soon as the next CBA is signed. The NFL just assumes we will once again slip back into old modes of behavior, and they have no fear we will not. Let’s just put some fear in them.

    The NFL will be watching their draft very closely for any signs of slippage in its viewing audience. Remember last year, when they so proudly announced that the television ratings had increased by 18%, it was a sign that the NFL reached new levels of popularity. Now imagine how they would react if the rating declined by 50%. And if you intend to go to the draft in person, don’t go, let the auditorium be half filled. Support your fellow fans by not acting like a fan. You can watch the results of the Draft on your late night sports report, and these blogs will be filled chatter about the selections. You will know who they are, you will lose nothing, but maybe gain a season. Send a message that the sleeping giant is starting to awaken, and he can not be taken for granted, or ignored any longer. This is only the first step.

    Pass this message on, post it to your Facebook page and other blogs, Tweet “Join Fan Boycott of NFL Draft on TV”. Spread the word,

  12. Moss will end up back with the Patriots. Newly motivated, Moss will put up huge numbers again.

  13. “Moss on one side and Calvin Johnson on the other, with Nate Burleson in the slot and Pettigrew at TE.”

    Moss isn’t what you remember anymore.
    The years get everybody eventually.

    – pats fan

    I don’t think he would help the Patriots.

  14. WTF does a Packer fan in Chicago know about the AFC East. Nothing. Keep stuffing your mouth with cheese.

  15. *sigh*

    And last year the haters said we wouldn’t even make it back to the playoffs.

    Here’s my crackpot prediction: Aaron Rodgers succumbs to the Madden Curse and is never the same again.

  16. Yes they do.
    No they don’t.
    Yes they do.
    No they don’t.
    Yes they do.
    No they don’t.

    There ya go.
    I just wrote your next six articles for you.

    / sheesh

  17. I would say Al Davis might be interested, but that’s a “been there, done that” for Moss. I don’t think either of them are interested in a redux.

  18. The Jets are just trying to tweak the Patriots. These cat and mouse games go on all the time with these two teams, like the Red Sox and Yankees. They want the Patriots to think Danny Woodhead, only in reverse.

  19. Didn’t I read just read somewhere that the Jets were highly interested in Moss? Oh, wait … that was here!

  20. However… if Brady wants Moss back in NE then guess what? Moss will be back in NE. At a bargain basement price. And probably catch 10 TD’s.

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