Reports: Bowers’ medical recheck revealed long-term issues

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On the heels of one positive report regarding Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers’ medical recheck in Indianapolis, multiple negative reports streamed in about Bowers’ knee Tuesday evening.

The first, from’s Steve Wyche, cites a source with knowledge of the situation who claims Bowers’ checkup “showed signs of potential long-term arthritis and some weakness” in the 2010 NCAA sack leader’s surgically repaired knee. Degenerative arthritis can be a career-shortening condition.

The second report, from Pro Football Weekly‘s Nolan Nawrocki, says three doctors in Indianapolis deemed Bowers’ January knee surgery to be of a microfracture variety, which could explain Bowers’ lack of explosiveness at his April 1 Pro Day.

“He will have future problems because the damage is too bad,” one unnamed NFL executive told Nawrocki. Said another high-ranking official, “Our doctors said (Bowers) would be lucky to play out his rookie contract.”

The third, from NFL Network’s Charley Casserly on Path to the Draft, indicated that several teams will be unwilling to use their first-round picks on Bowers because of the knee.

“A number of teams I’ve talked to view Bowers as high-risk,” stated Casserly. “Some teams won’t take him in the first round. With the money you have to invest, you have to pass on Da’Quan Bowers not only in the top ten, but in the first round as well.”

This could all be misinformation spread just before the draft. While it’s noteworthy that there have been more negative reports on Bowers’ knee than positive, everything you hear this time of year should be taken with sizable grains of salt.

20 responses to “Reports: Bowers’ medical recheck revealed long-term issues

  1. Turns out the glowing reports offered up by Bower’s agent earlier were about his healthy knee. “Well, they didn’t specify which knee…..”.

  2. I wouldn’t spend more than a 6th round pick on a guy if I thought he’d be lucky to play out his rookie contract.

  3. I feel bad for the young man if the reports are true. He has a lot of talent I really enjoyed watching him in college. Maybe the Texans can get him in the 2nd or 3rd round and he can give us a few good years.

  4. I hate this time of the year. The media and unnamed sources from unnamed teams rip these kids to shred all in the name of gaining an advantage. The day after the draft they’ll all be singing these guys praise, downplaying all the pre-draft “issues” that the player had and thanking everything holy that said player was available when they picked.

    Keep your head up Bowers. The day after the draft according to what ever team drafts you’ll be the biggest steal of the draft.

  5. qj1984 says: Apr 12, 2011 6:56 PM

    Keep your head up Bowers. The day after the draft according to what ever team drafts you’ll be the biggest steal of the draft.


    Nice thing to say. I’m sure it’ll make him feel better when he logs in tonight.

  6. This is what being a tough guy gets you, everyone loves a tough guy, but the toughest of the tough are usually the dumbest of them all, he should have just gotten the surgery when he needed it during last season, with that being said he still led the nation in sacks.

  7. I hope he doesn’t end up like Corey Simon. The guy was a beast until his arthritis screwed up his career. I feel bad for Bowers, hope he proves everyone wrong.

    That being said, I would not want my team to draft him in the first round if there is a risk that he’s playing less than 5 years professionally.

  8. Last year these same pre-draft reports indicated that Dez Bryant had a Wonderlic score of 50!

    Go figure.

    Maybe they took his score and the total scores from his extended family!

  9. Sapp will play this year and IMO he will be a great 3rd down pass rusher.

    As for Bowers I like others hope this al just NFL pre draft bull. The kids a beast and deserves a shot. And hell if I could get the 5 year rookie deal of a guy who can play like that… Bring it on, as long as hes a 2 rounder or later

  10. I remember when Adrian Peterson was going through pre-draft workouts that all the buzz was about how bad his shoulder was and how he was damaged goods. Also, that he’d have chronic problems with it and a short career. So far, his shoulder hasn’t given him a hint of a problem here in Minnesota.

    With Bowers, it could be just the opposite. Or not. Glad it’s not my job to make the call.

  11. Too bad for a decent prospect. But, not to worry some GM will take a chance, like Detroit, Philly or the ‘skins anyway. He may drop a little but he will still be given a try. I hope he can work thru it.

  12. Ted Thompson do not even think about getting “Justin Harrell part 2 – The Neverending IR Spot ” if he slides to you.

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