Terry Bradshaw says he’s feeling the effects of concussions

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Speaking to the media at his annual fundraising golf tournament for his college alma mater, Louisiana Tech, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw said that he is experiencing symptoms of a career’s worth of concussions.

Tim Fletcher of KTBS reports that Bradshaw said he recently spent a weekend at the Amen Clinic in Newport Beach, California after experiencing short-term memory loss and a deterioration of hand-eye coordination.  It was determined that head injuries caused the problems.

“I forgot the numbers,” Bradshaw said regarding the concussions he suffered, which per Fletcher has prompted Bradshaw to avoid discussing statistics or lesser-known players when on the air for FOX.  “It’s pretty staggering; if you play in the NFL and start for 10 years, it’s not good.  It is not good.”

He later said he suffered six concussions and numerous occasions on which a blow to the head required him to “clear the cobwebs.”

“The NFL has done a lot to help us, but it’s nowhere where it needs to be,” said Bradshaw.  “And not only that, the athletes themselves . . . we just accept it as part of the curriculum.  But we have to say, they have to say, we need some help. . . .  The bigger the voice, then the more that I think the NFL will address it.  I’m not one to believe that they’ve got all they want out of you and you’re finished.  I don’t think they’re like that at all.”

As players of the ’70s go, the voices don’t get much bigger than Terry Bradshaw.  Here’s hoping that he embraces his new role in the hopes of helping other former players get the help they need.

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  1. I like to make fun of TB, because he’s a complete idiot with a microphone attached to his lapel, but I can’t help but sympathize with the guy for having to deal with these issues. I really hope he can become a strong voice for the cause of improving concussion awareness, prevention, and treatment in sports.

  2. We get it, concussions are bad. The NFL doesn’t care. No one is doing anything about it. Blah blah blah… Gee I had no idea that getting hit in the head multiple times is bad for you. Don’t play a dangerous game if you don’t wanna risk injury take up golf instead. Yea he played back when the effects were not known as well, but the only way to completely guard against this is not to play.

  3. There is a better helmet available that they made Aaron Rodgers wear after his two concussions last year. My question is why doesn’t everyone have to wear it??? I mean are they really concerned or not?

  4. The term “punch drunk” has been around from the boxing world for many years, so how can it be that these people are just discovering that repeated blows to the noggin are harmful??

    Better helmets? Sure! Legislating contact football out of existence? Hope not…

  5. ***************
    imjinbrdgr says:
    Apr 12, 2011 9:09 AM
    There is a better helmet available that they made Aaron Rodgers wear after his two concussions last year. My question is why doesn’t everyone have to wear it??? I mean are they really concerned or not?

    The author of ESPN’s “Tuesday Morning QB” wrote about this. He said that while players wanted the helmets, they didn’t think they looked normal when they tried them on. Obviously, the players are taking this very seriously!

    The NFL fashion show…so sad.

  6. “I’m not one to believe that they’ve got all they want out of you and you’re finished. I don’t think they’re like that at all.”

    Unfortunatly, not everyone is lucky enough to play for the Steelers, Terry.

  7. People are going to do what they want to do. When you are young you think you are invincible. You pay for it when you are old. It’s the problem with slow acting consequences of behaviors. You can put all the labels on it you want, you can caution as much as you want. If it falls on deaf ears it falls in deaf ears. It’s like cigarettes and trying to eliminate them. The do-gooders thought that once you put all these bad labels on the packages it would have an effect. But it didn’t. And people have known for decades (if not centuries) that smoking is bad for you. Cigarettes were called “coffin nails” even before the mandatory labels. Back to the slow action idea – that’s the main underlying crux of freedom – slow action and nothing being 100%. There are better behaviors than others but there is no guarantee better behaviors will be rewarded or worse behaviors punished. It’s up the the individual to make decisions about what they will or won’t do when the danger is not clear and present and they will carry the consequences personally or partially by whatever “risk pool” they paid a premium into.

  8. I recall a game where a defensive player literally picked up Bradshaw, up-ended him, and drove him head-first into the turf. I thought at the time that he could have broken his neck or fractured his skull. It was nasty.

  9. Ron Jaworski has clamied many times on local Philly radio, they by his estimations, he suffered 32 concussions, 32….And, it doesn’t seem to have affected, his ability to be an astute business man, or shut the hell up for that matter, it depends on the person, brain injuries are as much a mystery as the brain……

  10. come on ,, i had a good zinger.

    i guess making fun of a national broadcaster with visible brain damage is a no no .. i’m sorry. i will practice my postings with a little more kooth.

    Giants suck.

  11. I think most of us accept that a certain breed of player likes to knock the crap out of people, and likes to shake off the hits and say “I’m all right” even when we’re not. As one wise man recently noted, that’s WHY we choose football.

    But there are many ways to make it safer without throwing pillows on the field. Let’s do that. Convince the NFL that it’s just good business to keep guys from giving each other lifelong brain damage. Recruiting costs, rising health insurance premiums, bad PR hits…

    And as TMQ noted, if the players won’t wear safe helmets because they ain’t pretty, make ’em pretty. The first manufacturer to do that is gonna make some money.

    In my next feedback I promise to return to the snarky one-liners that make you want to jack me up without a helmet.

  12. People who are fortunate enough to get older, tend to have short-term memory loss and deterioration of hand-eye coordination. It’s called getting OLD. If you don’t notice it happening as you get older, you’ve got real problems, because IT IS happening and you are unaware of it. Talk to your gerontologist, they can explain it all to you, though there is no guarantee you’ll remember enough of it to make sense when you get home and attempt to explain it to your spouse.

  13. I’m not trying to be a jerk here – really I’m not – but what exactly does he want done? He had a very successful career making a lot of money (yeah yeah not as much as they do now) which led to a broadcasting career making a bunch more money and the NFL is supposed to take care of him how? What’s he want? The NFL to buy and train a parrot for him to sit on his shoulder and “remember numbers”? I’m 47 and spent half the morning yesterday trying to remember one of my usernames at work.

    Not to diminish the situation – concussions are not good – but what about carpet layers that need new knees at 50 who’s going to take care of them? Or who takes care of the factory workers that have arthritic hands from the work or failing hearing from the noise? etc etc.

  14. I don’t think the players — especially QBs — should be given a choice about whether to wear the safer helmet. Apparently it does not limit performance [Aaron Rodgers is still an All-Pro]. This is certainly an issue the League and the NFLPA can agree on: Make these helmets the standard.

  15. I will try to handle this in a dignified manner but from the time Terry Bradshaw began appearing on national television, either when doing color commentary for Verne Lundquist or later moving onto the NFL Today and later FOX NFL Sunday, I knew something was up with his brain. He went on the most inane rants. Nevertheless, it’s not nice to mock people for being knocked up so I refrain. If we had the knowledge back in the 70s that we do now, Terry Bradshaw would be in much better shape

  16. TB is not quite a year younger than I am. “OLD” is as “OLD” does or has done in one’s life! If I happen to drop an article, I almost always catch it after it has only dropped a few inches. All systems go…and if I catch Jeopardy, I answer most questions before the dude can read them. Chronological age does not make one “OLD”…it’s usually habits (“choices”), attitude, DNA and a life of non-intellectual pursuits and inaction….yes YOU, pizza and beer inhaler who rides the couch and thinks the TV Guide is literature! If TB is having cognitive issues at only 60 freakin’ 2 and is willing to admit it to help others, good on him and here’s hoping his symptoms are do not worsen too quickly.

  17. Bradshaw was at least a pretty big guy, so he could absorb some of the rougher hits. I remember going back to the 70’s seeing Roger Staubach and Dan Fouts getting smacked all over the place, it’s a wonder they’re still upright. Heck the biggest human pinata that I can recall from that era – Dan Pastorini – quit the game and went into drag racing.

  18. bradshaw is one of the greatest qbs to ever play,but he’s just a plain idiot behind the mic! maybe he’s just saying he has concussion problems cause he just can’t think of anything else to say! he could have said something about this years ago,so why wait until now?

  19. I’m of the opinion that theres only a finite number of things you can do to make the game safer. I think they’ve done a lot of those things since Bradshaw’s time, but people still stand a legitimate risk of being injured. No way around that… its going to come to a point where they either realize that the game can’t be played safely or it can.

  20. Bradshaw’s estimate of six concussions plus several blows requiring him to “clear out the cobwebs” sounds infinitely more believable than Jaworski’s claim that he suffered “32 concussions” during his career. If that were the case, Jaws would be in an institution somewhere looking like McMurphy after his final shock treatments in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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