The Jets’ interest in Randy Moss looks real


Over the weekend, Florio passed along a story with Rex Ryan raving about Randy Moss.

It sounds like Ryan’s public statements weren’t just some odd smokescreen.  As pointed out by Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe, two national writers say the Jets’ interest in Moss is genuine.

1. Vic Carucci of “According to multiple league insiders, the interest the Jets have in Moss is twofold. . . . One, it could help them weather the very real possibility of losing at least one of their three free-agent receivers: Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith. Two, it would keep Moss from returning to the Patriots, whom he is known to want to re-join.”

2. Mike Freeman: “Several league sources told the team is seriously intrigued by Moss.”

Freeman asks the appropriate question: Why?   What did Moss show last year to intrigue anyone?  He gained fewer than 400 yards in 2010 and two teams completely gave up on him in a league not known for letting go of useful talent.

32 responses to “The Jets’ interest in Randy Moss looks real

  1. Isn’t there a lockout??? Why is Rex Ryan the only voice to be heard, and why isn’t it improper for him to be yapping???

  2. I can see why randy would want to go to new york……much better catering than minnesota

  3. If the Jets want to sign Moss, simply to prevent him from returning to the Patriots, they are making a mistake. There is NO WAY that would ever happen again. As Belichick would say……..”we’ve moved on from that.”

  4. Prediction: Fans of whoever Randy DOESN’T sign with will call him old and washed up and a cancer.

    But Randy Moss proclaiming his love for Bill Belichick then turning around and signing with the Jets will not be happening.

  5. Moss is washed up and a jerk. He’d be a perfect fit for the Jets. As for him wanting to go back to the Pats, you had your chance and you blew it. As they say you never know what you have till its gone…

  6. No way Tannenbaum is stupid enough to sign him. It’s a thinly veiled attempt to try to get NE to bring him back, which they won’t.

  7. Randy Moss is a golden reclamation project at this point. Give him an incentive laden contract and he could easily be a top 5 WR next season.

    The other thing that’s important to realize is that no WR has hit his mid 30’s with this much left in the tank since Jerry Rice. It’s not likely that Moss will play to 40 given his past history of taking years off when he’s not happy but if he did he’d be a clear threat to Rice’s records although probably having to play into his early 40’s to reach them.

  8. I think it’s time for some perennial loser to sign Moss AND Owens, just to sell some tickets with the sideshow factor. But it’s hard to think of some perennial loser who hasn’t already had at least one of them on the team. Hmm.

  9. nahcouldntbethat ………
    The last thing that you want to give Moss is “an incentive laden contract.” That will only make him more concerned with his individual production, as opposed to team goals.

  10. It’ll be nice to hear Moss lament leaving New England twice a year rather than just once. Go for it Rex.

  11. That would never work. Two mouths in Rex and Moss would be a disaster. It’s bad enough as it is with Rex spouting off Ll the time. Put Moss there in post game interviews would only be worse.

  12. I think that the only reason the jets are putting this out there is due to the fact of what holmes said about not signing his 1 year RFA deal. This seems like a hey your not the only big ticket item out there move by the Jets.

    The Lockout continues! As the lockout grows on, so does my beard. I am not shaving until they start playing! Please follow the beard on twitter @TheLockoutBeard

    -The Lockout Beard-

  13. …two teams completely gave up on him in a league not known for letting go of useful talent.

    You know that the Titans, Chargers, and Broncos are in the NFL right? They let go all kinds of useful talent.

  14. Isn’t that what the Jets do best? Sign big stars on the downside of their career? If Rex Ryan loves Moss so much then why didn’t he put in a waiver in for him last season when the Vikes cut him? The Titans were the ONLY team to put one in for Moss.

  15. Why would the Jets want this LOAFER?! He should stick with the Jamba Juice… From which he makes money without doing anything… Hmmm… guess it kinda sounds like his NFL career…

  16. Whats the point, you need an accurate QB for moss, I dont see sanchez throwing 45 yards and the ball being within 10 of moss.

    A couple weeks of that and moss goes off.

  17. @jrs1972

    How are you gonna talk smack about Sanchez when Chad Henne is yours? When asked about Henne, your own O.C. had this to say “Oh, yeah he’s on our roster.”

  18. @bluvayner

    I disagree. Giving Moss an incentive laden contract puts the team in the driver’s seat because if he wants to meet the incentives he has to put out real effort.

    The problem last year, and with the Vikings at the end, and with the Raiders at the end, was that he’d already pocketed most of the money in the deals and he had no monetary incentive to continue to play at a high level.

    The man does not play for pride he plays for money. The way to keep him honest is to make him play every play for the money.

    I’d make the incentives based purely on plays on the field. Then if Moss starts to slack the coaches pull him off the field and it costs him money and if he keeps slacking they cut him and the money flow stops.

  19. Hard to believe that a coach as good as Ryan could want a guy who is done as a major WR threat. Randy will not extend or cross the middle any longer. Too bad, he was incredible to watch.

  20. Randy Moss would be a good acquisition for the Jets. This could be the piece they need to finally win the AFC Championship. Rex Ryan is no dummy. If he signs Moss then it is because Ryan knows something others do not.

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