Bob Sanders banner replaced by horseshoe


Back in March, we told you how the Colts were going to move the gigantic Bob Sanders banner from the exterior of Lucas Oil Field.

The Indianapolis Star ran a poll on who should replace Sanders, and the readers picked punter Pat McAfee.  Perhaps as a response to that option, the Colts have instead decided to punt choosing anyone.

Sanders’ picture will be replaced by a giant horseshoe.

“There are so many players to consider,’’ COO Pete Ward told the Indianapolis Star, “but you can’t put everyone up there.’’

Bad job by the Colts.  We would have picked tight end and aspiring thespian Dallas Clark.

16 responses to “Bob Sanders banner replaced by horseshoe

  1. Man….so the fans said “We want a punter” and the team said “Look, if you’re not going to take this seriously and pick a real player than we’re not putting anyone up there” ?

    That’s gotta be good for the old pride.

  2. “Perhaps as a response to that option, the Colts have instead decided to punt choosing anyone.”
    The Colts will name a swimming pool after McAfee

    I would have liked to see Clark myself but I think they didn’t put up his poster because he might be done with the Colts after this season (TEs performance usually regress as they age + he’s getting old, 32yrs in June)

  3. ANYBODY but Softie Sanders.
    A banner of a thief.
    A banner of a Band-Aid.
    A banner of a lil girl.

    All would be more appropriate than Bob Sanders. The guy stole paychecks for the last 4 years, and is as soft as the Michelin man

  4. Dallas already has one, and that’s the difference between a blog and a newspaper. Also indystar poll was garbage Gary Brackett and Austin Collie were not even on the list and of course an internet poll in Indy ended with the joke winning much like the Harry bawals thunderdome in fort wayne

  5. The following could have been hung there in rememberance:

    A sling
    A crutch
    A cast
    Street Clothes
    A johnson and johnson ad
    A tylenol ad
    Blue Cross Blue Shield ad
    Half of anything that is seasoned
    Get well soon cards
    Thank you cards from his Dr’s

  6. While I love PattyMac as much as anyone, his face should be on the side of the Luke. Imo, it should be Rob Mathis, one of the more underrated players in the league. I would be fine with Collie as well, although we don’t know for sure if he’ll ever stay healthy.

  7. This just in. The horse shoe banner has been placed on IR for the year after downtown traffic caused a slight wind gust

  8. Hey Double G Gregg, Dallas Clark is already up on the stadium. Do some freakin research for a change instead of just throwin s— against the wall and seein what sticks!!

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