Cowboys will avoid three city training camp tour this year

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The Cowboys have canceled the California portion of their three-city training camp circus.

The team’s three-city tour split time between Dallas, San Antonio and Oxnard, California last year.   The results weren’t great: Dallas stunk in the preseason, and it carried over into a terrible start to the year.

Instead, Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Cowboys plans to simply spend three weeks in San Antonio this year before heading back to Dallas.

12 responses to “Cowboys will avoid three city training camp tour this year

  1. It’s probably the smartest thing they’ve done so far.

    The Cowboys spent way too much time travelling in the preseason.

    You figure they were in San Antonio, Canton, Oxnard, Dallas, etc.

    Players barely had time to unpack their gear before they were on the next plane.

  2. Jerry’s response to why the team held a tri-city camp last year was that he wanted to promote the brand. You know what Jerral? There’s an even better way to promote the brand…it’s called WINNING A SUPER BOWL. This situation was a perfect example of why Jerry cannot wear two hats. An owner who wants to hold a traveling roadshow to market his team makes sense, but that’s when a GM with even more sense steps in and says “No, you want this team to be competitive in September you better make sure they’re focused by August.”

  3. What !!! And deprive the country of a chance to watch the perennial Superbowl champion Cowboys strut their stuff? This is so disappointing.

  4. Jerry really needs to stop being a businessman if he wants to be the GM. Or better yet, hire a GM and keep being a businessman.

    There is a model for success and it’s called hiring hard working talented people to do what they were hired to do. Probably the same model Jerry used to be successful.

    He has Steinbrenneritis and when George finally let the farm system do it’s thing with capable people the results were stunning.

    Hire a GM and go promote the ‘brand’. If you don’t win it won’t matter. And you will never win until you fire yourself.

  5. No doubt a suggestion by the new coaching staff. I doubt the cba status had much to do with it. They have a contract with San Antonio, but not with Oxnard. I am sure the players liked the cooler Oxnard weather and would rather skip San Antonio, but I’m just glad they aren’t going to kill another 2-3 days re-staging their camp elsewhere this season. The people of Oxnard and surrounding areas have always been a dedicated bunch, though. For that, I hope they can go to swapping in the future (all oxnard one year, all san antonio another).

  6. ——————————————————
    davekiid says: Apr 13, 2011 1:50 PM

    Good stay in Texas, we don’t need and more losers here in Cali. Go Pack Go!!!

    Right, you guys already have the niners and raiders. And how are you a Packers fan in California? Let me guess, you became a Pack fan on February 6th?

  7. @ac0117 Yeah that sure was the day bro, you got me pegged. Does it hurt to have little intelligence? My team is still defending champs and whatever team you like watched my team enjoy the win from home, better yet I hope your a Steelers fan and the next person Ben Rapethlisberger goes for if the woman who birth your sorry existence.

  8. ac0117,
    That’s just a stupid comment. Packers fans like most fans are nationwide. I, along with my brothers and father, am a part owner and fan of Green Bay even though I’ve lived in Texas my whole life.

  9. Depriving Californians of the dog and pony show that is the dallass cowgirls. Who can ever get on in life without the sight of tony’s enormous ears and dez’s enormous bling. The team sucks, the owner sucks, and most of the fans are terrible low lifes.

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