Fitzgerald sends Cardinals a message: Don’t draft a quarterback

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The Arizona Cardinals have been heavily connected to quarterbacks in the draft, particularly Blaine Gabbert of Missouri. They held a private workout for Gabbert on March 23, sending a large contingent of high-ranking club officials to Columbia.

All along, beat reporters Kent Somers (Arizona Republic) and Darren Urban ( have warned against reading into the supposed interest, predicting the Cardinals will take an instant impact defender as opposed to a quarterback in need of development with the No. 5 overall pick.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt’s recent comments about this year’s quarterback class appeared to support Somers and Urban’s beliefs, and so too do face of the franchise receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s.

I would doubt that we would draft a quarterback that high (No. 5),” Fitzgerald told FOX Sports Arizona on Tuesday. “I would doubt it. But, who am I? I’m just a player.”

Fitzgerald would prefer “Anybody that’s going to help us win” playing under center for the Cardinals in 2011.

It sounds like Arizona’s All-Pro receiver, who just so happens to be entering a contract year, is sending upper management a direct message: He wants a veteran (Marc Bulger?) throwing him the rock next season.

Not Blaine Gabbert.

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  1. Because Larry Fitzgerald–as good as he is–knows what is best for his team…

    How about listen to the organization that selected you.

    Stop thinking short-term because you’re selfish. The team needs to think long-term.

    I’m a fan of an AFC team, just stating the obvious.

  2. Don’t blame him. Going from Warner to Derek Anderson is like going from being the Hulk to being Peewee Herman.

  3. Yeah, Fitzgerald mentioned Gabbert by name at least half a dozen times in that inteview. His feelings toward Blaine couldn’t be clearer.

  4. More because of the lockout and not a slam on Gabbert, I’m guessing. If they don’t suit up before August, rookie QBs are borderline useless for 2011-12.

  5. Most recievers would prefer a veteran QB throwing them the ball, most owners picking in the top five with offensive issues and their team nowhere near playoff contention the previous season would want to rebuild starting with a young QB. Not a Cardinals’ fan but I think round one QB should be the first option.

  6. Stop thinking short-term because you’re selfish. The team needs to think long-term.


    If you were a Cards fan and followed the team, you would know that Fitz is probably one of the least selfish players in the league. He stated pretty clearly that he wants a player that can help the team win.

  7. Am I the only person who has watched Marc Bulger play the last few years? What would give anyone the impression that he would give anyone “a chance to win” in 2011?

  8. Nobody should be more gun shy about drafting another QB in the first few picks than Arizona. If i were the Cardinals, i would get a Vet like Bulger too.

  9. He has a point.
    He wants to win, and obviously he wants to win.

    For the commenter who said: “Stop thinking short-term because you’re selfish. The team needs to think long-term.”

    No this is a time to be “selfish” He’s 27 and being on a “rebuilding team” during his prime isn’t smart from a football stand point. He’s going to be a free agent in 2012, and I think it’s fair to give them a hint that ‘If you plan on planning for a few years from now and go with a rookie QB,. don’t expect me to re-sign.’ I would at least like to know what he’s thinking now then find out after and find I don’t have a #1 anymore.

  10. What is this? The National Enquirer? Your title is incredibly misleading. He didn’t send a message. He answered a reporter’s message of what he thought management would do.

  11. Read the real article he talked very highly of both Newton and Gabbert. Don’t put words in the guys mouth he just said he doubted they would take a qb that high…. Media asked the guy a question and he answered it honestly what is the big deal?

  12. If I were in charge of the cardnials, you go out and sign, Mcnabb. Draft a qb, in the later rounds, and select A.J. Green. Then the cardnials, have some offensive weapons, for the qb to throw too. The Redskins, were never a good fit, for Mcnabb. Having him in Arizona, helps,his career,mainly because he has more offensive weapons. In the long run, drafting Green, helps him learn from one of the best WR”s in the game. I believe only one qb is worth drafting in this whole draft, As I see the rest as busts.

    I could be wrong. Mcnabb might not be Kurt Warner, but he is capable of getting that team to the playoffs.He would be the 2nd best qb in that divison, aside from Rookie sensation, Sam Bradford..I am not a cardnials fan by any means, but this is something I would do, good thing I’m not in charge, since this team still has many other holes to fill, to make another superbowl run.

  13. Fitzgerald has been on record saying he would prefer Kolb or Bulger next year as opposed to a rookie QB, this is nothing new. As far as Larry being selfish, he’s paid for and organized team workouts at ASU bringing in his own personal trainer from MN and oneof the best WR coaches.

  14. When asked specifically about Gabbert, Fitzgerald said, “I saw a lot of him. He is a very talented player. He can make all the throws and is quite mobile. He seems like a real cerebral guy. I think he will fit in wherever he goes.”.

  15. Since Whiz is going to be on the hot seat this season I doubt he’d want a rookie QB. He needs to turn this team around asap or he’s out of a job.

    They need to focus on drafting for D and OLine. Rookie QB won’t do anything ‘cept get destroyed w/ their current swiss cheese line.

  16. On Gabbert:

    “I saw a lot of him. I saw some tape on him. I really like Blaine. He’s a talented player. He makes all the throws. He’s got good mobility in the pocket, and he seems like a real cerebral guy. I think he is going to be a good fit wherever he lands,” Fitzgerald said.

    How does this sound like he’s sending a message to the Cardinals? I must have missed something.

    And for the guys thinking McNabb will EVER land with the Cards, this comes from Kent Somers, the beat writer for the Cards:

    “Over the last two years, I’ve asked Cardinals officials numerous times about alleged interest in McNabb,” Somers writes. “Each time, they have dismissed it.”

    McNabb has never played in this offensive system. There are allegations that he’s not the hardest working guy in the business.He has no ties to this coaching staff, which doesn’t seem to hold him in as high a regard as some fans.
    Maybe the Cardinals will show interest this time. They will look to bring in a veteran quarterback next season, and they will be tempted to draft one with their first selection. Maybe McNabb would be a nice bridge to the future. But again, I doubt it happens.

  17. Larry Fitz has been spending a ton of time in Pittsburgh this off-season. I’m pretty sure they have an established QB there who has one of the best QB winning percentages in the NFL.

  18. Gabbert or newton would be an upgrade over Derek Anderson, Skelton and Max Hall

  19. Skelton will be the furture QB. All the QB’s coming out will have an average career at best! Cards will go def and should get Petersen since everyone has him going to the whiners!

  20. just play football larry leave your thoughts in your head, hate it when players start saying what teams should and should not do. how about this trade you and get julio jones whos younger,faster,smarter, and most of all is a team player and would just as soon block as catch passes. julio is a true team player ask uncle nick he could care less about other peoples player choices and would never say what he thought his team should do or not do. he says yes sir or no sir when asked a question and just plays for the team. ive had it with hot shot wide outs that think there all that and a bag of whatever. shut up and play ball and be a team player you were not drafted to be a gm…..bethelboy out……………..

  21. How can you say that Larry isn’t a team player? Larry Fitzgerald is a Hotshot Wideout? where do you get your facts? He can have an opinion. Ochocinco and T.O. even Michael Crabtree are Hotshot Wideouts. Guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson are guys who come in and play their hearts out for their teammates and the organization that drafted them. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t as smart as Julio Jones? Thats just a garbage statement. What is the proof that Fitz isn’t as smart as Jones?

  22. hey bobcat my bad bro i just read the full article about Larry and i was wrong don’t mind admitting it dead wrong about him i thought he was telling the team not to draft a QB. as far as Julio my point is he is a player that has old time game. asked who he favored in the NFL that his game most resembled his answer was ray Lewis. what that tells me is hes a blocker first and if he didn’t catch a ball and the team won he would be happy. that’s why i think hes smarter than Larry or any other wide out playing right now. that’s why nick said Julio changed his receivers that play for Alabama today. cat how many wide outs are team first and would not gripe if they didn’t catch a ball but the team won or lost. so smarter we both have our our opinions you watch what happens once Jones goes to a team and you will see him change the attitude of that team. nobody will out work him and nobody will out polite him. his mother works at Kentucky fried in Foley AL is a hard worker and taught Julio manners a strong work ethic and to say yes sir and yes mam and time will tell. i do apologize for speaking before reading cat if I’m wrong I’m wrong and bro i was wrong. the to’s and chad’s make me want to stop watching football/pro football that is. i live in a very remote villiage in alaska 6000 mostly yupick eskimos no football sled dog racing/iditarod and in that sport you start by yourself 16 dogs in 35 below 80 below wind chill and no camera’s when you go through tough times its you and your dogs not bitching and moaning because something happens you dont like, not talking about larry but the chads and to’s. and these guys are making millions and are privledged. julio is the musher that is in the cold weather glad to be there humble and will do whatever it takes to win. if he has to block to help someone else get yards he will do it. if he has to do that the whole game no problem done. if all recievers thought that way it would make them better recievers because they would then be better players and better players means a better team….bethelboy..out

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