Kenny Britt charged with felony, court date is April 19


Arrested Tuesday on multiple charges, including fleeing and lying to police officers, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt’s day in court has been scheduled for April 19 in Hudson County (NJ) Superior Court.

Police Sgt. James Kuklinski informed the Nashville Tennessean that Britt has been formally charged with eluding an officer, lying to an officer hindering apprehension, and obstructing governmental function following a police stop.

Eluding officers is Britt’s most potentially detrimental charge. It’s a third-degree felony, and something that could put him behind bars. The other two charges are misdemeanors.

The Tennessean contacted the Titans, but the team had no comment.

26 responses to “Kenny Britt charged with felony, court date is April 19

  1. What gets into these guys to run and lie to police, then say that car wasn’t his. Looks like God-del will have his hands full if ever a contract is signed.

  2. Just another hood rat from north jersey exposed for what he really is….An athletically gifted guy, to stupid to realize hie potential and possible earning power…….

  3. Sounds like some of these guys need a sport to play to keep them occupied from committing felonies….

  4. Was he speeding, was he swerving, was he transporting a hundred pounds of weed that was never found?? How can you be so numb that you elude police when it seems you may not have done anything?? What would Dez do…?

  5. “In two years he will be on the Michael Vick path to comeback player of the year”

    Ya forgot newly annointed saint & hero Michael Vick.

    Society is so pathetic that 2 years out of trouble for a professional athlete & they deserve keys to a city & the title of hero.

  6. @johnnyshore it may be morally more wrong, but not crimanally. he will take a plea deal it will be all misdemeanors. big nono carring a firearm in NYC. i dont agree with it. it is what it is.

  7. Part of me is sad that the teams aren’t allowed to have contact with players during the lockout because some clearly need it, but another part of me is sadder that grown men who make millions of dollars can’t seem to no act like total idiots just because there’s a lockout.

  8. Well, there goes only the second good WR the Titans have come up with since they moved to TN in the 90s.

  9. Whenever I’m in a morally questionable situation, my new mantra is: “What would an NFL wide receiver do?”

    And then I’ll do the opposite.

  10. @bigsterboski

    Big difference. Big Ben was through his second incident of being accused of rape. The evidence, while not enough for an attempt at an indictment was sufficient for a very tame sentence from the Commish.

    At least the way the CBA is set up (or not right now) Britt cannot be suspended for this.

    Having said that, the difference between the situations of Britt and Roethlisburger are great.

  11. “Society is so pathetic that 2 years out of trouble for a professional athlete & they deserve keys to a city & the title of hero.”

    Well to be fair … we are talking about Philadelphia. The bar is rather low.

  12. Wow The Aresst meter was reset. It must be like I said before…. a black athlete aresst meter. Anybody heard anything of Vrabel’s FELONY THEFT CASE?

  13. By the time this lock out is over, the training camps will be empty but the courtrooms and the jails will be full!

    I’m sure his lawyers will have an “explanation” for all this.

    I expect he will be vying for the cover of Madden 2014 possibly.

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