Matt Leinart wants another opportunity


Matt Leinart, the 2004 Heisman winner and the 10th pick in the 2006 draft, will be a free agent whenever the lockout ends.  And he’s hoping to find a chance to get his career back on track.

Or, as the case may be, to get it on track for the first time.

I am not going to give up,” Leinart recently said, according to The Daily Trojan, via  “I am not going to say it has been unfair, but I am just hoping for the opportunity to come.”

But opportunities only “come” for NFL quarterbacks when injuries strike and warm bodies are needed.  Otherwise, quarterbacks need to make their opportunities.

So far, Leinart hasn’t.

“My career has been like a roller coaster,” Leinart said.  “You never know what is going to happen next.”

Roller coasters entail ups and downs.  Leinart has had very few high points since being drafted.

And though it didn’t help that the coach who drafted him was fired after only one season, Leinart simply wasn’t able to hold off Kurt Warner in Arizona.  Then, after Warner retired, Leinart couldn’t beat out Derek Anderson.  Leinart spent 2010 at the bottom of the Texans’ depth chart.

As Rams G.M. Billy Devaney told PFT Live on Tuesday and as The Brady 6 documentary makes clear, it’s impossible to know whether a guy can perform at the NFL level until it’s time to perform at the NFL level.  Some guys believe getting drafted in round one represents the pinnacle of their careers, and they’re not willing to put in the extra work and effort and sweat necessary to become star players.  Other guys, fueled possibly by sliding into round six, develop an unrelenting determination to become the best.

With Leinart, the fact that he has struggled isn’t a surprise.  When he decided to remain at USC after winning the Heisman and the national championship, scouts began to wonder whether he truly had the desire to compete at the highest level, or whether he simply wanted to be a celebrity.  Through five NFL season, he has lacked the desire or the ability — or both — to compete in the NFL.

Though plenty of teams need quarterbacks, we simply don’t see an opportunity coming for Leinart.  And we definitely don’t see him making an opportunity for himself.

But, hey, he can always try to prove us wrong.  Tom Brady sure would.

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  1. I’d be interested to see what he could do as Peyton’s successor. Give him a few years to learn, humble himself, and a really good team and see how he does.

    Better than Curtis Painter, anyway.

  2. “Then, after Warner retired, Leinart couldn’t beat out Derek Anderson.”

    —–I can’t help but think that if Leinart had stayed a Cardinal this season both the team and player would have been better off. While Leinart didn’t light it up during pre-season with the Cards his numbers indicated he did enough to at least earn the oppurtunity to stick around for the season. I think the reason he was not retained had much to do with a clash of personalities than anything. I mean come on….You open the season with two low drafted QBs and Derick Anderson…you’re just asking for a high draft pick.

  3. Im going to keep on keeping on….what do you expect him to say, Im pretty comfortable as a backup ? Nobody will pay him then

  4. “And though it didn’t help that the coach who drafted him was fired after only one season, Leinart simply wasn’t able to hold off Kurt Warner in Arizona. Then, after Warner retired, Leinart couldn’t beat out Derek Anderson. Leinart spent 2010 at the bottom of the Texans’ depth chart.”


    Let’s be clear on this. Whisenhut never wanted Leinart and never gave him a shot as starter. How do you not give a top 10 pick more than a year to prove himself? Hell, Jarmarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, and Jake Delhomme even gets more of an opportunity!!!!!!!!
    Whisenhut made a dumba$$ decision last year and look how it turned out.
    Derek Anderson didn’t beat out Matt Leinart. Leinart never had a chance to grow into a starter. Leinart played okay his one stretch of being a starter, then they went with Warner. Okay, thats fine, but how do you not put him on the field for a full season to gain experience and confidense? Instead you put in DEREK ANDERSON!! And a few oyther flunkies.
    Whisen hut threw away a top 10 pick for those guys last year.
    But don’t say Leinart couldnt beat out Anderson when Whisenhut wasn’t going to start him no matter what

  5. yeah, me too. let me go first. i can probly throw the rock further than he can.

  6. He’ll get his 2nd chance.

    As soon as Jon Gruden gets his.

    Then Leinart, Anderson, McCown, Bulger, Pennington, Delhomme, McCown, Young, McCown, Quinn, McCown, Boller, Rosenfels, McCown, Campbell, McCown, Hill, and Mark Brunell will all get contracts.

    Oh, and also McCown.

  7. Great picture he’s still wondering How the Hell did I end up in Houston and didn’t why Pete Carroll pick me up? Maybe it’s cause Pete knows you don’t have what it takes!!! Just maybe you should have focused more on football and less on using the Daily Trojan on some skank Matt. HAHAHA Love the Daily Trojan as a source thats great.

  8. Ok. Stop the man crush on Brady. He has drive and some luck, but what kind of drive did Troy Aikman have? # 1 pick who had tremendous expectations and met them? Elway and Bradshaw the same. Not taking anything away from Brady, but Bristol did a 1 hour video love story. All successful players have the drive to succed and a greater fear of failure.

  9. With Pistol Pete Carroll up there in Seattle and an aging broke up QB at the helm, I could see Matt backing up… Matt in the Great Northwest. Just a thought sinc they’re “familiar”.

  10. If he has the humility to take a low-dollar contract, I could see Leinart developing into a great career backup, ala Kubiek. He’s smart and has good size, but his inconsistency and so-so arm make him easy to game plan for…and not elite starter material.

    He largely rode the reputation of a truly great top-to-bottom USC team to a huge payday.

  11. If he wants to play he should go to Detroit since Stafford spends more time in a shoulder sling then on the field. Otherwise he should try to be a backup for someone like Manning in Indy or Brees in New Orleans and learn from the best.

  12. If he stopped partying and actually gave a crap about working on his game he probably would get another opportunity. The whole time, he’s been whining about not starting. You gotta earn it, Matt

  13. I agree that he hurt himself at the beginning, we can’t fault him for losing the job to Kurt Warner, look what he did. Derrick Anderson didn’t really beat him out, Matt got a raw deal there. People say his heads not in the game, but when was the last time we heard about him partying? He should get another chance, me may never be 10th pick good, but don’t tell me he can’t be productive as a QB, there are some bad QBs in the league.

  14. The bottom of the Texans depth chart is where he belongs. He proved that he couldn’t hack it in Arizona.

  15. I would say he would be a good guy to take a chance on now. Sign him to a short term cheap deal with incentives. I still think he has the talent, and maybe now he has desire and understanding of the game to play in the NFL. Or maybe not. But he’ll be making backup salary

  16. “With Leinart, the fact that he has struggled isn’t a surprise. When he decided to remain at USC after winning the Heisman and the national championship, scouts began to wonder whether he truly had the desire to compete at the highest level, or whether he simply wanted to be a celebrity.”

    With all due respect, can you find some examples of scouts saying that AT THE TIME? I’m not saying you can’t, but everyone is a genius in hindsight. Cripes, for years we’d hear about how guys that stayed in school and passed up gazillions of dollars were great “high-character” guys, now apparently staying in school means you’re scared of tougher competition (and yes, I know Leinhart didn’t stay in school to finish a Nuclear Physics degree, and this his one class his senior year was “History of the Cha-Cha” or something like that, but contradictions like that are beginning to make me realize why we hear so many stories about guys interviewing badly with scouts. They can’t win.

  17. He would be a better backup than J. T. O’ Frickin Sullivan. Damn, I don’t know how this guy has been a nfl qb. Worst move the Bengals ever made, including Akili Smith.

  18. Provided they hadn’t given Charlie Whitehurst a boatload, I could have seen him in a Seahawks uniform. The fact of the matter is, that entire USC era had a lot of underachievers…Reggie Bush, Dwayne Jarret and Leinart top the list.

    I’d like to see the guy succeed just because of what he did in college, but if he won’t put the work in, he doesn’t deserve anything.

  19. What does this say about Heisman as an indicator of true athlete? Generally, in the modern NFL era it has been more of a burden than a benefit. How many SB MVP also had Heisman?

  20. “Matt Leinart wants another opportunity”

    Yeah and so does JaMarcus Russell. Why are writing about this loser? He sucks! Was it a slow day or something? I’d much rather here another Haynesworth story or even Farve before this dirtbag.

  21. Matt leinart got a raw deal in Arzonia last year…..not a strong arm but accurate and can read defenses……….wouldnt mind seeing him in OAK…..Al loved him coming out of school……….I think he was more prepared than Sanchez……goes to show it’s about maturity and which team you go to when your young and developing…..

  22. why should any team offer him another opportunity to show how poor his work ethic is? What team is going to want to bring that kind of karma into the locker room from a guy who, by virtue of his position, is supposed to be a leader?

  23. Even the Browns cut Derek Anderson. Derek Anderson beat out Lienart. Lienart must be an emotional wreck. Unless, he knew all along he sucked.

  24. McCarthy could make Leinart into a champion with a couple years in his QB school. I doubt Leinart would want to spend the time honing his craft due to a loss of money in the short-term, but long-term? He could develop into a star and the team could bank on draft picks. Then he could be Kurt Warner/Matt Hasselbeck/Mark Brunell #2.

  25. Who was that team that started Brian St Pierre last year? That started Vinnie Testaverde a few years back? Oh, I can’t remember who it was. Maybe it was near my North Carolina hometown. Oh, I just can’t remember. I think they’ve got Jimmy Clausen or Jimmy Dean or somebody now. I wish I could remember.

  26. I’d be interested to see what he could do as a bar owner on the USC campus. I’m sure he would be able to impregnate as many coeds as he wanted to.

  27. This Derek Anderson nonsense has got to stop. Nothing I saw from Derek Andesron showed that Derek Anderson should be the starter. Nothing in Derek Anderson’s CAREER showed that he was a capable starter. The man bottomed out in Cleveland (the same way Delhomme bottomed out in Carolina) yet both those coaches thought those 2 QBs were worth starters money in 2011. Delhomme at least is a has been, Anderson in all honesty was never starter caliber.

    Leinhart in all honesty, has never gotten a fair shake from Whis, imo. He prefers the veteren QBs. When Warner arrived, he pulled Leinhart after every mistake. That’s no way to groom a young QB and when the QB is having his best preseason, doing what you are telling him, which is taking care of the ball, you drop him for a turnover machine because he can throw a pretty deep ball. You just never know where that pretty deep ball will land.

    I don’t know if Leinhart is a really good QB or not but he definately got screwed over by the Cards coaching staff. Hell, they showed more confidence in one season with Skelton than in 3 years with Leinhart. How’d that work out?

    Whis got lucky that Warner was able to flash back to his St. louis days when he had Holt(Fitz) and Bruce (Boldin). I think Warner would not have been a fit on many teams.

  28. “My career has been like a roller coaster,”


    If anything it’s been like the tower of terror. Started as a top pick, and straight down from there.

  29. This guy is much more like Big Ben without the talent than Brady. A man-child much more at ease cornering college girls in a bar bathroom than seeing to the needs of a world-class, wealthy super model. I see UFL backup in his future.

  30. @CJ
    I was just thinking It would be the worlds most boring rollercoaster, never hitting 10 mph and never making it 10 feet off the ground.

  31. Leinart got off to a poor start with his ill-advised holdout. How many rookies have killed their career by holding out, especially at QB?

  32. still can’t get over not being invited to that party eh mike? he was doomed the minute whisenhunt took over the cards since he did not pick him and did not fit his offense. he did well when he played before he got injured but by then it was decided that warner was the guy. after that you complain about how he can’t throw deep but what do you expect when you are told no mistakes? instead of forcing it he goes to the checkdown guy and gets completions but no yardage but also no turnovers and they go with anderson. it has nothing to do with him partying it is all about getting the right oppurtunity something he was never going to get with the whiz.

  33. “When he decided to remain at USC after winning the Heisman and the national championship, scouts began to wonder whether he truly had the desire to compete at the highest level, or whether he simply wanted to be a celebrity.”

    What is wrong with this quote? Maybe he wanted to graduate….

  34. If the Eagles can pass Mcnabb off as a decent QB, get Kevin Kolbs value to a first round pick, and can resurect the career of a felon. I don’t see why they couldn’t make Leinhart the next A.J. Feely

  35. Let’s not forget he held out his rookie season and missed 4 games. I am sure that didn’t help his development but living in AZ I watched Leinart plenty, he was never anything impressive and was never a leader. He quickly developed a rep as someone who cared more about partying than football.

    When Warner took over it was amazing how suddenly the team responded. It reminded me of when the Raiders were doing well under Gradkowski until he got hurt and when JaMarcus took over the entire o suddenly stopped playing well.

    I don’t think it was just Whiz that hated Leinart. I think most of the team did.

  36. i get tired of you losers still giving vick hell like you are perfect your elected leaders like little boys cheat you out of money and you are worried about a man who paid his debt get over it!!

  37. Still do not understand why people thought he would be so great in the NFL. Just another pretty boy QB who cant hack it with the big boys.

    Dudes more worried about gettin busy in hot tubs than he is on watching film and workin out.

    Gotta put in the time if you wanna get some PT man.

    In the words of Floyd Mayweather JR. “Step Yo Game Up”

  38. Nope, imongo, Matt Leinart went back to take just one class: ballroom dancing.

    I posted that twice last night & both times the censor deleted the post.

    Should have just said something racist & inflammatory, they’d let that slide…….

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