Raiders say Al Davis is in good health


Despite apparent rumors to the contrary, the Raiders say owner Al Davis is doing just fine.

“No, he’s not in the hospital,” Raiders CEO Amy Trask told Paul Gutierrez of Tuesday. “He’s preparing for the draft and he’s working, as always.  The rumors are untrue.”

Frankly, we hadn’t even heard the rumors.  And we still can’t find any, so we’re guessing they must have originated in the Bay Area.

Either way, it’s good to hear Davis is in good health.    We’re still trying to keep in mind some of his words of wisdom in relation to the lockout, and look forward to the next time he has a press conference.

22 responses to “Raiders say Al Davis is in good health

  1. Its relative, probably in great shape for a 85 year old man. Despite his appearance (hard money w/those bleeding band-aids) he makes sense in most of the statements he has put out lately. If there is a season I see the Raiders winning their divison.

  2. The picture you chose there doesn’t do him any favors. He looks like Chris Elliot from Scary Movie 2 doing the Donald Trump “you’re fired” point with his tiny hand.

  3. He might even survive the end of time, lol

    His spirit is to be admired, a truly great man who loves the sport of football more than anything in life.

    Here’s to you, Mr Davis

  4. All of this is entertainment. Football. Owners. Players. Blogs. Stats. Blown calls. Arrests. Superbowl commercials. Fantasy.

    It’s all just entertainment.

    So – I like Al Davis, because he entertains me.

  5. “Alright, so there I am at Lorenzo’s – loading up my slice of the fixin’s bar.. garlic, and what-not….and I see this guy over at the pizza boxes giving me the stink-eye.”

    I can’t decide whether Al looks like Gollum or some tripped out nut who thinks he’s a sorcerer about to turn you into a toad.

  6. Come on, guys – THATS the best picture you could find?

    Hey, I’m first in line in the Rader Haters Club, but come on.

    Without this man I loathe so much, we wouldnt have the NFL as we know it. Pioneers like Davis, Lamar Hunt, and other AFL visionaries deserve our respect.

    Lets show some.

  7. Love the people who are complaining about the pictures. THAT’S WHAT THE GUY LOOKS LIKE NOW. Should PFT do the Cosmo thing and airbrush the bandaids away? Al hasn’t been seen in public without one bandage or another in 15 years.

    No disrespect to Davis — I hate the Raiders, but hope he’s okay (and really hope he continues to run that team) — but I see nothing wrong with the photo.

  8. Davis is a great example of why I love the NFL. The guy could lose his legs and that wouldn’t stop him. He’d just have someone roll him out in a wheelchair for a press conference and still stick it to the media in his unique way.

    And this is coming from a Charger fan who can’t stand the Raiders.

  9. I do not know why Al Davis wants to stay in football when he has that recurring starring role as Darth Vader’s boss in Star Wars. No makeup required and he gets to keep the cape.

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