Ray Lewis gives hint about retirement

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Ray Lewis says he still feels like he hasn’t played his best football.   After appearing to slip at one point, the Ravens linebacker has experienced an almost unprecedented renaissance in his mid 30’s.

Lewis missed only five snaps last year and doesn’t appear to be slowing down much.  He has always discouraged questions about retirement, but may have given up a hint about his future on NFL Network this week.

At one point, Lewis said “only God knows” how long he can play.   But Rich Eisen asked Lewis during another part of his stay whether he’d be around long enough to possibly play with his son, finishing his sophomore year in high school.

“That’s another four years!” Lewis said via Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. “Nah. Because I’m real with myself, that would be a very hard task. I can’t see myself playing football past 37.”

Lewis turns 36 this season, so that would give him two more years on the gridiron.  His contract runs through 2015.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a cool addition to NFL Network’s crew once he’s done playing.

25 responses to “Ray Lewis gives hint about retirement

  1. And just imagine, a certain incident in 2000 would have made his career end after only 4 years.

  2. There will never be another warrior like Ray Lewis. First ballot Hall of Famer who made that defense better than it should’ve been year after year.

  3. Somebody ought to tell Ray that 1 more year of high school + 4 years of college = 5 years

  4. Ray needs to retire so he can prep his “leap onto the pile long after the play is dead, then dance alone as if it was all his doing” dance for the Canton ceremony.

    Or Rikers.

  5. Ray “Stab” Lewis should play until he doesn’t want to play anymore, until they they throw him out of football. If Farve can do it, so Can Stabby Mcstaberson. He should then take a job on TV, and enjoy this life of his. Something denied to his victims. He will have to answer someday for his crimes.

  6. why can’t people move on from things that happened years ago? Ray didn’t do anything but be there during the incident. what he does on the football field should be what people think of, not something that may have happened.

  7. Great player over shadowed by being a bad person. He may have been able to elude Jail and remain in football………..he can’t elude the aging process. Time to retire Ray and stay out of the public eye.

  8. Finfan68- someone ought to tell you that a junior/senior year of high school is 2 years + 4 years of college = 6 years

  9. Someone ought to tell FinFan that it’s two years of high school plus three years of college, moron. Lol

  10. Of course it would be less than than 5 years. Like Ray “stabby stabby” Lewis sees college as anything else than something you have to wait thru to get to the pros. No kid with any measurable talent cares about getting a degree and spending four years at a university.

  11. If by “only God knows” he is referring to a potential NFL blood test for HGH, then yeah, “only God knows” sounds about right.

    Hopefully, he’s only using that deer antler velvet, along with the rest of the league, Derrick Mason included.

    Love how some of these guys have been hitting the fountain of youth lately. I’m the wrong guy to criticize though; I’m 38 and use the velvet extract; it works, I’ll say that for sure!

  12. RCGAMBLE time to shut your mouth because obviously u dont know too much about football PFT get this guy off your site its reserved for those who know all things football and this guy/girl does not

  13. To all of the ignorant people on here making cracks about Ray Lewis killing anyone. He did not do it. There was no evidence he did and having covered the case for the media, watched every second of the trial and seen all of the evidence, he did nothing to anyone who sadly lost their life. It is also worth mentioning that he has never been in one iota of trouble since then either. So in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty, he has never been proven guilty because there was no evidence to do so. A prosecutor saw a chance to make a name for himself and went after Lewis.

    So you ignornat haters, lay off the man who has done nothing but contribute to the community and make others around him better players and people. Unlike most people who have toruble he never had any other trouble, so perhaps trust that all he did was not tell the police what he saw because he was young and afraid…

  14. 52sackmachine says:
    Apr 13, 2011 9:12 AM
    “Would be cool though to see the first father and son duo playing in the nfl.”
    You will need a time machine to do it.

    Ted Nesser (1883-?) was the coach and also a player for the Columbus Panhandles of the APFA (chartered 1920, changed to NFL 1922).
    In 1921 his son Charlie (1902-?) also played on the team with his father, albeit briefly.

  15. It has taken me many years to reach this conclusion but I say Ray Lewis is a truly great NFL player.
    Steeler Fan

  16. According to the players union* guys only last 3 1/2 to 4 years. So why is this guy still going at 36? Somehow that just doesn’t compute.

  17. As a Steelers diehard, my feelings for Lewis have evolved over time. In the beginning, I hated him and wanted only for him to go away. Gradually came respect. It was good beating Ray because you’d beaten somebody. And if you lost … well, you’d lost to the best. Hatred became respect, then respect became something almost akin to affection.

    Retirement? Ray can’t retire. Losing Ray would be like losing part of us. 🙁

  18. @mumakata

    I’m sorry but what was that about no kid with measurable talent cares to stay in college for a degree? Meet Andrew Luck.

  19. Ray Lewis is definitely Khan to the Steelers’ Capt. Kirk. He’s one of a kind, you can’t deny that.

  20. FinFan68 says: Apr 13, 2011 9:20 AM

    Somebody ought to tell Ray that 1 more year of high school + 4 years of college = 5 years

    vietnambob2473 says: Apr 13, 2011 9:48 AM

    Finfan68- someone ought to tell you that a junior/senior year of high school is 2 years + 4 years of college = 6 years

    I think both of you need to be reminded that not every college player plays 4 years. Some of them leave for the NFL after 3.

    Anyway, Ray isnt just a great player on the field. Despite what some may think, he’s also a great person. He had his run in with the law and when given a second chance he turned his life around. NFL player or not most people can not manage to do that. He’s also served as a mentor for a lot of NFL players and thats not just guys who he has had as a teammate. He makes himself available to the players he plays against as well. You’ll be hard pressed to find one other player who does that.

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