Report: Bad knee eliminates Mark Ingram from two draft boards

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Alabama running back Mark Ingram underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on August 31 of last year, just prior to the start of the college season. He missed only two games, returning on September 18 to thump the Duke Blue Devils for 151 yards and two touchdowns on nine carries.

Ingram would go on to average 5.54 yards per carry on the season, down from his Heisman-winning 6.12 mark as a sophomore, but still plenty admirable considering the stiff competition in the Southeastern Conference.

But there have been rumors that the long-term stability of Ingram’s knee is tenuous. And NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi reported something that may substantiate that speculation on Wednesday evening’s Path to the Draft.

“I’ve had two teams tell me the knee is very bad,” said Lombardi. “He won’t be on their boards. These are teams that need running backs.”

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock didn’t go as far as Lombardi, but did acknowledge Ingram is in danger of falling out of round one, where he’s so often projected.

“Even fully healthy, I have concerns about whether he’s a first-round pick,” said Mayock of Ingram. “I’m not so sure he’s going there.”

As usual, we’d caution to approach this information while keeping in mind the time of year. Misinformation is king. But this isn’t the first time Lombardi has spoken of potential long-range knee issues for Ingram.

“I think it could cause him to slip (in the draft),” he said on March 31. Lombardi suggested that Ingram may have degenerative arthritis, a condition that has been linked to Da’Quan Bowers and will likely cause the Clemson defensive end to fall on draft weekend, as well.

33 responses to “Report: Bad knee eliminates Mark Ingram from two draft boards

  1. The Bills will pull another McGahee in the 1st round & roll with him, I can feel it.

  2. Well, now it’s a lock that the Dolphins will draft him in the first round. And probably trade up to do it.

  3. Has a doctor told anyone the knee is questionable or is this just gossip from Lombardi et al?

    I hope Kave Krew is right and it means Mark winds up with a better team like the Pats. He’s a special player–as evidenced by the numbers he put up coming off that knee surgery. Lombardi couldn’t put up numbers like that if a pack of rabid dogs were chasing him.

  4. It’s ok. By joining the NFL , he would be taking a paycut anyway.
    He is set for life thanks to the boosters at Bama

  5. Sounds like he won’t make it to second contract. That doesn’t mean he won’t give you a great 4 years which is worth a mid first rounder.

  6. DEB says:

    He’s a special player–as evidenced by the numbers he put up coming off that knee surgery. Lombardi couldn’t put up numbers like that if a pack of rabid dogs were chasing him.

    Damn, the numbers you refer to were put up against Duke, and Arkansas.
    Did that register yet?

    DUKE, yes, that powerhouse team!
    And an Arkansas team that gave up an AVERAGE of 157 yards a game!!!!!!

    Come on Deb, I expect more from you.
    Your BAMA issued blinders are clouding your judgement on this one.

  7. Deb

    BTW, Humpty Dumpty could have put up similar numbers against those two defenses even if rabid dogs weren’t chasing him.

    Get it together. Put the homerism aside.

  8. let me get this straight – there are 2 teams that wouldn’t even take him with their last pick in the 7th round? Idiots. Not that he’ll be available then or even close, but still the principle.

  9. So…does this mean that everyone doing a mock will FINALLY get it in their head that Miami is NOT taking him at #15? He’ll slide to well into the 20s, if not out of the 1st altogether.

    Miami could go many, many directions at #15…RB is NOT one of them. They are going to sign DeAngelo Willaims–who has already lobbied for the job–and draft a 2nd/3rd tier prospect in the 5th to 7th round.

    Shame about Ingrim, but he’s clearly not “the next Emmett Smith.” He should be a solid back for whomever drafts him–unless he’s overdrafted–but he’ll have a 5-7 year career, not the 10+ year career of an Emmitt Smith.

  10. Hope he falls to the Bengals at pick #36. That would be awesome, unlikely, but awesome.

  11. getting picked from 25 to 32 would be best for mark as far as a better team but he want last that long. the right hit can make a bad knee out of any running back in one play. mark delivers punishment every time he touches the ball so worry about the ones that tackle him not his so called bad knee……roll tide

  12. His Heisman should have gone to McCoy. They need to stop giving that trophy to underclassmen.

    Ok Deb, your turn.

  13. @imtalkingetc …

    Hey, I popped from the womb into a Bama household but have owned just one Bama player jersey: Ingram’s. So I want good things for that kid. And I’m not taking Mike Lombardi’s word that his knee is an issue (geez, from the thumbs down on my comment, you’d think I was slamming Vince instead of Mike). Ingram plays with tremendous heart and has a great reputation in the community. I’d like to see him have a nice NFL career, even if it’s brief.

    BTW, I’m too cynical to bet on any player being clean, but don’t be mouthing off about guys getting paid unless you can back it up. Talking out of their backsides may turn out to be expensive for some of those folks. It’s not nice to pick on Peaches 😉

  14. @thefiesty1 …

    McCoy who? You don’t mean that itty-bitty breakable quarterback Cart McCoy whose daddy pulled him from games every time someone hit him? My goodness, I’m surprised Daddy let him sit on the same stage with rough-and-tumble boys like Ingram, Gerhart, Tebow, and Suh. One of those fellas could have accidentally elbowed young Cart and wrecked his draft prospects 😉

    But I do respect how Colt is handling himself against tough pro teams like the Steelers now that Pops is no longer around to pull the plug 🙂

  15. I think there are still a number of teams that would take him in the first round. His stock may have dropped since two years ago but he still makes me think of emmit smith.

  16. Deb once argued she knows a ton about football. How’s that argument holding up now? She could probably put up 100 on Duke.

  17. What a crying shame. I hope he’s able to get the rehab he needs to make a go at the NFL. It would be very sad if he weren’t able to excel at what he does best.

  18. Ingram is a good RB but there is no need to draft him in the 1st round. His knee is suspect, but he is a 2 back system kinda guy. If he goes to a team that wants to hand him the ball 20-25 times a game he will have a short career. As a platooning back it would be a little longer barring a drastic injury. He is a good RB, but didn’t Gerhart have better numbers in just about every category when Mark won the Heisman?

  19. All of these pre draft analyst are just stealing money.. they just look at combine numbers and the last 4 games of the season.

    most of the 1st rounders are simply just college all stars rarely does a draft have more than 50 % of the 1st rounders stick in the league..

    mock drafts are dumb. coutndowns to the draft are dumb. Kiper and mayock work hard,, for nothing.

  20. @hitdogo42 …

    Multi-generation Bama fan and a diehard Steelers fan for 34 years. Hate the Pats. But I can recognize that the Pats are a contending team, so I’d rather see Ingram go there than a team on the bottom.

    I see from all your nasty posts that you’ve found my response to your dipstick comment on the other thread. Little boy, it’s not my fault you made a fool of yourself commenting on something super simple that was still over your head.

    My football knowledge speaks for itself … like the attention you boys give my posts 😆

  21. Let Ingram fall to the Pats in the 2nd Round and he’ll produce as Gronk did last year!

    I would not advocate for drafting a RB in the 1st Round unless he was absolutely special as recent history shows that good RB’s can be found late in drafts and even undrafted free agents.

    Ingram is good and will be a very good pro! He will be this years Thurman Thomas when Thomas drop due to injury concerns. If I remember correctly Thurman went on to have a pretty good career…..

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