Steve Jordan will feel mixed emotions when son shakes Roger Goodell’s hand

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Steve Jordan is not the average parent of an NFL draft prospect.   He’s a six-time Pro Bowler who was part of one of the antitrust lawsuits against the NFL in the early 90’s.

That’s why Jordan will feel conflicted on draft day when his son Cameron crosses the stage to shake Commissioner Roger Goodell’s hand.

I’m really disappointed in terms of what’s going on with the kids and the draft,” Jordan told Yahoo’s Michael Silver.  “I understand that it really is a big thing to be drafted, and to have an opportunity to go to New York is a cool thing for some kids. But walking across the stage to shake hands with the commissioner, the guy who’s basically working against you –- it’s pretty ironic.

“You’re going to shake his hand, and he’s going to tell you, ‘Congratulations, welcome to the league, you’re locked out. And by the way, don’t get injured between now and whenever we play again, or you’ll be out of luck.’”

Jordan said that the ownership tactics this time around remind him a lot of what happened twenty years ago.  And he’s not too hopeful for the newest round of mediation.

“To show you how much things have degraded, they couldn’t even agree on where to go for mediation. They blew three days deciding on that? Wow,” Jordan said.

(If nothing else, the NFL and NFLPA* have successfully lowered expectations. A federal judge orders them to talk and most people expect it to be fruitless.  The bar is pretty low.)

No matter how mediation goes, Cameron Jordan should get his moment in the sun sometime in the first round on April 28.  (He went twentieth in our latest mock.)   Silver got to sit in with Jordan and Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff during a pre-draft dinner, and the Cal defensive end comes across as a funny dude.

He said watching his former teammate Tyson Alualu get drafted No. 10 overall made a big impression on him.

“It was sort of like a Zoolander moment. ‘Maybe I can do that for a career. I could be really, really, really good-looking,’” Jordan said.

We’ll see what other movie references Cameron has up his sleeve Thursday, when he joins Florio as a guest on PFT Live.

34 responses to “Steve Jordan will feel mixed emotions when son shakes Roger Goodell’s hand

  1. Typical American dad, can’t just happy for his son. Here is a memo Mr. Jordan, this isn’t about you anymore. Do you understand that fact?? This is about your adult children getting employed in the NFL, you’re no longer part of the future. Just another pimple on the multi-millionaire players warpath to outearn all of America.

    Good luck with getting more retirement money from your son’s draft money, father of the year award here.

  2. You know what? Gtf over it. Tell your son to skip the draft all together and get a 9 to 5 job. I’ve about had enough of these pretentious players and the owners as well. Who wants to buy my season tickets?

  3. No wonder some of the players sound like babies–even some of their retired counterparts are still crying for their bah-bah.

  4. “You’re going to shake his hand, and he’s going to tell you, ‘Congratulations, welcome to the league, you’re locked out. And by the way, don’t get injured between now and whenever we play again, or you’ll be out of luck.’”

    I’ve been saying the same thing, good to see somebody that has been through this agree with me. The pro-owners slop-jar carriers on here if they go to the draft, wear a team jersey with your owners name on the back. I look foward to seeing a Redskin fan with his Snyder jersey, Bengal fan with his M.Brown………LOL.

  5. These kids are all SCABS as far as I’m concerned. When that mind-numbing dumb draft is long over, these kids will have to look at their newly screwed-over teammates in the eyes and hope that those teammates have their backs in the trenches. If I was a draftee, making sure my back was covered on a battlefield is a hell of a lot more important than shaking that weasel’s hand.

    Hope that moment 99% of all fans will forget in 30 seconds was worth it to you when some big p-oed, screwed-over DL like Barry Cofield dives at your ACL because you’re a SCAB and always will be.

  6. What is it with these long since retired players speaking out? Get over it.

    Tell your son not to go, STEVE. Or do you not want to be the Dad that says, “Congratulations son. I’m glad that you’re gonna get drafted, but don’t go to the draft and experience a once in a lifetime moment.”

    The lockout will end, and Goodell will still be the Commissioner just as he is during the lockout. Your day in the sun is over. STFU. Get off stage. And let your son make the decision. Whatever he chooses, you should give him your blessing. Not as an ex-player, but as his Dad.

    I know you experienced this situation back in the day and that you may still have a bitter taste in your mouth about it, but you are not involved in the current situation. Don’t rain on your son’s parade.

  7. Calling the draft some “once in a lifetime moment” makes me want to puke. People…get some perspective. If the draft cost each team $500,000 to put on (hotels, airfare, meals, this charge, that charge, etc., etc.) and the draftees had a choice whether to split that $500,000 and stay home from the draft or forego that $500,000 to shake weasel’s hand……guess what! That supposed “once in a lifetime moment” wouldn’t be so precious after all.

  8. Steve coached the kid up, and Goodell had to leave the stage to have bones reset in his hand along with rib x-rays after Cam was picked.

  9. Damn, who woke up all the LAZY Union Lovers from their day long nap. Children can be quite cranky when they first wake up.

  10. apparently Steve is one of those folk who think that playing professional football is a God-given right…i’m inclined to not feel his pain unless the commish is holding a gun to cam’s head!!! Rather than the commissioner being the guy who’s “…working against you…”, MY take is that you are one of the delusional moochers or looters who think that (A). the richer folk owe your (now rich @$$) more than you are going to get for choosing to play – rather than using your FREE education to WORK (eek), gather wealth, and distribute it to whomever you will – or worse – everyone who did little or nothing for it -or-(B)or that you cannot be replace (INSTANTLY) by someone else who does what you do for LESS!!! like it or not folks, that’s how it works – and how it should very well continue to work!!!

  11. Damn, who woke up all the LAZY Union Lovers from their day long nap. Children can be quite cranky when they first wake up.
    We were hard at work, working for “the man” all day while you righty, republicrites were collecting your entitlements all day at home in front of your comps.

  12. Daddy had his chance to shake hands with the commissioner. Now shut up and let you son get his 15 seconds of fame.

  13. You know what would be even weirder, an agreement being reached just before the draft and Steve subsequently being okay with his son shaking Mr. Goodell’s hand. So it’s bad one minute, but okay the next? How does that work?

    And thumbs up to the guy who said Goodell is a great commish. Very unfortunate his predecessor left him with this mess and that so many fans feel bitter towards Goodell for his attempts to clean up the game both on and off the field. The guy is headed down a path of becoming the greatest commissioner in the history of the league.

  14. yea these kids should ignore the biggest day of thier life and not shake the hand of the commishner and instead should shake hands with his union brothers. you know the ones who are going to limit the amount of money he can make starting off so that guys like vets who are whining about it can get more money instead. you know the guys who signed rich rookie contracts themselves and stand to get more by resrtricing rookie salaries.

  15. He has a right to be upset, right after the handshake comes the attachment of the nfl slave chains….I hear they’re rusty chains too.

  16. I am following the Commish’s advice to fans, “don’t pick sides”. I just want it resolved. How it gets resolved is not my problem, I just know that the when needs to be very soon. Picking sides is flat out stupid. We have a lot of little business owners on here who empathize with the owners, but realize that professional football is a lot different than your Roto-Rooter franchise and the same logic cannot be applied to it.

    Some of these comments are embarrassing. “Moochers” or “looters” (You think Steve Jordan is poor? Wonder why…)…no racial overtones there. BTW, their education wasn’t free…they earned lots of money for their school. Lastly, while you may be able to stomach amateur football players who will do it for less because football is just an excuse for you to waste away on the couch with a 12 pack of Naty Ice, many of us will tune out and the NFL knows it.

    Let the NFL and NFLPA* worry about their deal and don’t be jealous because incredible athletes are well paid. They deserve it. Don’t watch it if you don’t agree with it.

  17. @skoobyfl …

    Cameron is his son so I expect he is speaking in his son’s best interest even if his comments don’t gel with your views. Since he played several years in the NFL maybe, just maybe, he knows more about the life of an NFL player and the league’s attitude toward players than you do.

  18. Roger Goodell is a great commish. Gets a lot of unwarrented hate.


    No he’s not. He’s horrible.

    – Trying to turn a pro football league into a global conglomerate.

    – Sweeping tampering allegations under the rug when they involve a money train like Brett Favre, and spanking other teams for the same thing.

    – Interfering with the Packers-Favre divorce when he had no business sticking his nose into that situation. He never intereferes with other teams on a player’s behalf.

    – Trying to sweep Spy-gate under the rug.

    – Uneven discipline all over the place. Arrests have actually spiked under his watch.

    – Trying to be a celebrity in the league when he should be operating behind the scenes.

    – Trying to sweep the Favre-Sterger mess under the rug

    – Slanting the field towards the offense for the purpose of enabling more scoring….which drives ratings in the modern ADD American culture.

    – Pushing that 18 game nonsense and trying tell us fans it’s what we want.

    And those are just off the top of my head. I could go on and on. He is easily the worst commissioner in the history of the sport.

  19. How can soo many of you knuckleheads side with owners? Guess this blog is filled with billionaires! Footplayers are on par with entertainers and should be paid as such. Let me know if you pay for your tickets to watch the owners play chess with each other.

  20. If the draft is the highlight of your career – then your career sucked. I would want my moments to be on the field. I would watch this draft at home if I were one of the rookies.

  21. Let me see if I get this straight…

    The union throws Jordan’s son under the bus by agreeing to a rookie salary cap in about 2 seconds flat and the Commissioner is the one Jordan is upset with???

    Damn… glad he isn’t my father.

  22. I just do not understand why he is worried about shaking hands with the Comm. who says has locked them out, do not forget he then can go to a party put on by the union and shake hands with the union boss Smith who by the way will probably approve a pay scale for all rookies. I think that is a bigger deal because it will cost you money because the CBA will get done and the Comm. will still be there and you will just get paid less, don’t forget to thank Smith for that.

  23. The boy is leaving college and can find a job anywhere in the world. Being selected in the NFL draft means he is almost certain to be paid one or more million dollars over a relatively short playing career.

    Does the boy have a better plan for making serious money doing something he loves and is darn good at?

    Does his father have a better plan for his boy?

    Players have a damn good opportunity and should be grateful that we the fans hand over our hard-earned money to see them play.

  24. The veteran players are looking at these kids coming into the league as traitors, scabs, enemies? They won’t protect them in the huddle, try to hurt them if they can get away with it?

    I invite the veteran players to sit a minute and remember what it was like to absolutely need this job, to have to have it, this is everything you’ve worked your entire life for and you want it more than anything…….

    Remember that feeling, please. If a rookie’s first consideration isn’t your pension plan, just try to remember being that kid.

    Must say, I do not believe most players feel that way but some obviously do.

  25. There are some ignorant and misguided people in the world. and they all comment on every single story involving the lockout.

  26. @ jakek2

    The fact that the NFL invites only 8-10 guys makes it a little more special since not EVERY rookie goes, right?

    The fact that they’ll be on stage at Radio City Music Hall, one of the most famous Theaters in the world, is something not many people get to do, right?

    And @ section731

    No one said the draft was the highlight of a career (except maybe for Ryan Leaf). The career hasn’t started at that point. It is the culmination of the hard work to get to that point. You made it to the NFL. It’s special.

    Oh, almost forgot. You only get drafted once, right? RIGHT?

    That would make it a once in a lifetime moment.

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