Team needs: Oakland Raiders


We kick off AFC West team needs with the Oakland Raiders. Don’t take too long a look at this picture to the right, unless you have a paper bag handy.

Otherwise, you might lose your lunch.

OL: The Raiders have ranked in the top six in sacks allowed for two straight seasons, and in the top 11 in six consecutive years. Offensive linemen apparently don’t run fast enough forty times for “Coach” Al Davis to deem them worthy of premium picks; he hasn’t drafted one earlier than round three since 2004. Barring an unlikely trade up, Davis may not buck that ugly trend this year because he already traded away his 2011 first-round pick. The Raiders will likely lose starting tackle Mario Henderson to free agency. (Not that he’s any good, anyway.) Center Samson Satele, right tackle/guard Langston Walker, and left guard Robert Gallery’s contracts are also up. The latter is Oakland’s top lineman.

CB: Free agent Nnamdi Asomugha’s likely departure gets the headlines. The Raiders are set at one corner spot with underrated Stanford Routt, but the position opposite him has too many question marks for comfort. Though Walter McFadden has the speed Davis craves, he earned all of 50 snaps last season. Oakland hasn’t shown much faith in veteran Chris Johnson in recent years, and there’s little behind them. The Raiders’ cornerback weaknesses are exacerbated by free agent safety Michael Huff’s probable exit. Huff had a breakout year in 2010.

QB: New coach Hue Jackson is high on Jason Campbell, so much so that the Raiders failed to tender Bruce Gradkowski as a restricted free agent. But Campbell is more stopgap solution than franchise quarterback, and is entering a contract year. Oakland has shown interest in Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, who figures to get serious consideration if he’s still available at the No. 48 pick in the draft.

LB: The Raiders should be set in the middle with 2010 No. 8 overall pick Rolando McClain, but there’s a hole across from strong-side ‘backer Kamerion Wimbley. Incumbent weak-side starter Quentin Groves is more of a situational pass rusher than every-down player, and former second-round pick Thomas Howard is no longer part of the Raiders’ plans.

Overview: The Raiders made noticeable strides last season, going 8-8 and undefeated in the division. Top to bottom, their roster is as strong as its been since the early 2000s.

But Davis must get serious about upgrading his offensive line. Campbell has a deliberate release that hinders pass protection, and the Raiders don’t have enough talent in front of him to make up for it. If Oakland does solve this weakness, it can become a true contender in the AFC.

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  1. Hey Silva, I bet you can’t find a reason to post the picture in a story 3 times in one day…your move…

  2. Wow. It seemed like Silva spent half of the article trying to be funny by bashing the Raiders. And to the posters on here who like to name “new ownership” as every other teams need; thats getting pretty lame.

  3. All the Al Davis jokes come from the mainstream BSPN junky, who know sqadoosh about football. Formulate your open opinions, just because your old doesn’t automatically make you stupid. As to PFT making fun of Al with the picture we all happen get old some day. (if your lucky)

  4. Every article I read says, “Team X won’t be able to retain this player or that player because they are leaving via free agency” yet, it doesn’t seem like anybody is picking these guys up. Where are all these guys going?

  5. I wouldn’t say new ownership so much as stability. New ownership could wind up being someone like Snyder and who needs that? As a longtime Pittsburgh fan, I’m no Davis lover, but let’s give credit where it’s due. Al has forgotten more football than most of his critics will ever know. The man was a genius in his heyday. What the Raiders need is the stability of a head coach who knows his stuff and has the freedom to execute his plan without having to worry about being replaced, overruled, or undermined.

  6. I don’t understand why people love Al Davis so much. Who cares what he did in 1968 when John Madden was the coach. He’s run the Raiders into the ground over the past 10-15 years. Between calling down plays from the owners booth and firing the first coach to earn a non-losing record in like 10 years… The guy’s gotta take some responsibility instead of just pawing it off on whoever the coach is that year. Although all the “team needs: NEW OWNER” quotes are old, you’re stupid if you think Al Davis has done anything to help the team in the past decade.

  7. The raiders should move up to draft Patrick Peterson. But this is the Raiders and Al Davis were talking about. With the pick they probaly take another worthless no good underachieving wr…AKA,,Darrius Heyward Bey all over again!

  8. I’m still waiting for you to analyze the oline. Not mentioning Valdheer or Campbell and ignoring last year’s draft, or the bevy of free agents from OTHER teams that will be out there, or the move from ZBS to power blocking, or the improvement from 2009-2010 makes your “analysis” useless.

    Huff is a Safety, lay off Davis, someone you should respect; if you had any respect for your sport of choice for reporting, and you did not even mention the biggest FA retention project for the Raiders—-MBush. He needs to be kept, i think he will (Restricted FA and important cog), but what are the options out there if he does go somewhere elese?

    Bascially, rip up your superficial rant and get me a real state of the Raiders please.

  9. You didn’t even mention Stevie Brown or the fact that BOTH he and Walter McFadden were very good in their rookie campaigns, and with another addition through the draft, using what we have, and losing Nnamdi (looks likely/$$$$) things should be better than average at CB.

    My wish for Evan is that she can get over her hate.

  10. I’ve got a team need for the Raiders: based on that picture, a better First Aid kit for Al Davis!!!

  11. I’m so tired of everybody jumping all over Al Davis. He’s done so much for the league, but when the Raiders are doing bad, everybody is ready to lynch him. And now that the Raiders are doing better, nobody says “great job by Al hiring coach Jackson”. The league needs the Raiders, they need somebody to hate and you know it. It’s not the same when other teams don’t have that fear of the Raiders like they used to. “Just Win Baby!!!!!!!”

  12. Lets look @ the reality of the Raiders organization under Al Davis since they’ve moved to Oakland in 1996 – 16 seasons ago: 16 seasons, 8 different coaches, 105 wins and 151 losses over that time. An average of 326 points scored per season vs. 358 points against. An average of 6.5 wins vs. 9.5 losses per season. As mentioned before, who cares what he did in 1968. Maybe he’s done good things for football in 1970-something which earned him a place in the hall of fame. Frankly, I don’t know or care. I just like seeing good football and hate seeing a senile old man further ruin an otherwise decent football team.

  13. Why is Evan Silva continually allowed to write about teams he has no clue about? His obvious bias ruins all of his contributions. Mario Henderson was serviceable as a left tackle and wasn’t half bad on the right side of the line which was his natural position at FSU. Basically, Mr. Silva does not watch the teams he’s forced to write about. The Raiders not keeping Mario would probably be more from his recent arrest than his contributions to the team.

  14. this article was useless.

    and for those making fun of an 82 year old mans looks, that’s like making fun of your grandpa and one day yall will look the same.

  15. I suppose you have super good looks Evan. And if so you think youre better than the man? Do you know what he has sone for the game? What have you done?

    PFT needs to stop with these smart ass remarks if it wants to be taken seriously.

  16. It’s clear that Silva harbors hatred for Auburn and Oakland. So when you post team needs for the other teams do you seek the most unflattering pic you can find? And just how much time and effort was put into this analysis – was any of it original or is it all cut and paste? Disappointing, shallow commentary, and the attempts at humor at the expense of an old man is disrespectful, shameful and classless.

  17. Your lame Al Davis jokes are almost as lame as your assessment of the Raider’s needs.

    Have a little class, but then again it lookes like about half your readers have none either. Maybe they relate to you and you to them.

  18. Although all the “team needs: NEW OWNER” quotes are old, you’re stupid if you think Al Davis has done anything to help the team in the past decade.

    Raiders were in the Super Bowl in 2002 you retard

  19. Jesus Christ! Use a different picture!

    I had two testicles before opening this page, and one of them just rescinded so far into my body I can feel it pressing on my esophagus.

  20. I didn’t bother reading this. I stopped right at Evan silva. Silva must be married to the bosses daughter. Who else would pay this man to write garbage on pft?

  21. Very few owners in the NFL can claim to have had their team under their management play in 14 AFC Championship Games, I think the Steelers finally broke that record reaching their 15th this last season.

    Five Super Bowls played in winning 3 and being a Liddell Fumble or play away from playing in another 5 Super Bowls. Wow Davis has had his Raiders in or knocking on the door to have played in 10 Super Bowls, almost 25% of every Super Bowl played to date.

    All these snot nosed kids that think the Internet has made them Football experts were the same ones laughing when Davis drafted Nnamdi and were yelling Bust during his first few years in the NFL. These Bandwagon Jumpers now have their heads shoved so far up his rear Nnamdi sees their face when he brushes his teeth, lol

    These same clowns are the ones building up the Chargers Org as a great Org, lol, 2 AFC Championship Games reached in their History with 1 Super Bowl being blown out. Ya, I want that owner, I have my money on Al Davis.

  22. Lordy, Raider’s fans are defensive. Silva clearly states that the Raiders are improving AND can be contenders for the AFC West with some tweaks, but no, Raiders fans are in such a perpetual state of protecting their pride, they’re bad mouthing a pretty good review.
    And as far as needing to show more respect to Al, I agree that what he once accomplished was great but at the same time realize that over the last 10 years, the plethora of coaching changes, busted first round picks, and promising teams that descend into chaos indicate that the guy might have lost it somewhere. Don’t be ashamed. Happens to everyone.
    The thing is, I just know all the Raider faithful will be all over the upcoming Broncos needs, talking about how the Donks are so bad, etc. Really, no one is doing a fantastic job in the AFC West as of late…

  23. Don’t take too long a look at this picture to the right, unless you have a paper bag handy.

    Hey Evan,
    Wait til you get that age and in ill health and I will hope that someone doesn’t say things like that about you.
    Low Blow and VERY low class. I’m embarrassed for you

  24. What is wrong with you that you guys constantly use that picture just to get your sick kicks out of beating up an old man? You’re seriously messed it. It’s not even funny.

    On a side note, none of you working here better ever, ever call for any media person to be fired no matter what offensive act they ever say or do. It’s sickening that you really think you’re funny.

  25. The raiders are my team. With that being said, I believe that no raiders head coach will be given the opportunity to be a head coach, with Al Davis’ history of micromanagement. Any team will cut a player not performing to expectations. Unfortunately, Al Davis hasn’t performed no where near what he USED to be capable of. Its his team to run into the ground, however I am being drug along as a loyal fan.

  26. Looks like Silva couldn’t wait to post this one. He probably worked on it for months, and still couldn’t come up with anything original.
    forevercorr says: Apr 13, 2011 7:46 PM

    Lordy, Raider’s fans are defensive. Silva clearly states that the Raiders are improving AND can be contenders for the AFC West with some tweaks, but no, Raiders fans are in such a perpetual state of protecting their pride, they’re bad mouthing a pretty good review.
    The review was superficial, and while I didn’t archive all the previous “Team Needs” articles, I can guess the first paragraph in this one is more personal than most others. Call me defensive if you want, but it’s not cool to make fun of old people just for being old. It’s unprofessional.

  27. tfbuckfutter says: Apr 13, 2011 6:14 PM
    I had two testicles before opening this page, and one of them just rescinded so far into my body I can feel it pressing on my esophagus.

    That one is not yours, tbuckfutter.

  28. Hey! Hey! Hey!

    Calm down to all those who put “thumbs down” on my comment!!!! I was just joking!!!

    I love Al Davis and he’s a riot!!!!

    Out of respect, I’d call him “Coach Davis”.

    I think he gets crapped on too much by major dot-com sports companies and networks because they don’t find him attractive for corporate adverstising dollars!!!

    Instead, they’ll pimp up the overly polished and phony and excessively expose them so that advertisers can give them endorsements and hand out many advertising dollars to the dot-com and television entities.

    With this method the members of the media can go home happy!!!

  29. tfbuckfutter says:

    I had two testicles before opening this page, and one of them just rescinded so far into my body I can feel it pressing on my esophagus.

    Check your boyfriend, he lost one

  30. Al Davis is responsible for: The Merger between the NFL & AFL, The 1st two minority coaches in Pro-Football (Tom Flores in78 & Art Shell in 89), 3 out of the 5 youngest coaches in Pro-Football ( Lane Kiffen, John Gruden & John Madden), the 1st Female CEO in Pro-Sports( Amy Task), the benefits and training provided to ex-players by the NFL ( for that Davis was the 1st honoree by the Retired Player’s Association, back in 91 or 92 about the same time he was inducted to the Hall of Fame ) bring the Raiders an AFL Championship, 3 Super bowl Rings in 5 Super bowl appearances (last time was just in 2003) ½ the teams in the NFL have NEVER played in a Super bowl, only 4 have played in more than the Raiders. & even though the Raiders were a losing team from 2003(the year they lost 4 starters on the offensive line and 3 starters on defense to career ending injuries) to 2009, the Raiders still have the highest winning % of any franchise in the NFL. The Raiders have won over 58% of the game they’ve played in since it’s begging 1960

  31. Raider went to the Super bowl during the 2002-2003 season. The Divisional Championship & Super bowl are played after New Years, so the last time the Raiders were in the Super bowl was 2003

  32. Keep deleting my comments!!! the only reason your empolyeed by this rag is because people like me show up to this site. Your a hack Evan, please tell me you have another income, becuase I’m sure your not making on your literary skills. My initial thought still remains. Too bad you know NOTHING about the team your reporting on, do you even know what state they play in? Writers like you give writers a bad name! Keep your day job!

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