A fourth NFL player jumps to the AFL

In a day, the number of current NFL players in the Arena Football League has doubled.

Cardinals offensive lineman Cliff Louis (pictured) has inked a deal with the Cleveland Gladiators.  Louis is the second NFL player to sign with the Gladiators, joining Cowboys receiver Troy Bergeron.

The other two NFL players who have joined the AFL during the lockout are members of the Arizona Rattlers:  receiver Rod Windsor and kicker Fabrizio Scaccia.

Coincidentally, the Gladiators and the Rattlers are each 4-0.

5 responses to “A fourth NFL player jumps to the AFL

  1. I guess these guys need a paycheck! No issue with this move. I just hope they dont get hurt which would hamper their return to the big show when the lockout is over.

    The Lockout continues! As the lockout grows on so does my beard! I am growing a lockout beard and am not shaving until they start playing! Please follow me on twitter @TheLockoutBeard

    -The Lockout Beard-

  2. @thelockoutbeard the paycheck could just be icing on the cake. They might be joining as a structured way to stay in shape, and perhaps learn a few things along the way.

  3. This should be a great way to stay in shape and maybe get paid a little to play a game they love. I don’t see any high profile guys doing it and risking the big payday, but the practice squad and backups might be smart to do this. I just hope they don’t have that huge buy-out in the contract that prevents them from going back to the NFL.

  4. This guy has been cut from teams in the NFL, CFL and UFL. I think he would sign with any team that would take him, lockout or not.

    The Lockout continues! As the lockout grows on, I trim my beard regularly. I have a beard all year long, I will not shave if they start playing.

    – The Everyday Beard –

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